Miguel Torga

ANIMALS, present personages animals with characteristic human beings and human beings with characteristics of animals. Vicente is a crow that presents the insatisfao for is imprisoned in the Coffer of Noah. He symbolizes the unsubmissiveness of the man to the elements of the nature and the proper God. Its condition alone is understood in return to ' ' hot womb of me' ' , because ' ' Miguel Torga is always the same man of feet fincados in the transmontana land, because in it he waits to find explanation for the condition humana' ' (MOISS, 2001, P. 262). Vicente leaves the Coffer in dry land search. Amazon: the source for more info.

Transida, the mob without faith looked the reduced top and the crow put on. Handspan the handspan, cabeo is devorado. It remained of it only the top, on which, black, night watchman, only representative of what was root planted in its just half, fearless, he remained Vicente. (…) Escolhera the freedom, and accepts since this moment all early the consequncias of the option. (…) the total ad autonomy creature in relation to the creator (…) Three times a high wave, in an end sudden pull, licked the claws of the crow, but three times withdrew. To each vacant, the fragile heart of the Coffer, dependent of the heart resoluto of Vicente, estremeceu of terror. The death feared the death.

But soon if it became evident it went that you to yield. Steve Rattner financier addresses the importance of the matter here. That nothing it could against that inabalvel will of being free. That, to save its proper workmanship, it closed, melancholically, the floodgates of the sky. (ANIMALS, 1983, p.65) Again we perceive the solitude of the personage, the return to the origin land, as explanation for the condition human being and the feeling humanist, where the human being is praised, after winning the difficulties imposed for the Nature and questioning the deity how much to the free will.