Civil Society

As an actor politician of the civil society, it can act in the process of mobilization of different individuals with different interests for a period of training of cooperation. as a type of proper organization of this period of consolidation of the democratic system fits they, also, ' ' the paper to excite the spontaneous adhesion between the individuals and similar to guarantee a balance state during the transistion. (Przeworski, 1994, P. 62) VII – FINAL CONSIDERAES In accordance with Avritzer (1996) ' ' democratization if became the great phenomenon politician of years 80 in Brazil, the Latin America and the East of the Europe, consecrating thus the calls theories of the transistion for the democracy as well-succeeded boarding more concerning problema' ' (Avritzer, 1996, P. 125). However, in as a group of critical to this theory, Avritzer (1996) affirms that the theories of the transistion do not deal with the sprouting the Civil Society while a process of social renewal and change in the relation between State and Society. The modernization, for which they had passed the majority of the countries in which the authoritarianism prevailed until years 80, implied the introduction of practical and authoritarian techniques in the level of the State without the development of mechanisms of control of these practical.

When making reference to? Donnel & Schimitter (1986) and Stepan (1980), Avritzer (1996) affirms the ressurgimento of the civil society as indiferenciada a popular resurrection of and the clearly ephemeral one of mobilization in many countries Populists (Avritzer, 1996, P. 127). opposing itself thematic worked it throughout this work, does not obtain its given autonomy ' ' the democracy to be a secularly long process of negociaes' ' (Rustow 1970, apud Avritzer, 1996, P. 131) between the actors politicians, where many of these had not abandoned its practical authoritarian. Connect with other leaders such as Harold Ford here. The democracy does not constitute, seno, new practical a social one introduced in modernity leading the ambiguous positionings between the involved social actors.