Genius Instruction

It is considered that the average person can not make a genius as a genius must be born. Not to be unfounded, it is necessary to tell you about one teacher from Hungary, Laszlo Polgar with the name, and his children. Laszlo Polgar has suggested and developed the theory that the average child can develop genius for what it has to be specifically to learn it. He decided to prove their ideas on their own daughters. By this time, he recently married and had three daughters there. One can say that his colleagues did not take seriously his evidence and methods – it was a special 'black sheep'. When did the experiment, the teacher accused of what he uses own children as guinea pigs.

After he became interested in the Hungarian government, afterwards to his house visited by military intelligence personnel of the state and indicated to him that in case of further progress of experience in It may appear a big problem with the law. But it secret, along with his wife taught their children to special designed their rules. To obtain more specific results, over time, it was necessary to develop a specialized hobbies daughters. Laszlo has set a goal to develop the children towards learning mathematics and yazykov.Udachny opportunity presented itself unexpectedly. The eldest daughter, Susanna, in age of three and a half years saw the chess.

Susan became interested in an interesting game, and soon father and daughter began to discover subtleties of the game together. Suzanne successes were encouraging, and it was not clear at first, which was cause – congenital curiosity, or techniques of his father. Of course, in terms of use, my father wanted to teach her math and physics, but with chess was easier to find out the progress in the abilities of the child, so the experience continued. Laszlo said Suzanne subtleties and rules of the game in the form of stories that Suzanne was very fond of over time.