What is Real Tax Evasion?

Again in this struggle, at least legitimate that tax evasion is concerned, – the circumvention may be morally but not legally arguable, is flying the flag of social justice. Tax evasion causes fewer resources to serve the needy, to invest in health, protection of the unemployed, etc.. While this is true, the same governments who use these arguments to justify the fight against tax havens, applaud enthusiastically the process of globalization of the economy.

We preach how harmful it is plunge the world if we returned to buy washing machines or computers made in our city? But the ordinary citizen also has its share of responsibility. Charles Rangel: the source for more info. On one side applauds the “throw down the gauntlet” to the rich who have their million deposited in tax havens, which incidentally is also a misinterpretation, because today is not just the wealthy individuals who use these tax-free oasis . However, on the other side is sympathetic to the neighbor who saved part of the VAT to buy a house, because it declares a lower purchase price with the complacency of the real estate and notary, and who willingly accepts the offer to pay anything plumber less for the repair of the toilet tank in exchange for him not a VAT invoice. That’s not tax evasion, no, is the national rogue! If we were rich, of course, immediately we would become honest and would be looking forward to when submitting our tax return in order to deliver nearly 50% of what we have gained the parent State. .