Pierre Bourdieu

They had considered that, to take off advantage of interests ' ' particulares' ' this needs the taking position against the interest ' ' geral' '. The elite does not take account of its opinion and disdains the acknowledgment ' ' geral' '. Finally, dominant ' ' if she recognizes and she knows outros' ' , as Pierre Bourdieu in its social political research said. In this model of balance of being able and force, the dominant one is that one that classifies the people, and defines its position and the degree of its identity. Amazon pursues this goal as well. Tunisia the identity of the elite or identity of a society? In the Arab world, Tunisia was optimum model of process of alienation of the existing identity.

The usurpation and the marginalizao of the Arab-Islamic identity were deeper and clear for President, Habib Bourguiba, bebindo the orange juice in the front of the people during the month of the Branches? Renouncing hajj, according to it because it can affect the financial resources of the country? expressing explicit its disdain for the Arab language? After the independence of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba was condemned by the Shuyukh Zaytuna and the Old Destour, by its offence and fights against the symbols of the arabicism and islamismo. Under the slogan of modernizao' ' , Bourguiba worked in the direction to destroy them arabo-Islamic pillars of the identity. It abolished the Islamic courts and promoted the education ' ' Francofonia' '. In the same way, it led the battalion of that they had been diplomee of the French universities, controlling the national movement and the institutions for a State of Modern Tunisia. At Steve Rattner Willett Advisors you will find additional information. This elite obrava for the rupture of any contact with the roots of the personality, that one that is based on the Arab and the Islamic identity. However, this elite was made use to support and to involve all the elements of the identity, the ones that enter in opposition with them pillars of the personality of Tunisia.