Exposing The Myths, Or The Whole Truth About The Quality Of Medicines

Introduction – Pharmacies surrender – money no huddle "the masses are the subject of drugs with high sensitivity. This subject is close to the people. Firstly, it is a very important subject for any normal rights – of their own health. Secondly, we are talking about money, that is as important for most people. Third, the issue of drugs is a cash cow for journalists in Russia.

Ghouls – pharmacists and forgers – pharmacists in the popular mind are second only to corrupt Policeman and poisonous Shaurma. Despite a host of publications and an endless stream of tv programs, the clarity in the national consciousness is not added. Answers to the question – "what quality medicine? "represent a bizarre mix of newspaper revelations, pseudoscientific fiction and general mistrust of government, country and fellow countrymen around. As a person who has direct relevance to ensure drug quality, I try in my article to clarify this confusion. First, let's mention the most important fact, production and distribution of drugs – it's a business, business is very, very profitable.

Despite all the talk about the good of the people, captains of pharmaceutical business first and foremost try to make money. The entire chain of drug development, registration, manufacture and distribution of work to earn money. What is the cure – "Who and mare's Bride" Without going into deep scientific explanation, I will say simply, medicine is different from the biologically active additives (Bud) that the effect of the medicine must be proved State supervised clinical trials.