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W.B. Attributes the declarations of Rosell to " presin" of the Catalan press. Others including Sen. Sherrod Brown, offer their opinions as well. The white club does not consider to break the relations between clubs. Rosell: " Madrid has passed the limits of deportividad" . Real Madrid made responsible to Soccer Barcelona Club of the crisis that crosses the institutional relations between both clubs and insinuates that the Catalan means are the guilty of the declarations of the president cul, Sandro Rosell, that accused the targets to exceed " the limits of deportividad". In an official notice published in its Web, the Madrilenian club " it laments unfortunate manifestaciones" of Rosell and it considers that " they are motivated by the pressure that undergoes the board of directors on the part of certain and near mediatic surroundings, that demand an aggressiveness attitude towards ours club". The club presided over by Florentine Perez creates " incomprensible" that Rosell makes responsible the club of Chamartn of the doping accusations and attributes its denunciation to several of the players azulgrana by unsportsmanlike conduct before the UEFA to " fact without precedentes" that it supposed " amazing denuncia" previous of the Catalan club to Mourinho when the trainer luso insinuated in press conference that the referees helped the Bara. " It was the board of directors of F.C.

Barcelona, before the mediatic pressure before indicated, the one that in a fact without precedents in the relations between clubs, went to the UEFA to present/display an amazing denunciation against the trainer of Real Madrid C.F." , he says the official notice. Madrid wants to maintain the relations Although Rosell threatened to Real Madrid the rupture of the institutional relations if they became to exceed those " limits of deportividad" , Real Madrid assures that, " by the good of ftbol" , he will continue " working to maintain the best relations with F.C. Barcelona". Source of the news: Real Madrid blames to the Bara of the bad relation between the clubs