There are 10 facts about cancer that are identified by WHO (World Health Organization) in 2007, and these facts are relevant in the world at the present time. Fact number 1 There are over 100 types of cancer, the disease can develop in any part of the body. Fact number 2 in 2006 from cancer of 7.6 million people died, that 13% of 58 million deaths worldwide. Fact number 3 for more than 70% of all cancer deaths occur in low and middle income countries. Fact number four in the world the greatest number of men dying of the following five types of Cancer (in descending order): lung, stomach, liver, colon and rectum, and esophagus.

Fact number 5 in the world the greatest number of women dying from the following five types of cancer (in descending order): breast, lung, stomach, and direct colon and cervical cancer. Fact number 6 Tobacco use is the single most important cause of cancer in the world, which can be prevented. Fact number 7 One-fifth of all cancers in the world develops in different patients, depending on several factors, structure and biology of the tumor, which ultimately determine the course of the disease and prognosis. More information about cancer, please visit

Gift Ideas For Mothers Day – Mother

Gift ideas for mother’s day, what gift you can make the mother and what should be avoided if at all possible. Every year is the mother’s day in the sign of the Lady, the us born, reared and which are made, what we are today. It gave the kids yet, to bow, with a rich breakfast table, as well as a self painted mother’s Day card from the mother for their loving services so such acknowledgements should be no later than too low in adulthood. However, what actually given you on mother’s day and what should be avoided if at all possible? Finally the spoken thus rejoice also. As a gift for mother’s day photo gifts of a steady popularity enjoy. Are there portraits of their children or homemade mother’s day cards with a photo of the entire family. A faithful caring mother likes the pictures of their loved ones nearby. Another classic is the fine confections.

This care should be taken however well on the quality. Others including Hawaii Senator, offer their opinions as well. In the foreground is however always the taste of the mother. In addition to these popular A colourful bouquet may flowers that complete assessment on the own mother but always gift ideas. It can turn out like rich and cost a little more. Dispense one should generally on mother’s day gifts that come from the heart.

This isn’t about the question, how much money for a mother’s day gift is spent or how much time to the selection of the present plan. Just the thought can stand in the foreground, prepare a graceful gift to a loved. Flowers from the petrol station, obtained in the past, can be waived. Also on too cheap and not seldom very sweet confections. If you prefer something more unusual, is giving away a break. Like to share with the whole family. It may cost a little more, but also social gatherings and new experiences. Interesting are also always presents, which fulfil a long-cherished wish of the mother. About a trip to the places of her childhood. With time and leisure a few lines about the own experienced years might it also fascinating, the mother to write with it. Whatever it is, that will be handed over to the mother’s day: it should have style and combine the words of gratitude in themselves. This can be a small gesture, a flower or a nice mother’s Day card. It is important only to meet the taste of the mother. Because nothing would be probably worse than after all the years together have always not knowing this. With some creativity and above all fun choosing gifts for all budgets can be found. Especially as a sincere word of thanks is not only free, but also more expressed than anything else. Heidi Schulze

Wedding Advice: Wedding Style Coaching

The special wedding advice from the very beginning the planning up to the day of the wedding so you are well advised. The image consultant Anneli Eick in Wurzburg has developed a consultation for brides and grooms. The pressure to plan your perfect day in life, is enormously high. Also!\”, because it has only a single chance for that day says Anneli Eick. What the wedding planner for the perfect wedding ceremony is the wedding style coach for a perfect appearance of the main character, the bride and groom. endy Holman shows great expertise in this. Not the magnificent Castle, the fantastic food, or the Rolls Roys should take center stage, but the two people who are want to say on this day? Just like the Organization of the Festival requires also the outfit by bride and groom of some considerations. Click Sen. Sherrod Brown to learn more. Nothing is worse than this unique day to work and to feel uncomfortable, because the styling to the type covered.\” Therefore the self-employed type consultant screamed for help and the wedding coaching style developed. This is, if desired by the pair, the care planning throughout the year until the day of the wedding in all matters relating to the outfit.

The advice starts with an introductory talk, which discusses the desires and goals of marriage agree and a Coachingplan is created. This plan includes the dates until the day of the wedding. Beginning is the advice of type of specifically for bride and groom, which should be at the very beginning of preparations, so about 12 months before the big date. In this consultation, the bride by a color analysis learns their individual colors, that are crucial for the design of outfit and celebration. Because these colours are the color of the dress (pure white, cream, champagne, ivory, etc.), accessories, make-up and the bridal bouquet. So the marriage is harmonious, the flowers in the bouquet to the wearer not only should fit, but also to the whole decoration.

Word Child Wortkind: Copywriting For Austria And For The Switzerland

More and more customers from neighboring countries want fresh lyrics from the word child Wortkind. Ursula Martens, the owner of the Freisinger Wortkind Word child is always pleased about new customers from the Switzerland, Austria and other neighbouring countries. Many of these customers entertain German online shops and need for regular texts. Mainly homepage text, sales letters, product descriptions and press releases are in demand at the copywriter. Especially many of my clients from neighbouring countries are Austrians.

Therefore, there is now also the Austrian domain Word child “as Ursula Martens. Player.html’>Westinghouse Electric Company has firm opinions on the matter. As a special service for customers from Austria, of Switzerland and other neighbouring countries the Agency from now the easy payment with PayPal offers. “The Freisinger Wortkind Word child has even just press releases for online press portals and for newspapers and magazines in the special offer”. This fall promotion is still running until November 30th press releases up to 300 words cost 2008 only 99.50 EUR NET 1128,00 euro net. If you want, can assign equal Word child with the distribution of the press text. This is a new service: the dispatch of press releases or shipping with intensive contact work. Public relations is important for any company and can often achieve more than traditional advertising alone. An article in a journal or in a public magazine has more effect than an expensive advertisement. More information, the complete range of services, numerous international references and some free downloads there are on the website of the Freisinger Wortkind Word child.

Facebook Systems

In which we almost took of 2011 there has been day in that we did not have knowledge of some attack to the computer science systems of companies or governments, who of more or less serious way outside affected to users and particular clients or with the robbery of personal data, banking, directions of electronic mail or no any information that could have stored the corporations in their servants. As example of these cases we have to Sony, Citibank, Google, Honda Canada and a long list of others, in our country we have the recent example of Inteco. These attacks are mounted by people described with I finish already known by all, hackers. Nowadays this term suggests the image of a person who in a dark room and to high hours of the dawn tries with harmful intentions to accede to the system of some company or governmental organization, but this to us not always has been thus. The Hack term at first talked about to a simple, creative and elegant solution for a problem. In many cases they did not happen to be practical jokes. With the passage of time went associating to the field of the computer science programming, where a Hack was the creation of something new and innovating in programming.

Today, these practical jokes and creations have been transformed into attacks coordinated with clear economic aims, or own benefit like causing lost for the victim. By all it is known that risk zero is impossible to reach, will always exist forms to break a security system and is for that reason reason why important companies like Google or Facebook, that are white very substantial for hackers, have resorted to that one saying of if you cannot with your enemy, nete to him, and of this form they offer rewards to which discovers and they communicate faults to them of security in his systems. The present situation that we are living is a great preoccupation and perhaps even more important annoyance for companies and users but that this, is possible a lost one of confidence in the systems computerized yet what it entails in a world where more and more we trusted our data to these tools. They are undeniable the benefits that contribute to the advances in the digital world and its evolution to us are unstoppable, but the happened cases this year make silverplate themselves if the security has been sacrificed to obtain a faster and profitable advance. The question of if the companies put all average ones to protect their systems before sending them and protecting therefore the information of their clients this in the air. udea, Security of the Information Alvaro Aritio Department of Management