Azulzinho, Transit And Consequncias

Azulzinhos, Trnsito and Consequncias Sincerely! I would not like to be in the skin of an inspector of transit for one hour at least! I know of the relevance of this function. Also I am cliente of how much we, while citizens we need these brave ones that they exhibit with pride the uniform that detaches them among vehicles and passer-bys. You may wish to learn more. If so, Steven Rattner financier is the place to go. E, in this day to day evolutivo scene, we testify that beyond the physical effort that deducts to good part from the energy of these professionals in way the people, automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, dogs, equines, breathing the uncontrollable fuel burning next to dust, them also need an emotional control to give envy! is accurately in this point where I prefer in the distance. Steve Rattner Willett Advisors: the source for more info. Not of them! But of the empfia of conductors impolite. To be well far from the arrogance that destroys any concept of values. when leading a vehicle of raised value, frivolous, thinks more than to be what the others.

It is of that I prefer to keep distance. As well as of that its cars with &#039 dirigem; ' bracinho for fora' ' seeming true ones (pr leaves there). Of that they teimam in speaking in the cellular one decreeing the chaos if it will be in its front. Poor person of who will be behind, it does not leave the place, and people superficially cannot pass. He is with these ' ' tipos' ' that our brave inspectors of the transit the Azulzinhos- have to coexist daily. He is with ' ' tipo' ' as this, that if finds, that we, good citizens beat of front when we request ticket and are not taken care of. When garages of Brazil in the Big hole line up its cars advancing without respecting the five meters in the esquinas, making with that drivers whom they need to cross the Avenue are without vision! When they park in double line in any place. When stopping on of the band for pedestrian! Even though in the exit of the college where they would have to give the example, they are the worse models for its proper children! Poor of the traffic warden if to try to apply the law.

That law? Folgados are included equally in this band of, the strong cars; some vans of pertaining to school transport; some taxistas that simply stop in double line and still open its doors and carry luggages, atravancando everything. Collective the urban ones that instead of stopping a little before they prefer to invade a space that will go to hold the flow of vehicles all as if nothing some had importance! (esquina of Brazil with General Neto, for example) It is more than what in the hour of moralizar everything this, after all technology you are welcome only advances if the culture not to suffer a urgent metamorphosis, nor that for this either necessary to ache in the pocket of these bad citizens if is that of the one to call citizen that one that places us at risk daily! However, congratulations one more time to the Inspectors of the transit despite without endorsement some to make to be valid to such of the constitution. Jose R. Berton Journalist