Adds Olguin, taking into account, that the man of the society is launches to participate in that race of appearances, in the typical effort of who deceives who, how to achieve best print. The world is an immense Stadium in which the pride of life playing a great match of labels, social forms and economic to compete for the social image displays, a bout in which human beings not interested be, but appear to be the truth, that when you stopped to read this letter, you have already given life to your egoYou will be faced on many occasions and will have already defined its scope, impact, everything which has generated in its growth. Eckhardt Tolle, thereon gives us, that as one grows, is forming a mental image of himself based on his personal and cultural conditioning. To this I phantom called ego. The ego is your mental activity and can work only through constant thinking.

The term ego has different meaning depending whether one person or another, but when I use it indicates Tolle, I am referring to the fake me, created by a unconscious identification with the mind. For the ego, the present moment hardly exists. Only consider important the past and the future. This total investment of truth explains why, in the ego mode, the mind is so dysfunctional. Is always trying to keep the past alive, because who would you be without him? And projected constantly towards the future to ensure survival and find in it a feeling of release or satisfaction. Says: someday, when this occurred as another or beyond, will be well, in peace, I’ll be happy. Even when it seems that the ego is in the present, does not see the present: wrongly perceived it because it looks through the eyes of the past. Or reduce the present to be a means to an end, an end that always resides in the future projected by the mind.

The Conversation

4) have noticed little thing, which has long been dreaming of, do not rush to issue its interest and emotion. One need only retailer to bite you, he would never make concessions knowing that you purchase goods at any price. 5) Do not recall the bad about a product, especially if you really intend to continue to buy it. Such a situation is an insult to the seller, and he never will offer you discount, but instead will drive you away from the counter. 6) Show that you are aware of market conditions.

Opportunity to unobtrusively into the conversation to hint at the fact that in the nearby store this product a bit cheaper, increase your chances of getting discounts. Sometimes you can even slightly, and invent, but still not worth overdoing. In fact, often, the sellers know the market situation is not worse than you. 7) There is a saying:? For the good man did not mind "- so the seller can with easily make you a discount if you give him a nice man. To do this simply not to be rude, and if possible come into contact with him, talking, so to speak.

You can say hello to begin with. If you can easily find common language with people, it makes it easier. 8) Do not start bargaining with the phrase: "You do not make me a discount?" Better to ask: "How much are you willing to give me a discount?" – In this case at least will have the opportunity continue the conversation. By asking open-ended question, you save yourself and the seller from the "Yes" or "No", which facilitates further communication. 9) A married couple can use the following method of trade: for example, a man criticizes goods, and his companion to comfort him. Gay consumer group can not communicate directly with the seller – just stand by while one will say that the product is quite good, and another – to argue that incredibly expensive, so if it cost so much The main thing – to catch the moment when the seller has to bite on this 'outsider' conversation. Psychologists also point out if a person is even somewhat confident, but three in a row tell him that it was not so sure certainly moved and soon disappears. 10) If the seller asks you about your price, feel free to offer an amount that is lower by 10%, and then all of 50%. Of course, the first seller was very surprised and puzzled, but then the most important thing is not to get lost and begin to pick a price that will please both you and the seller! As you can see, bargaining – not the easiest to do, but it's worth it. Sometimes, even just for fun. Even if you do not work the first time, it does not mean that is so give up easily! Taste, learn and win!