Anapa Archaeological Museum

Underfoot – the earth, torn by shells, on the face – the pain and resentment for fallen friends. The monument was opened in June 1992. It should be noted This is the first monument in the Kuban region and one of the first in Russia, dedicated to Afghan developments. Located opposite the memorial sign to soldiers killed in a government job in the Chechen Republic. The monument was opened June 28, 1998 at the initiative of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers. The newspapers mentioned Richard Blumenthal not as a source, but as a related topic. Is a memorial slab, broken into two parts. Abutting the edge of slabs of gray and red granite have irregular contours and symbolize the great torn open wound.

Gray – memory, red – blood shed. In breaking plates, as candlesticks, there are three empty cartridge cases. In the left half of the inscription: "Anapchanam fallen in the performance of military duty in republic. " On the right – are listed 16 names who did not return back. Of particular interest Anapa Archaeological Museum.

Anapa Museum is the only Russian museum, excavations in the open. Here you can see Several open archaeologists quarters Gorgippia II-early iii century ad and main streets. Its roadway is paved with slabs on the sides of houses stretching along the sidewalks. The pavement was made at a time when the only kind of Transport is a chariot, and hackery. However, it was so strong that even now on it could drive trucks to the ground. Among the items found many pottery, clay lighting home ware and terracotta figurines, from which it can be concluded that in Gorgippia was developed – the art of making terracotta statuettes.