Municipal Promotion

2. Train technical and institutional capacities. 3. Implement the strategy DHSL in different parts of the country to confront the methodology for each specific situation and thereby produce a proposal validated in Venezuela, helping with the bodies that have responsibility and interest in developing local. The results of this project may include: Training through seminars, technical manpower of national governmental institutions, governors, mayors, NGOs, universities and academic centers. Preparation of proposals at the national level DHSL with the Foundation for Community Development and Municipal Promotion (FUNDACOMUN), the Foundation for Training and Innovation to Support the Revolution Agraria (CIARA) and the Ministry of Popular Power for Production and Trade. Development of technical assistance projects with the governors of the states Trujillo, Guarico, Miranda and Vargas.

Start of direct execution projects in the municipality Valdez (Sucre State) and in the parish Jusepin (Municipality Maturin, Monagas State), executed between 2003 and 2006. In these municipalities, it has worked in partnership with companies Statoil, Conoco, Shell and Total. Since 2003 BANMUJER is developing a nationally executed project in 13 municipalities in 12 states country, called Local Human Development, Governance and Gender Equity, which consists in the preparation of Agendas for Gender Equity with the active participation of the members of the network of users BANMUJER and representatives of women's organizations and non-governmental institutions NGOs operating in the locality. Among its achievements through this product are strengthening the social fabric through the training of women belonging to the People's Network User BANMUJER and other community organizations that work in each of these municipalities, strengthening of social capital by building a reliable framework agreements in 13 municipalities, strengthening of democratic governance by creating opportunities for citizen participation and to agree collective action among community organizations and the many political actors, economic, social and cultural rights, among others.