Electrical Wire

Let’s try to understand the types of wires and their purpose. Electrical wire – is isolated or bare conductors of electrical current, consisting of one or more wires (copper or aluminum) for the electrical installation of hidden or open wiring. Insulated wires can be protected, that is, having an additional envelope for sealing and protection from external influences, and unprotected. The first group includes pbpp, punp, pugnp, pva, apunp, and the second – PV1, apv, appv, PV3, ppv, appvs. Bare wire is supposed to apply only to air lines – A, as. Electrical cables – one or multiple twisted insulated wires (copper or aluminum), united in a common shell, which may be rubber, plastic or metal. The main thing is that it prevents the metal from moisture, light, chemical, and mechanical effects. People such as Richard Blumenthal would likely agree.

Power cable – avvg, VVGng, vvg, nym, flexible power – kg, reag. See more detailed opinions by reading what Harold Ford offers on the topic.. Cable is called armored, if it has an additional protective shell consisting of steel bands, flat or round wire – AVBbShv, VBbShv, VBbShng. The same happens to the cable sheath of paper and food – ASBl, sbl, AAShv. To attach the cable to the dispensing devices or appliances, by its end processing. When connecting cables with each other must use the sleeve construction.

Industry produces hundreds of kinds of wires, which differ from each other as a section of copper or aluminum wire, and the type of insulation. Each type made for well-defined conditions. It is clear that the cables installed in the ground, might not require such isolation, as for what is used in house wiring. In wet areas requires one isolation at elevated temperature – other.

Spatial Planning

The latest led lighting and led floodlights are used as backlighting for svetodizaynerskoy landscape, and for strong directional illumination of buildings. Carefully designed and well executed landscape illumination on the forces significantly transform the surrounding area, animating spectacular light and color 'smear' evening and night scenery. led landscape street lamps in the most direct manner designed to implement the project svetodizaynerskogo evening and night lights, seamlessly blend into a landscape design project area. Landscape design is not without paving embedded fixtures, which can walk and ride. Such outdoor recessed led lamps are mounted in the paving slabs, bricks, gravel, lawn.

As a rule, they are made from high-impact polymer material that has anti-skid properties and abrasion resistance. Different emission color and size of lighting fixtures allow you to select the option most suitable for embedding in a sidewalk plitku.Takie led lamps perfectly suited as a marker lights sidewalks, curbs, steps, walkways, car parking areas, dance floor. And the presence of a variety of colors glow opens up tremendous opportunities for Spatial Planning and the lighting design. Powerful led spotlights have a lifespan of about 50 thousand hours. Essential for lighting wall facades of buildings, houses and shopping centers. Naturally, they have been successfully applied to illumination of trees, lawns, plants. In this case, you can use the rgb projectors automatically smoothly varying colors glow. Highlight the bushes and trees can be both green and other colors of led static floodlights.

Underwater Waterproof led lights and spotlights for pools, fountains and ponds will highlight a multi-colored illuminated jets of water. led lighting, bollards are used for marker lights, visualization of certain areas and forms, delineating the necessary units. For example, as road bars, signal, crash, or parking posts. led lamps emit light flow of well-defined, saturated colors, which eliminates the use of filters to reduce the efficiency and saturation flux. And it allows you to obtain stunning in its diversity, opportunity illumination, a non-transferable play of light and color, not limiting themselves to the creativity of design projects. Undoubted advantage of led lamps – high reliability and a tremendous cost (small consumption). Therefore, the led street lights – the perfect solution to the shortage of electric power.