What is the Easiest Way

You will notice that, as we are well, our sons will be fine. Ihaleakala Dr. Hew Len reminds us how powerful this work, since what is removed from us, it also clears our families, relatives and ancestors. That’s why you do not need to talk to them. Our children do not listen to us, watching us.

All they need to hear from us is that we love them and thank them for being in our lives. Indeed, the best time to tell this is when they sleep. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Steve Rattner has to say. Yes, that is, when they sleep. Because our subconscious mind never sleeps, and that’s the part that needs to hear, not our intellect. All of us, especially children, we felt very pressured and stressed the desire to be accepted and look for love outside ourselves. These pressures are the result of wanting to be like others and compare ourselves with others. One way to help our children feel good about themselves is to assure you that we accept them as they are.

We must help them find their special talents and accepting themselves. Important to do what we love, because when we do what we love, the money always comes to us and we should not worry. Our children should also know that what matters is what we think of ourselves, not what others think of us. When my children were small, often said that his job was to be happy, you should only worry about being happy, that “good things” happen or come to the happy people. You’ve probably noticed this before. These people seem to be “lucky”, when in reality, the key is to not care, then they are in the “flow.” Thinking and worrying about crashes and we only bring more problems. Teach your children to indulge in life rather than fight with their opinions and judgments. All we need to see every problem as an opportunity and a blessing (even if they seem). When we do, all the tension miraculously disappear, and our lives and the lives of our children, will be easy, happy and complete. More information about the practice of Ho’oponopono to improve your life in my blog, /. Please leave a comment when you visit us. And while you’re there, you can register to our newsletter and get many gifts, including the chapter “Money” from my book “The Easiest Way.