Standard Different

Different companies classify these completeness in different ways. One company produces a jacket with a 50-m in size and girth of the thighs 98 (1 st completeness), assuming a mean completeness, the standard that should go to most buyers. Another company, for the same 50-meter breast size, produces a jacket with a girth of hips 110 (4 th completeness), and the company believes that it is such a fullness of the jacket is average, ie should come to the majority. The views of different companies on the subject differ significantly. And many people on it are bought, seeing the jacket of his size, for example, 50 th, and not knowing that the fullness of the jacket can they do not come up. At the top category (jackets) are the following classifications / categories: tight, fitting, semilying free, very free (of 5 categories). If you have a 50-second breast size (leg 100), You can buy a close-fitting jacket, a size 56, and he might suit you to approach much better than your suit size (especially if you have wide hips and waist). However, often people who, after such purchases are beaten himself in the chest and say that their size is, say, 56, because they are somewhere and somehow bought costume is of that size.

But in fact it turns out that they had a completely different size. And at another firm who will be at a loss offering costumes, it is not suitable for the size signs, written on the products (ie those figures, which used one or another person). A buyer will be angry and do not understand why this is so and what is happening. Figures identical, and the costumes are completely different. This suggests that you should understand that there are different classifications of products (categories fit). And in order to get smaller in awkward situations and not lose your valuable vain time during the shopping, it is desirable to know exactly your size and know they are not on some suit that you wear, and which classifies some company on what grounds is unknown, and measure these dimensions of self- or in any studio (for chocolate). And already at this size, taking into account your height, chest girth, waist circumference, hip circumference, pick yourself a suitable and comfortable clothes to a category fit, and then buy it. Details can be found by clicking Ohio Senator or emailing the administrator. We wish you become more competent in choosing clothes. And if you buy yourself any product, we want you to look at it flawlessly, so this product was more convenient for you and that you wear it with comfort. We will provide you with useful information on clothing and on, through our electronic mailing list.