Realtors Association

I have not had time negotiate such deals, and I do not know the words, how difficult it is realtors with their clients through the chain of command. For even more analysis, hear from Joyce Banda. I hope that we will find mutual understanding with the city and the result of our efforts will be useful for agents real estate companies that conduct such transactions. Simple, of course, will not be because of money and subsidy programs is not enough, and conditions change, and not all the urban structures seen in the positive role of Realtor such transactions. But I believe that we all want to help residents of the city, so we make steps towards each other and reach an agreement. The second direction – this is training for real estate companies working with the program subsidies. Realtors should have a basic knowledge on courses, and only then seek the advice of some private matters to the appropriate government agencies.

The next step would be to give some preferences for those who have been trained: increased powers to conduct transactions and representing clients in state institutions, favorable conditions for obtaining certificates, an additional source of customers. The latter, incidentally, is already carried out. The Institute of Real Estate about once a month is a training course on dealing with subsidies, where, in particular, I am reading from the Realtors Association section on the psychology of negotiation. Agents who pass this course will provided an additional source of customers from those organizations that have previously taught the course.

Construction Code

06/12/2008 Cabinet meeting at the Kirov region planned outcome of the regional target program “Development of Housing in Kirov Region” in 2009. In accordance with the growth in housing Construction on the field must be at least 20 percent compared to 2008, and in 2009, the total area of the housing will reach 500 thousand square meters. Also scheduled for the project to ensure the utility and economic infrastructure of a number of built-up areas. Prominent role in the program given to low-rise construction of prefabricated single-family homes, particularly in rural areas. To achieve these goals plan the following tasks: – priority use of products and materials of the local industry to increase housing construction – ensuring rapid development of communal Infrastructure – investment projects for the land under the municipal infrastructure zhilstroitelstvo in different municipalities – development of documents of territorial planning, zoning, land planning documentation in accordance with the Construction Code.

Irina Makarova

It should be noted that all costs relating to conversion and technical equipment shall be borne by the customer. In addition, increases and the cost of utilities. So that the usual re- stock in low-temperature turns out to be quite troublesome and expensive. "Civilized warehouse market in the Kirov does not exist. It allows landlords to dictate terms, in particular, overestimating rates lease. For example, the cost of rent per square meter cold storage facility in the Kirov ranges from 30 to 150 rubles a month, warm (equipped) is somewhat more expensive (50 – 250 rubles). Price depends on location premises and the area ", – said Sergei Koryakov. For comparison, in Moscow, rent to low-temperature storage ranges from $ 220 (old refrigerators, vegetable store) to $ 270-320 (Khladokombinat, new low-temperature storage) per square.

m per year. Rate depends mainly on what the storage temperature, and the quality of the premises, the refrigerant used, the location of the warehouse and, of course, the conditions set owner areas. The cost of the warehouse, which is fed or photographed under the lease contract may differ at times much of the cost of the warehouse, which is fed or photographed under a contract to provide warehousing services. Recently, Kirov city should note the tendency for conversion of storage areas in commercial, despite the fact that warehouses are not enough. For example, soon to be refurbished several rooms in the south-western region, Cinema "Friendship" and the airport. In their place will trade pavilions.

Among the largest transactions in the warehouse property in our country are the following. In 2003, IKEA has built a $ 40 million warehouse in suburban Solnechnogorsk – its first in Russia, distribution center. Total area is 60,000 square meters. m. A world leader in beverage – Coca-Cola has found another place for their production in the south of Russia. In the industrial area Kuleshovskoy (Azov district of Rostov region). It will build a production capacity of up to 500 million liters of soft drinks a year. It will be one of the largest in Eastern Europe. You can imagine how much storage will be required for such amount of products. Prior to that, Coca-Cola managed to open 11 factories in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities (total volume of investments – about $ 1 billion). Our own warehouses in the regions and there is "Eldorado". One of the new company's projects "- the largest warehouse complex area of 250 000 sq. km. m in Novosibirsk, which is projected to become the main distribution center, "El Dorado in Russia. It would allow a 15-20% increase in sales of household appliances. The "Pyaterochka" too global plans: spend $ 200 million to build warehouses in the regions. Gets "Pyaterochka" to Kirov – it is not clear. Major companies are still profitable to buy or build your own complex, despite the fact that long-term rental stores can expect discounts. However, the "benefit" does not mean "maybe". "Warehouse database is not enough. It is connected also with the fact that our region remains insufficiently developed segment logistics. Warehouses do not justify the investment, they are low income, so that neither the developers nor the construction companies have been slow to start building "- highlights the problem Irina Makarova, Head of Development commercial real estate company "The network of commercial real estate." However, in the medium term, a lack of quality warehouse space may prevent the enlargement of networks of retail operators.

Methods Of Real Estate Management

To create a block of flats homeowners (HOA), we must first hold a general meeting of owners, which define the way home management, as well as to fix it by creating means a vote of owners of premises. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the time that the voting weight of the owner directly depends on the size of his apartment. Housing Code of the Russian Federation provides three ways to control Real Estate: management of the property owners of the premises; management specialist organization (management company); management homeowners or consumer cooperative; Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. For example the direct management of the apartment building can be effective in the event that the house belongs to a small number of owners. This method of control is selected in the main owners of small apartment buildings designed for 2-5 families. Stewardship specialist management company also has its own nuances. On the one hand, the major operating companies has its own professional staff, necessary equipment and other resources that can ensure the effective management of the house.

On the other hand, the youth market such services causes a large number of newly created asset management companies, who have no experience in managing residential property, or resources for this. Building Management Tools homeowners association is an optimal combination of the first two options. Since the HOA can hire independently of the staff that will be cheaper, respectively, and for complex IT services already engage specialized organizations. But in this version of government is one big problem – it is the owners themselves, the organization of their participation in the service at home, decision standing disputes, etc. Those who have summer cottages in the gardening companies may recall meeting gardeners. A decision on the method of administration should be taken not less than two-thirds of the votes. The general meeting is mandatory for all owners of the premises of the property. If the general assembly has chosen method of control – HOA, you need to prepare articles of incorporation.

The composition of these documents include the charter and the memorandum of association. At the general meeting approved the founding documents and the elected government HOA. After the state registration of the HOA as a legal entity between the owners buildings and condominiums should enter into a contract management of the apartment building. The contract must specify: the address of apartment house, of its total assets in respect of which will be managed; list of works and services for maintenance and repair of common property, the procedure for amending the list and a list of public services provided by the management company; procedures for payment and amount of payment for repairs and maintenance of premises, as well as for public utilities; arrangements for monitoring the implementation of the commitments the management company. The contract is concluded for a period of not less than one year nor more than five years. Terms and conditions are the same for all owners of the premises of apartment buildings.

General Contractor

Therefore it is not are turned out the principles, rules and regulations for the design of such settlements, not to mention even more about Russia, where the period accounted for the period reform – must be considered sociology. Adopted by the Russian government program to support small to medium businesses, "renaissance of the middle class' in the implementation of which should receive the following (stable) relationship classes: 5-10% rich (VIP), 55-70% – of the middle class, 25-30% of the subsistence minimum income – mandatory architectural and landscape style tribal settlements must be unique for a given location, match mentality settlers and to rely on the latest presentation in the field of architecture. It is desirable that the settlement was a museum of architectural and construction technologies in the open air, which may provide substantial capital inflows – landscaping is desirable to centrally – in the project must exist 'izyuminka'-for example, ski resort, water park, etc. – part of the resource (network engineering, communications, systems, etc.) must be redundant and could withstand the resource load further development of the settlement; – in the settlement should be part of the mobile buildings that can be changed with the economic reforms – in settlement should be sufficient society encompassing all sections of the population – the settlement should be located in an ecologically clean area, which further affect the economy and the health of the settlers – is necessary to sustain Vandal proof as the distance from the main canal (1500) and from settlements with the old infrastructure, not less than 5,000 m, it is better if this path is economically and strategically significant – needs to be closed resource cycles disposing of waste directly on private land, a system of deep waste disposal and settlement system for monitoring the environment – possibly need to create mythology the place of settlement, based on national traditions and history that will benefit the economy of the settlement – a settlement has to be 'intelligent', for which it should operate with a local information network control office, operating in real time and allow a rapid response to all the problems of the settlement; – transport network should be closed with sufficient redundancy that can satisfy requirements to change the infrastructure and have at least two points of entry into the settlement, which dictate the norms of fire – in the settlement should be a production zone (industrial park) with a flexible production cycles, products must be with minimal resource investment, intellectual component of the maximum and the minimum pressure on the environment – building technology should make maximum use of local materials that will minimize the transport component – long-haul communications it is desirable to build out modern materials, and through no deep foundations to further warming – function GENZAKAZCHIKA and General Contractor must perform organization-owner of the land – housing and land registration should be done centrally at the end of construction – interior finishing should be given to the customer – experience shows that in the first place is a development of settlements and a second radius of availability (30 and 60 km from the city) and, therefore, the preferred distance from the village is 15-20 minutes by car to city.

The Process

In most cases, Urgent buy an apartment means paying off debts for utilities, debts on loans, etc. If you need money urgently, but it is possible to wait for a month, then you can draw attention to a different procedure – Urgent sale of an apartment. In the immediate sale of real estate agency is a different contract. This will be the agency contract with obligations to sell the apartment for a specified period of time, 80 percent of market value apartment. The agency takes the search buyer bears the cost of advertising, organizing showings to potential buyers. Collection of documents and preparation of documents for the transaction also incurs agency real estate. Perhaps the conclusion of the agency contract provided that if within a specified time will not buy an apartment – the agency itself undertakes to buy the apartment at the agreed price.

Terms of document preparation, as in the first case, from two to ten days, the state registration – twelve days. If you need money, but time is suffering, and there is no need to speed up the process, reduce the price, it is usual agency agreement. Apartment put up for sale at market price. Negotiated fees (or interest, or a fixed amount – the agency fee, the seller). Advertising costs and document preparation are discussed separately. Payment commission made on the sale of the apartment. Thus, the guaranteed sale of apartments is the conclusion of the contract with the seller about the price and terms of sale of the apartment. Usually the whole process takes 8-10 weeks.

What suits you more – you decide. If you are interested in urgent purchase of real estate, then you need to place an order, after consideration of which, you will come to an expert on real estate valuation. Then a decision is made under the terms of redemption, is preliminary contract, prepare all the documents, the apartment is legal review. Ends the process of registration and payment transactions in government. If you are a busy person and you value your time, then rush repayment of apartments for you!