Central Committee

After formed in Philosophy, it goes to act in the education where it has active participation in all the movements of interest of the professors and the education. After that, if it specializes in education and it makes mestrado in Sciences Politics and it helps to construct the Sectorial one of Education of the PSOL and writes an article series criticizing the estagnada education applied in Brazil and the Bahia and the disrespect with that it is dealt on professor and professionals it.Therefore, the candidacy of Cardozo Professor the representative, represents a great fact for the classroom and the rediscusso of a wage floor of the professor who, in fact, is beyond the importance of the classroom. Evidently, this can help in our fight in the State and allowing to a balance much more concrete politician them of what it has made Severiano Alves and Alice Portugal that they are not educators and, therefore, does not know our yearnings. Finally, the Sectorial one of Education of the PSOL indicates and launches the name of companionable PROFESSOR CARDOZO the REPRESENTATIVE to represent the party, the SECTORIAL one OF EDUCATION and, consequently, on professionals it in the elections of October of 2010 in the Bahia, by that it was said, for its history of fight and for its professional, academic preparation and of classroom, Cardozo Professor it is our federal one in the Bahia of the resistance. Our conditions are others, but therefore let us not must have little historical patience and ability politics. Cardozo professor is the representation of the two. so that this project ours to have a true representative in the parliament has success, is necessary that each one of us pedagogical and excessively professional professors, on coordinators the education makes its part. to make our partit simply does not mean to vote not, is necessary much more.

We have that to dress shirt, to take this message for each room, for each school, for each friend, relative, neighbor and, mainly, to work the importance that is to have representative class representatives in the parliament, therefore, is there that the things happen and not only in the corridors of the colleges. Our victory is resulted of our fight to dare is to fight, to dare is to be successful. Cardozo professor representative! In defense of the Education and on professionals it and for a Socialist and Democratic Left! 1 Preface to the edition of 1895 of Fight of Classrooms in France, Karl Marx. 2 We must boycott Of a State one?Published in January of 1906 as a pamphlet to the Central Committee and the Meeting of the Central Committee of the Laboring Party Social democrat Russian.

Barcelona – Middle Ages

After the Roman Empire fell under the attacks of nomadic tribes, the Spanish Visigoths kingdom was founded. Barcelona has become one of the major cities of the kingdom, thanks to the convenient porta.V 716 Barcelona was conquered by the Arabs. However, the Arabs really did not remain in the city. After only a century Pyadoso Louis, son of Charlemagne rescued from Barcelona mavrov.V 801 the first year of a new era in the development of Barcelona. Port of Barcelona became one of the largest in the Mediterranean, and the city itself has grown considerably in various aspects. It was then, and there was the Barcelona County, which became independent in 988.

Since 11 century, Barcelona has developed more rapidly. Special impetus to the development of the city to confer on the union of the County of Barcelona with the Kingdom of Aragon in the 12 century. King Alfonso the first was the first ruler of this new gosudarstva.Korol Jaime First engaged in pushing back the frontiers of the kingdom. Border Catalan-Aragonese kingdom to the south extends to Valencia. Jaime also organized an expedition to conquer the Balearic Islands, followed by Barcelona became the capital of the largest state in medieval Europe in the Mediterranean area.

The Detention

No longer first meeting of explanation of the period of training, our supervisor in them presented two articles for reading and theoretical referencial so that we could know the work carried through in day-care centers with small children. The texts had been, ' ' The day-care center and playing: alternatives for the education in the first year of vida' ' also, ' ' To take care of, to take care of and to prevent: the day-care center, the education and psicanlise' '. Very interesting texts, therefore, through these, I could enter in contact with the practical ones of taking care of in the environment considered for the period of training, the day-care center. Basically these texts not only approach the thematic one of the importance of the psychoanalysis in the work with babies in the clinical scope, but also as for the detention and prevention of precocious psychic risks. Another point of the text brings the importance of ' ' brincar' ' its implications in the constitution of the citizen. In the following week we arrive then in the quarrel, decision of the subjects and methodology that we would work with the educators in the day-care center.

At the first moment we choose, the communication between educators and parents, focando in the independence of the child and also in the erroneous paper that the day-care center assumes as of responsible for ' ' educao' ' of its children. Another boarded subject was of the external and internal communication and the infantile aggressiveness. During our meeting we speak on what Winnicott claims on the absolute dependence/partial route to independence. We also argue on the facilitador environment and the formation of the patologias and on the importance of the educators in the process of formation of self. The method of approach to the subject used for us during all the meeting, was always in form of dynamics and later a reflection on the proposal of the proper activity.

Green Dream

On the basis of these answers, we evidence that many parents, inhabitants of the land division, understand that many actions are harmful to the local environment and are committed by the proper population, that in contrast, would have to preserve and to conserve the place where they live. ' ' Many ambient problems are resultant, without a doubt, of the economic situation and the standards of behavior inadequados' ' Silveira, Marques and Guedes (1997, P. 31). To this direction, we agree to Rasp and Hisses (2010, P. 3) when affirms: All the activities human beings generate some type of residue (…) and need some form of management to hinder that the same ones cause some ambient impact, or at least that they cause a minimum impact. We can say that to poluir it is inherent to the man, and that to revert the trend of current ambient degradation we need to change our style of life and the way as we treat our fellow creatures and the environment where we live. However, many resident people in the Land division Green Dream not yet despertaram for the agreement of that the ambient preservation is basic for the quality of life of itself proper and of the too much individuals and for the maintenance of the proper environmental resources.

We understand in this direction, that the ambient education if constitutes in an indispensable tool to be established next to the population of this locality. We believe that the proper school and the Education can (and they must) to play concrete and excellent actions that come to contribute for the process of awareness of the inhabitants, being been educators, pupils, parents and community, the agent mobilizadores and multipliers of this process. Ahead of such perspective, many strategies can and must be created: the elaboration and educative distribution of cartilhas confectioned with the pupils, showing to the community the necessity to take care of of the environment and the consequences of the existing degradation well already; accomplishment of lectures in the school with subjects directed to the question of the preservation and ambient conservation, amongst other actions that can instigate the mobilization and the social organization.

Social Perception

In such a way he is absolutely indispensable that if knows the phenomenon of social perception, as well as the existence and the consequences of the social projects that constantly influence our perceptions and cognitions. Thus a more objective and less tendencioso judgment of the others without coarse distortions of the reality will only be possible. The ideal would be the professor to ahead keep certain neutrality of its pupils, but this is a in such a way difficult process one. Therefore our society possesss values that classify as good to that they present better social, moral, cognitivas and mannering qualities. Thus through the understanding of the differences between the human beings they can be eliminated many perplexidades and be gotten greater productivity; an aggressive behavior in the treatment can, also, be hindered educandos them, therefore that we understand that our revolt results of the same elements that constitute its behavior. If nor always it is truth to say that ‘ ‘ everything to understand is everything perdoar’ ‘ , it is certain that the understanding extends our tolerance and hinders an unjust revolt and almost always useless.

Public Power

The priority in the act of receiving of the restitution of the Income tax. (Statute of the Aged one, 2003) the order of norms that they compose the Statute had its formation with the Law in the 10,741/03, regulating art. 230 of the Constitution, granting partial contribution to the aged ones. Having as the one of its bigger contributions correction of the lack of care on the part of the Ministry of the Providence, when discriminating nonagenrios, when it suspended the payment of its benefits. Moreover, it extended the stated period for revision of retirements. The paper of the Union, the State and the Cities in 118 articles of the Statute is delimited through the attribution to the Public Power as partner in the concretion of the guarantees.

In such a way to prioritize the elderly in the efetivao of the basic rights in the priority in the shelter until the improvement of its conditions of life, guarantee of its physical, psychic and moral integrity, exempts of maltreatment, moreover having guaranteed the gratuitous medicine supply, relative prteses and other resources to the health. Beyond the attention in the field of the health, the Statute of the Aged one it allowed the access of the aged one to the education of a more efficient form, and of a universal form, it prescribes action for abusive acts of the public authority that lead to the disruption of the guarantees granted to the elderly. It is important to consider the relevance of the Statute of the Aged one in operating in the institution of a new panorama of organization of the society with emphasis in the problematic ones of the etrio group, glimpsing the possibilities of construction of new movements of intervention, where the especificidade of the confrontation if shows demystifying the factors that condition the elderly the situations of social risk. To recognize and to legitimize the rights conquered throughout a life of installment to the State beyond considering the possibility to continue participating of creative form in the society by means of the Statute are a great advance, especially in what it refers to socially to the change of paper of the aged one, by means of the organization of the law, of the construction of a new citizen politician who is atrelada to the image traditional individual.

Many Strange Things

In Russia more and more strange things began to fall, from which may be affected population of humanity. What drugs are sold legally under the guise of aromatic compounds, from which people are dying to be more popular among young people, they most obezbashennye in smoking these blends, usually they die, because I do not know the steps, and the government that is in no hurry to act like that. A sort of gaming machines banned and took them to a special place, but yesterday Avtozavodskoi district of Novgorod, especially not straining already been in two clubs. Rules there is almost unchanged, except that the money you are now in the machine Do not push, and to buy voucher for a hundred rubles, then give it to the girl, which is easily manipulated hand puts you on a loan these same one hundred rubles. And another strange thing that just kills me, and it is associated with the swine flu, do not understand those people who, knowing that the abroad to roam the disease, still go there to relax, and then ill come home and begin to spread this infection. You ask what connection there? I'll explain it all from perishing mankind! ps People who operate the brain and make meaningful deeds!

Corporate America

In other words, knowing where to go, help them know where to go, and then get to a strategy of both to get there. In terms of negotiation, to call this a win-win solution. Obviously, this strategy can work only if the value of the student, and you think he or she can do a better teacher. For example, during my first three years in education, I quickly realized that what he wanted and what students think they needed were diametrically opposed to each other. However, after many conversations with former students, I soon discovered that students were not so concerned with the merits of a case as they were with the way the matter was being taught. They were more concerned with my attitude would give them the answers. This was a revelation.

I concluded that as a parent, my experience and education that was given qualified to teach what they need to succeed. However, when it was the way they received the information, I was totally at their mercy. Because, no matter how good or important the issue is, if nobody is listening, then no one is learning. It was at that time decided to “go where they were” to bring them to where I was. Individually and collectively met with students to obtain their views on class. I asked them about what worked in class and what not? I asked them about what they would like to see more or less? What would you like to see changed (about myself and / or class)? I asked whether or not recommend this class to another student, why or why not? I asked them what would make the class more productive and more interesting? These questions can be posed in almost any work environment, for almost every department, not only in the classroom.

I asked similar questions of my clients when I was in Corporate America. , All the information I received, with the exception of individual meetings were conducted anonymously. I can not begin to tell you how important this information has been in my career. But in less than a year after the implementation of this idea, which was nominated twice for the distinguished teaching award at my school (the youngest nominee). If you want to become a teacher more productive in or out of classroom is the key contribution of the students? must be sought. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again but expecting different results. If you listen and get feedback from your students, you will not have to repeat the mistakes of the past. For students of its value and contribution, trust me, they hold the keys to its success. Dr. Joe Martin is an award winning speaker, writer, teacher and educational consultant and owner of a new teacher success. Visit today!


This type, the Gouveia, judged that there for having been born in Lisbon it obtained to escape. It telephoned to the consul of Portugal, gentleman consul, I am Portuguese, I am hidden in such part, it comes to save me please, and already now my woman, who is black but she waits a son mine. Ah! Ah! It knows what it made the Portuguese consul? It was to search them it the two and to follow it delivered them in my hands. Ah! Ah! I was thankful to it very the consul, said to it, the comrade is a genuine revolutionary, I gave one to it I hug fort, even so enojado, is clearly, do not think that I do not have escrpulos, preferred to have to it cuspido in the face, but I gave one to it I hug, yes, I fired me of it and later I was to interrogate rapariga. It supported two days. To as much she give birth there exactly, one menininha, thus, of this size, blood, blood, when I think about this what I see is blood. … Blood, ppilas! , blood pra caralho, rapariga, to such of the Marta, with two eyes that seemed moons, costs to dream me it, and the baby to the shouts I smell, it to the burnt meat.

Still today, when I lie down and adormeo, I feel that one I smell of the child – One keeps silent! (AGUALUSA, 2006, P. the 176-177) souvenir is the survival of the past. The past, conserving itself in the spirit of each human being arises to the conscience in the form of image-souvenirs, kept for the individual memory reconstituted by the collective canary, for the collective memory. Ricoeur (2008) inquires concerning the esquecimento, if it is possible or to be happy not affirming that the malaise how much to the joust attitude that if must adopt before the uses and abuses of the esquecimento, mainly in practical the institucional one, it is finally a symptom of a tenacious uncertainty that affects the relation of the esquecimento with the pardon in the plan of its deep structure.

Modern Man

The author also approaches the ideas of Kroeber, that in its article ' ' The Superorgnico' ' it showed as the culture acts on the man, thanks to which the humanity distanciou itself of the animal world. Among others contributions of Kroeber for the magnifying of the culture concept, are distinguished the affirmations of that the culture, but of what the genetic inheritance, determines the behavior of the man and justifies its accomplishments. Moreover, it considers that the man acts its cultural standards in accordance with, as well as standes out that the culture is the way of adaptation the different ecological environments. 5 Idea on the origin of the culture According to Laraia, one of the first concerns of the scholars with regard to the culture mentions its origin to it. According to diverse authors, between them Richard Leackey and Roger Lewin, beginning of the development of the human brain is a consequence of the life arborcula of its remote ancestor. Anthropologist David Pilbem mentions to it the bipedismo as an exclusive characteristic of the primates between all the mammals, affirming that practically all the primates livings creature have characteristic behavior of bpedes of time in when.

Beyond the scholars already cited, the author standes out the contributions of Kenneth P. Oakley, which detaches the importance of the manual ability, made possible for the erected position, when providing greaters stimulatons to the brain, with consequent development of intelligence human being. He still detaches, Claude Lvi-Strauss, the most detached antropolgico Frenchman, which considers that the culture appeared at the moment where the man stipulated the first rule, the first norm. In turn, the writer Leslie Whiter, North American anthropologist contemporary, considers that the ticket of the animal state for the human being occurred when the brain of the man was capable to generate symbols. 6 Modern theories on the culture In its boarding concerning the modern theories on the culture, Laraia mentions famous authors to it as Keesing, which approaches initially the theories that consider the culture as adaptativo system, spread out for neo-evolucionistas as Leslie White. However, this position was reformulated creative by Sahlins, Harris, Sheep, Rapaport, Vayda among others that although the divergences agree to many aspects related to the culture. For they, cultures are standards of behaviors socially transmitted; the cultural change consists an adaptation process first equivalent the natural election; the technology, the economy of subsistence and the elements of directly on the social organization to the production constitute the domain adaptativo of the culture; the ideological components of the cultural systems can have adaptativas consequncias in the control of the population of the subsistence, the maintenance of the ecosystem etc. Beyond these reflections, Keesing mention the theories to it culture idealists, subdividing them in three different boardings: culture as cognitivos, structural and symbolic systems, all searching explanations for the culture definition. According to Laraia, other quarrels concerning the culture had been and still they are stopped in this field of knowledge, therefore the understanding of the same one involves the understanding of the proper nature human being, what it becomes the inexhaustible quarrel.