American Provinces

It is important to emphasize, here, the susceptibility of the imaginary American Latin in the context of transistion of the colonial system for the independent National States. In view of that the referencial that established the unit in the colonial system was of Spaniard, Hispanic-American and criollo, then after independence feels it necessity of a feeling that joins the peoples in one same national spirit. In this way, one became necessary to supply the lack of a homogeneous national feeling, that identified there existing the social groups as a people, joined for the feeling to belong the same Nation. In this context, we have the importance of the imported ideals of the Europe for the formation of the National States in elapsing of century XIX. With the increase of the communication, fruit of the happened technology of the industrial revolution, spread for Spanish America the liberal ideals, democratic, racionalistas, socialist, nationalistic, romantic conservatives, republicans, etc. In fact, the relation of such ideals in accordance with disclosed in different way the especificidades of each one them regions them old provinces.

However, for an analytical study the spite of the relation of the occidental ideals with the American social groups, are necessary that the ethnic-social idiosyncrasies of such groups, and its determined regions are considered, in the influence that would play such ideals in the constitution of the imaginary one of these groups, as well as the interpretation that these had according to made of such ideals rules of the social political context where they were involved. Generating, in this way, different interpretations for the imported ideals of the Europe in accordance with the interests and the necessities of each region or social group that in America inhabited. The desire of the American Provinces of independer themselves of the Metropolis nor always permeou the aspirations of the populations that inhabited there. The emancipation idea was developed together with the happened revolutionary ideals of the French revolution, as well as with the acirramento of the differences that if Hispanic-Americans had created between the elites? descendants of resident Spaniard in America? Spanish.