Russian Business And Global Warming

Hot, hotter In recent decades, scientists have observed many signs of rapid climate change. Across the globe are growing annual mean temperatures, rapidly melting glaciers thousands of years of the Alps, the Himalayas, Greenland. They talk about the upcoming sea-level rise of several meters. These frightening trends associated with the sharp increase in the proportion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Studies of ice samples from Antarctica show Now that carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere as over the past 650,000 years. And even more alarming, that over the past half a century, this figure rose by a third! And the main reason for this is that mankind is burning all more fossil fuels: oil, gas, coal, etc. "The world's leading environmentalists agree that the only adequate response to the serious problem of climate change – is the systematic reduction greenhouse gases – said Alexei Kokorin, coordinator of the climate program of the Russian branch of wwf (World Wildlife Fund).

– The first real step in this direction was the signing of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which for subsequent years, has joined 181 countries (including Russia). This document, in particular, provides for the introduction of voluntary quotas for greenhouse gas (fixed at 1990 levels) and their gradual reduction. The point moves, Since 2004, when Russia joined the Kyoto Protocol, our country's participation in it was almost a formality. Largely due to the fact that quotas for CO2 emissions far exceeded the needs of domestic industry and energy.

Increased Fasteners

The most significant share in total imports has products in China. Share domestic production of construction fasteners in Russia today is, accordingly, no more than 20-30%. Moreover, the majority of domestic manufacturers offered a wide range of insufficient construction fasteners. And produced by domestic companies produce, in most cases, inferior products, such as from China, not only on price but also on quality. The main reasons for low competitiveness Russian production of fasteners in comparison with Chinese experts say: lack of raw materials in the country of sufficient quality, outdated equipment and technology, lack of public support for the industry.

Reduction in the production of construction fasteners in Russia. The declining trend in production of construction fasteners in Russia, according to experts, in the near future will continue, including with regard to price increases metal during the crisis, which adversely affected the profitability of production. In general, the prospects for Russian factories in the market fasteners experts estimate that as dubious, including because of the weak orientation of the major Russian metallurgical plants on the market for mass consumption. Loading of many domestic enterprises for the production of hardware does not exceed 60-70%. For example, the company "MMK-Metiz, most whose production accounts for a building complex, loading on the first quarter of 2009 is about 20-40%. Reducing the profitability of domestic production.

Experts attribute this trend is not only to external factors. In particular, the reduction in profitability is also affected by the high cost of equipment (mostly imported), the lack of cooperation, a clear need to optimize business processes, etc. Lack of state support for domestic production of construction fasteners. This trend not only results in a decrease in production, but also to the closure of a number of industries, particularly all in connection with the reduction of competitiveness of domestic fasteners in comparison with imported products on price. Meanwhile, for example, in Belarus, where there is government support for domestic production, the share of Belarusian producers is about 50%. Increased number of import suppliers, increased competition between the imported suppliers and manufacturers. In particular, the number of suppliers construction fasteners from China. Expansion of Chinese products on the Russian market is a very fast pace. Thus, according to some estimates, over the past 5 years, imports of construction fasteners from China increased fivefold. Also increases number of suppliers from the cis countries, such as Belarus and Ukraine. The proportion of Chinese products under import is dominant share. By some estimates, today around 70% of imports takes products from China, the share of cis countries – about 5% to other producing countries (Germany, Finland, Italy, Sweden) have, respectively, about 25%. Experts also note that the import fasteners from China is increasing every year. For example, in 2007 China's share in the Russian market of construction fasteners was about 50%, 20% below 2009. In general, China is now considered a world leader in fastener construction destination. Emergence of new products on the market of construction fasteners. The emergence of new types of products on the market fasteners driven, according to experts, especially the development of new technologies in construction. Assortment of fasteners in retail outlets is determined mainly by the type of retail outlet. In particular, the chain stores are usually represented by multi-brand products, both European and Chinese manufacturers. Construction markets in more Chinese products sold (the lower and middle price segment).