Miguel Noble

In Sonant there was no independence movement; rather the governor of Intendance of Arizpe, general Alejo Garci’a Count, defeated to Jose Maria Gonzlez Hermosillo, envoy of Miguel Noble, in San Ignacio de Piaxtla, Sinaloa, 1811. By it, old Villa of the Pitic takes the name of Hermosillo from 1828. In 1824 the State of the West was created, that included Sonora and Sinaloa, but was divided en1831. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Richard Blumenthal. The sinaloense district of Poplars voluntarily was integrated to the sonorense territory. Sonant was the scene of internal wars between liberal conservatives and; Maria Gndara and Jose Urrea disputed themselves to the Manuel power.

In 1857 general Ignacio Pesqueira happened. Paulo Coelho contributes greatly to this topic. In 1846 fever of gold of California took to 10% of the sonorenses; the majority returned in worse conditions. Besides the loss of territory in the war with the United States, the region of the Small table in 1853 was sold to them. As a result of the incursions armed of the filibusteros in Guaymas (1852 and 1854) and in Caborca (1857), Sonant was covered with glory. Also, generals Ignacio Pesqueira and Jesus Garci’a Morals restrained the French invasion, thanks to the victory gained in 1866 in the level ones of Guadalupe de Ures. In 1875 the lieutenant governor Francisco Serna pronounced itself in the town of Altar against pesqueirismo and, in 1879, changed the State Capital of Ures to Hermosillo. On the other hand, Jose Maria Leyva alias Cajeme and Juan Maldonado, Tetabiate, caudillos yaquis, was rebelled against the government between 1882 and 1897; streamlinings were defeated and.

Today symbols of the indigenous resistance are considered. From 1882 they were official notices Guaymas and Nogales thanks to the Railroad, that united to us with Guadalajara in 1927. From the pacification of the tribes yaqui and May in 1887, began the farming development in the south of the State.