Western Europe Designer

Therefore, in Russia, fireplaces served not only for heating, as for ventilation and drying facilities. Now fireplaces in the Russian country houses are found almost as frequently as in Western Europe, and not just in the living room, but in any other room – from kitchen to bedroom. With a variety of established designers, shapes and decorative techniques of modern fireplaces to fit perfectly into the interiors of hi-tech, minimalism, pop art, or loft. In addition to traditional configurations with a straight chimney fireplace adjacent to the wall, you can find models that are open on two or three sides, the island and free-standing, sometimes with an optical effect of isolation from the floor and walls, creating the illusion hover in the air. Nothing is impossible One of the most well-known design firms, specializing in the manufacture of fireplaces – Dutch Boley.

Its founder, Harry Root started out as an interior designer and in 1970 for one from customers has designed his first fire, which made a revolution in the fireplace business, because it was not made of traditional brick and stone and metal, for the Netherlands and most other European countries, whereas was a novelty. buy a cottage success gave designers the opportunity to establish his own company for production of copyright fireplaces. His motto Root did the word for us, nothing is impossible! and strives to comply with any, even the incredible desire of the customer. For example, one of the most popular models, 186-I, was developed for the sick of our compatriot, who wanted to see in your house is completely transparent huge fireplace where the fire danced to on stage. In what the designer created a series of modifications to this model, changing the configuration, materials, colors and sizes. Distinguishing features of corporate identity brand Boley – laconic expressiveness, ease and ease of architectural form. Tamed fire seems to be completely obedient to the will of the designer, who then puts it on a triangular coffee table in the middle of the room, then slides on a shelf for accessories or upryachet inside resembling a bull's-eye of a cylindrical ring embedded in the chimney flue.