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Currently, the tender is the most effective way to trade and procurement activities. For customers with an opportunity to attract suppliers, thereby to obtain order execution at the lowest cost through competition among suppliers. Providers an opportunity to expand sales channels, reduce the costs of its organization, including advertising. Search tenders Internet becomes an essential tool in the work of both government and commercial organizations. If earlier notices, tenders were published in newspapers, but now it's online resources, among which can be seen as sites where information about orders, as well as full electronic trading systems, which can carry out all stages of the notice before the conclusion of the contract online. Where to look – the federal website of the Russian Federation to host information for placing orders – commercial marketplaces (OAO Gazprom, oao rzd, jsc Lukoil, TNK-BP, a group of B2B sites, the entire group of sites on Energy (WGC, tgc, idc and individual companies), Rosneft, SetOnline, Sberbank of Russia, Aeroflot, Uniform Trading Systems, ctm Electra Rosenergoatom Trading Platform Railway, Tender Auction House, Volga-Competition, Norilsk Nickel, Sibur, WorldTradeExchange, Vodokanal Fabrikant mts and many others) – Regional trade sites (all 86 regions of Russian Federation) – municipal trading floors (more than 400 sites of cities and municipalities) – the international trade area (the Republic of Belarus, China, etc.). Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs will not settle for partial explanations.

Total in the total number of power can reach several thousand. How to look first to find the source where the advertised tender, then add it to your bookmarks Internet Explorer, and every morning for at least five minutes to look at him notice of the contracts for svom profile. And this process must be repeated every day with thousands of sources. Even if an organization is looking for trades within the subject of the federation, it is an average of 10-15 sources, ie, more than an hour of working time. With this method of search can be such factors as: – the human factor: a minimum of automatism – a technical factor: some sites search does not work properly, or does not work, and the output information on the pages may be little to read, or even unreadable; most unexpected result, when the seeker simply emphasis sees no notice of the contract goes to another site, and then learns that missed cherished tender. Conclusion In order to be able to avoid the above difficulties, it is necessary to have a tool that will be in a single window to provide timely updated information about current procurement.

Analyst information on procurement and supply to be fully armed and Met are more likely to win the competition, need information about past trades and analysis of this information, otherwise participate in the tenders will be very much like to hunt in total darkness without a flashlight. For example, information about the ultimate cost of the last contract provides an opportunity to prepare in advance offer competitive prices. Or analysis of procurement specific product by region, can concentrate on those regions where the goods are buying the most. In addition, you should always handy to have a legal basis for legislation in the field public procurement and electronic commerce. Ability to get information about tenders, analytics, legal and regulatory framework for procurement provides analytical system 'Seldon'

Politics Payments Insurance Companies .

More and more insurance companies begin to adopt the practice of making spending decisions, including insurance claims in the offices of leading companies. Guide insurance companies, thus, calculated to deal with "non-professional approach to business in the regions and minimizing losses. This means that if you have a insurance case, your documents will be in the local territorial unit of insurance the company (branch, agency), the adopted documents (originals or copies) will be sent to the central office of the insurance company, which will ultimately decide how much you pay. At present, this scheme payment of large Russian companies is only . Other companies tend to use the scheme of partial centralization. Ohio Senator may not feel the same. In this case, leadership offices may accept the payment of insurance recoveries of small amounts. Decision on payment of large losses, is always regarded by the parent company.

In any case, precedents, when the parent company amended the amount paid towards the increase is unknown to us. This is obvious – with a negative about the cuts in payments for insurance has to face is to field representatives. Above all, this procedure for payment of insurance contracts is more bureaucratic, and how consequence of a more lengthy. Filed under: Steve Rattner. Please note that the timing of the payment of the insured event, shall not exceed the specified time in the insurance contract (usually 10-30 days from the date of the last required document). And the decision on payment of a particular company does not matter, because it is an internal affair of the insurer, which has no right to affect the timing of the execution made by the insurance company obligations.

Dont Be Afraid to Be Polite

Either sex may offer to take someone’s coat and hang it. In general, just being friendly, helpful and polite. Thanks to the servers. If you’re in a place of luxury with 6 different forks, three knives, two spoons, which are not altered on which to use for what. They are generally placed in the order in which foods that used to serve the will … implement further from the plate is used first. So when the salad comes first, take the fork farthest from your plate. Or just see what the big fish and not follow their example.

If the food comes first, do not start down assembly while the other (s) expect the food to arrive. If you are friendly, they invite us to go forward before the food gets cold. Similarly, if someone else has been notified and is waiting while the food is delayed, we invite you to go ahead and eat. Do not reach … ask someone to pass. Do not use the bread to absorb the sauce, soup, or anything else.

No slurping or burping. Ever. Yes, this may be acceptable in some countries as a way to show your appreciation for good food, but if you’re in the U.S., do not. Even if the big fish do. 3. View the cost. No matter if you said, “anything you’d like to order, this is me.” Do not order the most expensive on the menu! Even if the big fish do. 4. Beer or wine? Have you seen the trade, where there are several guys in a restaurant with a great shot and asks what they want to drink? They go around the table and every order with non-alcoholic beverages, except for the latter type, who orders a Sam Adams (beer). The Big Kahuna is “impressed” and orders it. Aha! Never fall into anything that you see in a beer commercial! Want a beer or a glass of wine in the office? (It is better to say “No!”) Despite the environment, food and beverages, whether it is a business role (and it certainly is if you are interviewing or talking about their business with his boss) to make NO alcohol! Even if the big fish do. Remember, the conclusion is that it is not food or drink – is making a good impression!

Consumer Credit

In contrast, consumer credit, which are subject to goods and services to consumer goods, commercial loans provide each other with the existing businesses. It is important that payment for purchased goods is deferred for some time. The need for commercial credit due to the fact that in different areas of business the production and the circulation of capital is not the same: some have Entrepreneurs goods manufactured and ready for implementation, while others are interested in this product, do not have the cash. In such cases, the sale of goods on credit contributes to the continuity of the process production, accelerates the turnover and increase profits. Commercial loans are usually of short duration: available only for a few months. As a general rule, executed by a special document – commercial bills.

Project finansirovanieTakoy type of loan provides a very small number of banks. It is implemented through a financial leasing expensive and complex projects related to acquisition of equipment. The risk of project financing is that you can spend up to six months before the bank documents and was refused. Due to loss of time searching for funding may be derailed the project. The fact that the business plan is the principal document for the consideration of project financing.

It should allow to assess all the risks it takes its maximum detail. Venture finansirovanieEto long-term loan to beginners and existing companies without a guarantee, but at higher than at banks, interest rates. Not by chance this type of financing for small businesses called 'risky'.


In mid-2007, Russia has already acted more than 1000 banks, having the right to conduct various banking transactions. A lot or a little? What services are provided by banks? What is the principle of operation of these institutions? Banking system today – one of the most important structures that facilitate economic development in general and increase the living standards of citizens in particular. Virtually any customer of the bank under certain conditions can take a mortgage loan car loan or education loan, for example. Without the time and effort it is now possible to get an international atm card (such as card visa, mastercard or maestro) and pay for purchases and services in all countries. You can do denominated or foreign currency deposits, and not only to ensure safe storage, but also a permanent augmentation of the earned money.

Generally, the primary function of banks – providing financial services to individuals and legal entities, if we consider the function of banks in more detail, we can identify the following: the transformation of temporary surplus funds in kapitalkreditovanie individuals, legal persons and in fulfilling predpriyatiyposrednichestvo various financial operatsiySvoim banks offer customers increasingly wide range of services: from already spent deposit-lending operations to such new, as leasing or factoring. Nevertheless, despite similar goals, functions and working methods, there are several types of banks: central bank (usually public) commercial bankiinvestitsionnye bankisberegatelnye bankiipotechnye that of the names is understandable, what makes emphasis each of the groups bankov.Esli Generally speaking, the income of the bank consists of the difference between gross income and expenditure. In essence, the bank – the intermediary between those who have an urgent temporary need for cash and those with whom they released, so his income depends on the volume produced by bank deposits and investments, the value of the interest rate. Interesting system in which the interest rate is determined. Takes into account such factors as: the interest rate set by the Central Bank, the total price of investments, loans, the proportion of supply and demand for loans; the presence and degree of risk (in each case), the term of the loan, the rate of inflation in the country, one way or another banking is becoming more and more popular.

Real Estate Purchases

The division of interest between the founders of the charter capital, the registration entity will directly reflect their share in the transaction of real estate purchase. That is, simple words, the percentage of share ownership entity will be equal to the percentage of market value at the time of purchase or at the time of its sale. Requirements for Czech banks working with foreign citizens of the mortgage lending: 1. There is a legal entity in the Czech Republic (the best of the new, zero-balance sheet) 2. Residence in the Czech Republic (annual or biennial multi visa number 65) 3. Gains documented by the country that is permanently registered foreign national (income statement, employment contract, cash disbursement vouchers). Proof of income received in the Czech Republic, no required, but when considering the issuance of a mortgage, they can affect positive decision.

The maturity of a mortgage loan to be entered into contract with the bank depends on the age of founders firm on which the property is issued. If you wish to obtain a mortgage for a period of 30 years of age of the founders should not exceed 40 years. Indirectly, the decoration for a foreigner in the Czech mortgage bank, will have a value: 1. Availability Higher education received at home and confirmed (nostrify) in the Czech Republic. 2. Seniority, which may be reflected in the employment contract, and in the workbook. 3. Position in organization, which confirmed the income of the citizen. 4. The two-year multi visa number 65 on the basis of information received, the bank decides to grant a mortgage, and if the positive decision, the bank defines "interest group" for the mortgage entity.

Repeatable Audits

Currently, the company shall enter into contractual relationships to make investments, executing business transactions and the use of their assets. The credibility of such bonds shall provide all members transactions use and guaranteed the financial information. The financial statements of any firm contains information about the presence of assets and liabilities, its financial position, income and personal capital. Proper financial information can effectively operate the capital market. Due to the financial statements give estimates of the economic decisions and determined the growth prospects of the organizations and forecasts. Mandatory audit. Obligatory audit – an annual, mandatory audit of financial statements and accounting organizations. A voluntary audit.

In order to achieve the greatest success in business any company you want to intelligently monitor all internal processes, as well as the work of its accounting. A voluntary audit is initiated by the subject, which is carried out this audit or his party, taking into account timing, scope of the audit and specific tasks under the contract for the implementation of the audit between the initiator and the audit organization. The purpose of this inspection is to monitor and assess the state of accounting in general, or its separate branches, the identification of state financial reports, develop recommendations for improving the impact of the organization's work and stuff. Financial audit of mission. Financial audit carried out on a special mission Verification of selected articles reporting, for example: the state of payables and receivables, the availability and condition of inventory, fixed assets.

Repeated financial audit. Periodic financial audit carried out on this enterprise, as every year, and the results of each semester. This gives an opportunity to establish long-term cooperation between the auditor and the client, to give a more objective assessment of the entity and its line of activity. Pros: Firstly, a simple fix discovered during a quarterly audit of accounting errors in the next quarter, that is, the current user. It is very important timely detection and correction of systematic errors, whose effects are most significant for the firm. Secondly, significantly increases the quality of testing, since the total time with the customer when quarterly audit exceeds the lump-sum annual audit and does not require such a heavy schedule of inspections.

Personal Income Tax

But what are the requirements creditor bank imposes on the borrower: – Availability Russian citizenship – age (at time of loan agreement) of 22 to 55 years – permanent residence (permanent registration) in the city, where the creditor bank or branch bank lender – secured car until repayment of the loan – continuous throughout the life of the loan car insurance against risks: theft, damage (insurance) and osago for the driver and persons admitted to driving a car – a guarantee agreement with the spouse (Spouse) of the client. Make no mistake – this is the case of the sudden death of the borrower in an accident. In this case, the balance amount will have to pay a spouse, a survivor For registration of auto loan borrower will need the following documents: – application form for a loan – a Russian passport (plus photocopy of all completed pages) – a driver's license, and if no driver's license, then the second document (other than a passport) certifying the identity of the Borrower: passport, military id, passport, seafarer, permit to carry weapons, hunting license, pension certificate, certificate of employment (with a photograph of the holder and seal), and in the absence of these documents: birth certificate, certificate of detention (or divorce), marriage certificate – for legal entities – a certificate from a bank or other document confirming the payment of taxes – to arrange a loan of more than 50 thousand to provide a copy of employment record (certified by the organization – the employer) and a certificate in Form 2 Personal Income Tax. .

Brokerage Firms

In fact, it is fraught with peril, because, without paying adequate attention to him, You can actually turn out to be entirely at an impasse. The thing is that all the features of the market. They are thus inevitably give rise to some 'pros' and 'cons', which, in turn, to each individual have a weight more or less – depending on his personal advantage. To make it easier to deal with this issue, let's consider the order of all its members. This will allow to bring ideas into the system. First of all, we should find out geographical location of Trade. In other words, where the market on a territorial basis are likely to trade? For Russian investors and traders of such item in the main three: Russia, Europe, usa. Some, however, may apply to other markets – Australia, India, Asia in general, etc.

– But it's still a rather exotic. In each case the procedure is almost the same: you must choose a brokerage firm to open an account, well then, you can trade, not forgetting, of course, promptly transfer the money. But to do this is by no means in the first place, but at least until after you've read this article. The second problem associated with the first and may require more time reflect already adopted before the decision. The problem is to figure out what to trade. This question is not permissive. News agency Bloomberg in early 2000 reported that it translates market data on approximately 2.5 million of financial products.

Financial Goals

We're done with the skills of goal setting. It was quite difficult, but interesting. And what about your financial goals? When I questioned his interlocutors about what they want, the usual answer: "I want to achieve financial freedom "or" I want to be rich "- it's good, right answers, but not deployed, are not complete. They should be more specific. If we are talking about "financial freedom", then immediately determined how much money we have receive from their investments, so she could replace our wages and allowed to live in his own pleasure, not working. For example, income $ 10 000 cherez 18 months.

If we say we want to become rich, then immediately have to give yourself report that for us these words mean. That is exactly what and at what price we have in this life get to feel rich. Maybe someone of you will agree and will even resist:-What is the use talk about financial goals if they are not feasible! Allow me to explain the importance of setting financial goals, using an example. Represents the state in which there is no budget. Ie Government does not know how much revenue it will not know how much costs incurred during the year, does not know how much money will be invested in building roads and hospitals in the country. You would want to live in a country? I think not.

A similar situation occurs and for you. Each of us knows roughly how much revenue will be received, how much money do I need to pay the bills for a month. There are also surprises: higher wages, vyigrash in Lotorev, payment dvidendov. All this only helps you become financial assurance. So the first thing you should do is decide on the specific figures for the next 5-10 years. Write a list of what you want and appreciate your desire for each item. Then fold it all and you have your financial goal. Source: