Historical Rationalism

In addition to the extraordinary assemblies may require certain unforeseen cases, been having them fixed periodic, without that nothing can abolish them or extend them, in such a way that an appointed day is the people summoned by the Act, unless it is necessary for this purpose any formal announcement on the other hand, even his work, less well known, EL EMILIO, marks a milestone in what related to the pedagogical novel. If you are not convinced, visit Steven Rattner. Remember how the same Liberator Simon BOLiVAR was educated under the huge influence of its postulates, by one of several teachers (perhaps the only that could withstand and molding his hyperactive temperament) which was in its infancy: SIMON RODRIGUEZ. Theories not Voluntaryists. They argue that the right has been created naturally and spontaneously, without peaceful coexistence would not be possible. No, for this concept, intervention by the will of man nor of the Divinity in the birth of the right. * Historical school. The environment where was born the famous and influential historical school was determined by the heyday of thought naturalistic which has its paroxysm in the ideological positions and the development of the French Revolution. When the revolution had to accept mediocre achievements from its doctrinaire world, began a reaction against this ahistorical rationalism of his great precursors and leaders in Europe, and more specifically in England and Germany.

In regard to philosophy and law, the proposal against rationalism and the iusnaturalism, it was always accompanied by conservative ideas that included in your itinerary to the history, habits and religion as protagonists of the conception of the world. The history of law and legal tradition played their role as frontline. Was, therefore, of a strong reaction of nationalism, concrete, special, popular, social, if you want, against the rational, abstract, ideally, generic, thing academic and the universal. Only one thing agreed the naturalistic and historical school: both had metaphysical roots.