In Austria

Familiar scheme, where there is a certain amount of tickets with questions and answers to them are not respected. Dominated by written work and projects, the latter need not only to prepare that already requires time and effort, but protect. Second, the exams need to register. And not the last evening, and at least a few days. And sometimes that month. And finally, unlike the former Soviet countries, the session in Austria is shorter and not exempt from the basic educational process. Therefore not surprising if the student for a day appointed exam and a couple of lectures. A grading “machine”, so beloved by students of universities of Russia and Ukraine, Austria is not practiced.

So Austria did not really learn for the sake of “crust”, but for the sake of knowledge. That is why graduates of Austrian universities are valued on the world labor market as qualified, responsible and organized professionals. STUDENTS SELF-MANAGEMENT IN UNIVERSITIES OF AUSTRIA in the usual understanding of the student government – is mayor, who shall be appointed or selected by the dean’s group in order to communicate to students of the university management decisions. In Austria’s approach to this issue is more serious. Election of “representatives of the course” or “speaking on behalf of the course” (as literally translated Jahrgangsvertreter and Jahrgangssprecher respectively) are held by secret ballot with all the attributes democratic will.

Register all willing to participate in the presidential race, drawing up lists of candidates, voters have the opportunity to get acquainted with the programs of all applicants. On Election Day opening polling booths, where each student a course can anonymously cast your vote for one of the contenders in their old age. Counting of votes shows who will represent the interests of the course. This approach is absolutely justified. Options warden at universities in Austria which is wider than that of its Ukrainian and Russian counterparts. The representative exchange rate can and should defend the interests of students to teachers. Sometimes it can lead to a curious, in our understanding situations. For example, there are cases where students need to replace the professor, as, in their opinion, it is not enough quality teaching their subject. And Dean agrees consider the students signed the petition! But – on a democratic basis. Hears both sides, appointed a general discussion, designed to solve the problem, and by joint discussions is a way out situation. Thus, Austria gives the students not only high-quality European education. In the universities of this country to prepare their own thinking, responsible and enterprising citizens of modern democratic state. And the beauty, culture, mild climate, excellent environment and many opportunities for recreation – a nice bonus for those who decided to join the ranks of Austrian students.

Foreign Languages

You are already fairly well mastered a foreign language and the now ponder how to apply it in life? Move up the career ladder or find a new job? Move to the big city and settle in a foreign firm? What if Change your country of residence? This is a big step that requires serious motivation, but if you already thought about it in this article we will examine where and with what language you can move and what it takes. Let's start with the English language. The time you spend on the analysis and learning of English tenses of irregular verbs, in addition to excellent prospects in Russia, opens for you and the international door. Leading, for example, in the UK, Canada or the USA. This good country to live, with high wages and social security, as well as an excellent environment. In the UK, Canada and open immigration policy, which means you can legally move there, even if you have no family or employers in these countries.

Enough to have a university degree, be qualified and know the language at the appropriate level. Level checked IELTS or TOEFL, and, subject to certain points on these exams, as well as all the other requirements, you have every chance to settle in Foggy Albion or distant Canada. For the U.S., such an open immigration program does not exist, in contrast, Recently, the government is limiting the number of potential immigrants. However, if you always attracted to this large and highly developed country, you can try to find an employer across the ocean, which will help you with your visa.