Drawn Documents

In the CR there are at least two main categories of visas: 1. 90 days (‘short’ / travel / guest /…) – a Type ‘C’. 2. More than 90 days (‘long’) – a Type ‘D’. Sen. Sherrod Brown understood the implications. Residence Permit ‘immediately’ can be given, for example, in the event of reunification with the carrier residence permit / permanent residence / citizen, school, and some other cases. ‘Right’ in quotes, because in this case, a visa valid for three days, which gives the right to come and paste residence permit. Ohio Senator can provide more clarity in the matter. That is, my dear leaves, that lived in the Czech Republic 10 years, the person receives only the right to a nationality and, even if will be given formal consent to the Czech citizenship, something else will have to spend 5-7 years on the rejection of their native citizenship? Gleb not get it right to citizenship, he is entitled to ask for citizenship, to give him no required. Let me remind you also that of those 10 years, 5 years, he must have permanent residency status (for permanent residence since 2006, has the right – under the terms must be given).

I meant the whole process over 5-7 years, not only the rejection of the existing. There are also more short examples. Depends on the circumstances. If the dove more than 90 days, it’s how many days as possible. You wrote that the paste should VMZH in the Czech Republic.

Should people pay for this fee again, and how much. When given a visa after VMZH more than 90 days? Gleb visa – a maximum of one year. Visa extended for more than 90 days in the period 120-14 days prior to its completion, after the extension is glued not a visa, residence permit and. Residence permit can be issued and subsequently repeatedly extended for up to 2 years (and may shorter period, depending on the circumstances), in case of reunification with support permanent residence residence permit may be renewed for up to 5 years. Each receipt / renewal generally taxed. Darling Do I understand that: – the first people should get a long term visa for more than 90 days, with a maximum of 360 days. For 120-14 days prior to the long visa he should extend it and then … – It will VMZH. Every time you can renew VMZH maximum of 2 years, that is, a person must make it at least 2 times … – After 5 years a person can get permanent residence and should be in this status for 5 years to be eligible to apply for citizenship. Gleb In fact – true. But why 240 days before the end of unclear. 120-14 days prior to the end. If a man married to a citizen of the CR (EU), but is not in the CR, it may come to reunite with him. (It may also, on the other end, for example by opening the firm, but talking about the reunion). Drawn Documents at the reunion, served in the consulate, get a visa valid for three days, arriving at her residence permit splices. In this case, you can get permanent residency after 2 years, no need to wait 5 years (until recently, in this case once you could get permanent residence, now – no).


"U" – development (reduction of interest material) in this life will affect the future of the spiritual experience of embodiment. Very similar to the three stage evolution of the soul. "JUS GREAT" – an awl in a sack can not hide, manifestation of experience past life. The whole experience of man in previous life, he will manifest in this life (in character traits, abilities, etc.). "LITTLE YUS" is very similar to the previous sign, is added only to "ON", therefore, logical to understand how the whole experience a past life (as well as life Ancestors) can be recycled and improve over this, and then to show the world in the next life. "IZHITSA" is also a three-dimensional character. Unity in Reveal, which was originally created in the Navi and control to the right. Or more simply: in the spiritual world have uniform laws, subject to the laws of the higher worlds, the spiritual world is the mediator and the "conductor" between the higher world and the material.

And the well-being is determined by understanding its place in the structure of the world. The very name of the letter: and Ms-ca – unity with the harmony, life, evolution. Everyone knows "message"-an acrostic, created the Cyrillic alphabet (although the names of letters kept by relatives, from the Glagolitic alphabet.) Alas, an image which is Glagolitic letter, a word taken from the modern Russian language, include more than difficult, so try to collect descriptions of images together: the man exists, who strives for spiritual development, and Preserves to gain experience of the Spirit, changing the material world and manifested itself in him.

October Revolution

In the world of a lethal dose of 600-800 grams for the middle-aged men. It's in the world and in Russia – this is not the case. In Russia, the most consumed alcoholic beverage product, which is about 80% of the total alcohol consumed. Those who did not drink in Russia – 9-10%, those who drink moderate amounts – 75-80%, those who abuse – 8-10% and 4-5% of alcoholics. Vodka has played an important role in the revolution of 1917.

The tsarist government imposed prohibition, prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages in Russia, it was associated with the outbreak of World War II, it was necessary to fight and sober. By the time of the October Revolution in St. Petersburg in the warehouses was about 70 million buckets of vodka, and the bomb worked. Starting in St. Petersburg drunk, revolution swept into other regions of Russia.

I. Bunin wrote that men who were sent from St. Petersburg, from alcoholism and cocaine have lost human form, and began to kill the prisoners. When the Bolsheviks seized power, with the most stringent measures were put things in order. For the state budget vodka, quickly realized how Lenin, was a must. However, grain a result of bankruptcy, which led the revolution, the grain is not enough. Therefore, in the course of potatoes has gone out of which could also drive low-quality alcohol, but as a result of government policies, potatoes production of alcohol was forbidden to spend, and attempts were made to scientists to extract alcohol from peat, and even from animal manure and feces. However, this method of support among the people was, and people began to drive their own brew at home moonshine. The Bolsheviks declared enemies of the people who spent grain stocks in the moonshine, and began to imprison at least 10 years. Pre-revolutionary scientists calculated that by 2000 Russia's population should reach 594 million people, but in reality we only have about 145 million. Of course, this demographic situation including because of war, revolution, famine, Stalin's camps and repression, but the losses resulting from the alcohol, can be compared with losses of genocide. The scientists estimated that as a result of alcohol exposure and environmental disasters, Russia has lost 100 million people! Some experts argue that in Russia, 70% of alcohol is illegally. However, this poses a danger not home-made brew, no matter how trying to convince people this is a delusion state. The real threat to the population – this counterfeit vodka, which is filled with shelves stores. Moreover, studies have shown that moonshine, which is produced on a conventional distiller at home with subsequent treatment with charcoal or milk, was much better and safer than most Groceries alcohol.