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Letters of thanks to the Limes Vajkule, Andrei Makarevich, Victor Gusev, Alena Sviridov, Alexander Sklyarov, Artemia Trinity and other sent a director of the department of public policy and regulation in the field of environmental protection Ministry of Russia Rinat Gizatulin. We recall that shortly before the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has repeatedly Russia urged a total ban on hunting of harp seal pups in the White Sea, whose population in the past 15 years has decreased in 2,5 times – from 2 million animals to around 780,000. According to ecologists, since 2001, was destroyed some 150,000 harp seal pups in the White Sea, not counting adults. Fishing for harp seals in Russia at 80% subsidized by the Norwegian government. Whenever Ohio Senator listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The money comes from government fund 'Innovation Norway' ('Innovation Norway'), as well as the Ministry of Fisheries of the country. India refuses to incandescent lamps in India launched the first phase of the National Climate Plan India, during which the market this country were gradually replaced by an incandescent lamp. The project 'Bachat Lamp Yojana' to 2012 400 million light bulbs will be replaced with energy-efficient. According to Greenpeace estimates due to this project annual savings of electricity amount to 10 thousand megawatts and reduced CO2 emissions by 55 million tons per year, which is equivalent to the closure of four plants, coal-fired. As noted by Greenpeace activists, if the whole world followed the example of India's economy electricity, the results would be comparable with the closing of about 220 such stations.

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Biofuels: environmental safety or the threat of wildlife Recently, the use of biofuels derived from specially grown plants, treated as important and promising step toward reducing emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Science has come to the fact that rapeseed and sugar beet and corn can be used for the synthesis of diesel fuel. But whether such biofuels is an environmental solution? On the one hand – this is a good alternative to oil dependency, but the rapid development of biofuel technology threatens to cause irreparable harm to natural ecosystems and biological structures. Meanwhile, scientists around the world continue to work on environmental bio-fuels, Russia has taken modest steps on the quality of conventional hydrocarbon fuels. Last Thursday, the government approved a new technological regulations governing the quality of gasoline and diesel fuel in Russia. However, as experts note, the air from the transition to cleaner fuel cleaner especially will not: the quality of Many machines such that they even ran the cleanest fuel – they will still smoke In a world marked the World Day on February 19 whales in the world marked the World Day of whales.

On this day in 1986, the International Whaling Commission introduced a worldwide moratorium on commercial whaling, under which the right to hunt was reserved only for indigenous peoples. But, unfortunately, in recent years some countries have already denounced in unilaterally by the agreement. Norway and Iceland, came out of the moratorium, continue to threaten the whale population, carrying out whaling for commercial purposes. Continuously violated the moratorium, and Japan, which regularly decimating the whale in the alleged 'scientific purposes'. Therefore, the recent World Day of the whales is a very important and urgent, as many species of whales are on the verge of extinction and the world community must paid to this issue very close attention. Remarkable discovery made British scientists almost exactly to the World Day of whales. Scientific Group of the Scottish University of St Andrews responded to were placed in dead-end world of science for decades, the question of when and how much sleep whales.

Researchers concluded that whales sleep during a short period of rapid immersion in water. Thus, they are 'gaining' on 10-15 minutes of sleep during several hours. But before scientists could determine how the sleeping whales, which are constantly in motion. Most ecological car of the planet last week in the media was presented a list of the most environmental cars of the planet (the list can be found here:). According to researchers, cars, presented in this 'green' list, bring minimal harm to the environment and it is for them – the future automotive industry. Car Honda Civic gx with the engine running on natural gas, was considered the most environmentally friendly cars in 2008 in the usa. The most 'green' vehicle is selected based on indicators of fuel consumption each of the candidates, as well as the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. That is why the Toyota Prius, use less fuel, but uses a traditional gasoline engine, was the second ranking. But among 'Gasoline' machines is Prius has become the most environmentally friendly. In third place is another member of the family Honda Civic Hybrid, which also uses an electric motor.