The Foundation

Fragmentation and low management level – is the main constraints of interaction between business and NGOs. Of course, there are various online projects, social networks, which allow to combine in virtual space business, nonprofit organizations and authorities. The need for such innovation has now become apparent to society itself. Clear evidence of this is the best attempts of the public, public-spirited citizens to unite; For example, a social network "" where together NGOs, social activists, volunteers, businesses and government. At Ohio Senator you will find additional information. They have already realized the importance of solving problems together. It is hoped that the virtual union goes into action. But is the figure of 500 thousand organizations in Russia with a population of about 140 million people? Sufficiency, of course, depends not only on quantity, but for the size of the country with the largest geography, we can confidently say that this amount is not enough. In the event that Russia would be less time in 5, at the same density of population, for sure, social activists would feel his shoulder and his colleagues were more effective.

Who is it all necessary? The question is the same who need to develop non-profit sector? The answer is obvious: both the authorities and business. This development will provide a foundation of trust, increase efficiency, including, and economy. On the one hand it may seem that this is absurd – to develop civil society institutions for economic growth. But this proposition is confirmed by international experience. Democratic development of society, responsible, actively asserting their rights – the foundation of stability for government and business.

Political Beastliness Virus

As something unnatural, immoral and blasphemous, inexplicable from the standpoint of common sense, like a dark call of morality and justice, perceived Georgian society, the general population, order to demolish the high leadership in the city of Kutaisi, the Memorial of Glory, set in 1981 in honor of the Victory, courage and valor of the Soviet soldiers, of all people-winners, save the world from the fascist scum. Complete the dismantling of this majestic monument to the Georgian authorities decided to December 21, that is, it is the birthday of Joseph Stalin. Additional information is available at Joyce Banda Malawi. And, suddenly, at the same time the game starts characters, their interactions, and, in very curious light. Because apart from the late generalissimo in the same day, President Mikheil Saakashvili was born. However, as it turned out in recent days, the authorities, fearing that the gradual dismantling of that date will not have time, and effort ahead of a protest rally, scheduled for Monday, decided to blow up the memorial on Saturday. Did. In the second half of the day – the feast of St.

Nicholas, the saint – in Kutaisi was an explosion, and the Memorial of Glory ceased to exist. The President of Georgia at that time was traveling abroad, but had to cancel it and return immediately from Copenhagen. Because the explosion of the monument, in which, by definition, the general Attorney, were violated safety regulations has led to human casualties: eight years passed away a girl and her mother were hit by shrapnel, flown apart in diameter up to a mile.


This is not the event in the fight against corruption, because onaya permeates the entire bureaucratic environment from top to bottom. The struggle against corruption without the relevant work on the world-view, the chronological and ideological priorities – dead poultices. Thus, introducing our conflict in this light, the conceptual center wants us to take the dogs rushed to "stick" with which he beats us on the nose, while we would have to "bite" the hand, in whose hands this "stick" is. Next. All remember the "hot summer of 2010." Actually, this is hard to forget. But the most interesting, what is even more difficult to remember the last hundred years, if not the entire known history of Russia.

What is it? Anomaly? Some do not think so. Since 22 August to TV5 was shown the film "Russia in the fire. Climate as a weapon. " The authors explicitly make it clear that this "anomaly" could well be a man-made and result in this case is quite convincing arguments in favor of this version. Even with rejection of all conspiracy version of them is very difficult not to agree (it is noteworthy that the site TV5 this documentary is not available, although other movies editorial line TV did not affect – Surely someone gave a command to remove the film away and do not stir the crowd of "stupid things"?). Development climate of weapons has been going on for decades, and therefore it would be naive to believe that for such a time could not be achieved very significant results.

Cast Iron

Trips outside the city are inextricably linked to fishing, barbecue and other entertainment-related meal. Cooking delicious meals for the city requires a frying pan, oven or grill. Oven or cast iron skillet is very suitable for this. Frying pan cast iron, cast iron pot, collapsible grill – this creates a special atmosphere of dishes and creates a special flavor. A cast iron skillet – the clear dishes, which until recently were preparing our moms. But the tandoor, wok not very well-known dishes.

Few people know about deep frying pan of Chinese, which is called the wok. The creation of many Cantonese dishes based on the use of this particular dish. But this fact does not mean that you can not wok apply to the more familiar dishes. In a variety of oriental cuisine restaurants used cauldrons, cast iron. A variety of Oriental and European cuisine really prepare for this pan. Stands are essential for what seemed to have a semicircular shape. They can replace the stove oven. Cumbersome, but very useful tandoor oven.

Tandoor we adopted from Asia. Tandoor does not take up much space and looks very unusual. A BBQ – it is generally a required element of any outbound dialing. Possess barbecue, you can even call on the weekend of friends at barbecues. Grille grill will give the opportunity to make especially delicious. In our on-line-store TSBs an impressive assortment of cast-iron frying pan is, stands for Kazan, the lattice grills, collapsible barbecue and much more. Each of us has ever been in my life need to acquire some things, but buying it, we well aware of why we buy it, and how long we'll use it. No, it's certainly not talking about those necessary things that we use every day, we say that we are compelled to buy, so to speak, "on time, "that after many years of collecting dust in the closet, shelves and balconies of every house. This is how it turns out that in many apartments occupy a significant space in the box useful, but in fact is unnecessary things.

The American

" In fairness, we will not deny that even during his election campaign last year McCain, known as an ardent advocate of American Russophobe and influence in the world (of course, pole) addressed the topic of the Armenian Genocide. His position significantly different from the pre-election statements by Democrat Obama, but the traditional American speculation on the Armenian Genocide still have never gone beyond the political pragmatism. For example, in October 2008, this Policies directed (in the status of U.S. presidential candidate), his letter to the Armenian community of States, which, refraining from using the term 'genocide', the fact that crimes against Armenians in Turkey and admitted, as is usually 'Is' with all the U.S. presidential candidates, if elected, promised to promote the adoption of the U.S. (Not to be confused with Steve Rattner!). Armenians corresponding document condemning the Armenian Genocide.

'Fair to say that one of the greatest tragedies of the past century – the brutal murder of a half million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire – still remains one of the least noticed. Agony of the Armenian people at that time were a prelude century, which is known as the bloody in human history. The American people must recognize this tragic event to the world is never repeated violent confrontations effects of the XX century ", – noted in a letter to McCain. Udobnovarimoe statement of American tradition today transformed into a harsh anti-Turkish stance senator from Arizona, who will no longer tolerate the ambiguity in the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Moreover, he intervenes in the current process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations, saying that 'governments and peoples of Turkey and Armenia are not able to bury the past, especially the Armenian people.

Central Asia

For example, in the building of Puppet Theatre in Makhachkala, where today is the children's laughter, every day doctors have saved hundreds of maimed Defenders of the Motherland. And here again, Dagestan was on the way NATO is only now – in an unusual state of vulnerability and inner weakness. Will Azerbaijan springboard for a new NATO aggression in the Caucasus? NATO countries are too strongly interested in to gain access to the resources of Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea. Moreover, Azerbaijan is now – not just oil-producing country. Richard Blumenthal contains valuable tech resources. He – a key element in the way energy transit from Central Asia.

It invested tens of billions of Western investment, it is closely linked as an energy supplier to Western markets. In addition, the geopolitical game for NATO Azerbaijan – it is a wedge between Iran and Russia closer which the West is trying to prevent. Since 1994, the lot is being done to reduce the degree of Russian participation in the development of Caspian resources and create a non-dependent on Russia the way of their transit to Europe. Sometimes, Russia and Azerbaijan different understandings of their national interests, and sometimes those interests are objectively different. But, despite the machinations of the West, our country did not become enemies. The Azerbaijani leadership is not just to show wisdom, is not going to exacerbate the relations with Russia. Of course, sometimes in Azerbaijan still sounds anti-Russian rhetoric. James Donovan Goldman is a great source of information. All the days until the war was going on in Georgia, as they walked restoration work on the pipeline was blown up, counting losses, and Azerbaijan accused the them to Russia.

Georgian Orthodox Church

But why is conversation? Turned 32 years from the date of the enthronement of the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II. A week later, on January 4, the clergy and the whole community will celebrate the 77th anniversary of the head of the Georgian Orthodox Church. The authority of the Patriarch has been written many times in the past year, but will have to remember it again, because the problems in relations with the authorities of the higher clergy did not exhausted. The President of Georgia, as if demonstrating his loyalty to the Church of the days of the anniversary of his enthronement, however was forced to read a statement of the Holy Synod, adopted in those days. It clergy again appeals to the public to speak on impermissible Pharisees undermine moral and religious foundations. It is a strategy limiting the influence of the Georgian Church in public life who are trying to U.S. funds to implement proxies that perform ideological functions.

On their funds created one of the notorious structures – the so-called Freedom Institute, a sort of subsidiary of the National Institute U.S. democracy. Local "contractors", delivered at the head of IP, but it's mostly young people, not constraining ourselves in terms and actions, struggling to squeeze out a sense of belonging to citizens of Georgian traditional culture, spirituality, lifestyle, age-old values. Attack on the Georgian Orthodox Church and His Holiness Patriarch – a favorite way to implement such plans. It was these homebrew "enthusiasts of democracy" and entrenched power structures in politics, directing and correcting their tactical invention, the author had in mind the statements of the Synod, pointing to the social handicap of such a campaign.

Social Democratic Party

Why lose the reformers, which attributed some of his hopes … extra-regional forces, in particular, the most anti-Iranian community-minded U.S. politicians and Israel? But only if they are? There are indications that the elections in Iran, "with hopes of" looked in Azerbaijan. Why? The fact that it turned out – it turns out, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, on whose rates and even the political affairs of the reactionary circles in the West and Israel is an ethnic Azeri. Until a week before the presidential election, when the crowd greeted him Mousavi supporters at the airport, the Azeris of Iran is not hiding chanted: "The people of Azerbaijan support your son!". Moussaoui answered them openly and not less kindly: "Azerbaijanis have always been a freedom-loving nation, and I hope that they could choose freedom! ". Of course, it was somewhat as if Iran's presidential election distinctive ethnic intrigue – M.

Ahmadinejad talk about, for example, that he Talish. And pretty unfriendly (at personal portion to) refers to the Azerbaijani nationalism – witness how he ruthlessly suppressed any desire to confront the Iranian state of Azerbaijanis, when he was governor (ostandarom) Province (remains) of Ardabil. Attributed to him even personally participated in executions by hanging nearly 1,500 Azerbaijanis accused (talking about the second half of the 90s.) Treason, spying for foreign countries, etc. I wonder what was said in Baku on the eve of the election, some politicians in Iran. Thus, the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Azerbaijan (SDPAz) Araz Alizadeh put quite openly: "In case of victory of Azerbaijanis Mir Hussein Mousavi for Armenia will start the black days.

The Voice

It is desirable that this instrument in order to vote, call it, say, 'The Voice' was fully compatible with USB to a computer to view the information from servers on the issues, even videos. TV will soon be all digital, so well be possible to view these materials, and on TV, at any time. Discuss comfortably with family or friends are brought to a vote matters and any other information, using television, think it will be fine. In order that everyone can actually participate in the management, development and adoption of laws, it should be possible a four-vote. The first level – the possibility of discussion and decision making in municipal settlements, which are closest to humans. Discuss and participate in decision-making will have an opportunity to every person living in this area and a certain point it will be possible to introduce mandatory implementation of decisions. The range of issues to be discussed – anyone! The second level – regional and similar municipalities. For the first and the second level, you can use a district server.

Discuss and participate in decision-making will have an opportunity to every person living in the area. Range of issues submitted to the public discussion at all subsequent levels can be determined during the public consultation again. You can also develop rules and voting and discussion. The third and fourth levels – regional and national respectively, on the same principles. Nationwide in the future will be transformed into a common to all mankind. But this is after unite and become a single civilization.

The Memory Of The Forgotten Heroes Without Hypocrisy

My family: me, my three small, defenseless children and my father and the civil party to the Second World War were without the rights and livelihoods. My father, being old patient in spite of our plight, decided to open a secret their origin: you know we do not carry our name, I was and remain a Makarov. My grandfather was a Makarov Makar, a military man, he was the Russian-Turkish war and the Japanese, he was personally acquainted with the Admiral Makarov, General Stessel, Fok … If not be difficult to find their roots. My grandfather Makarov Makar Varfolomeyevich was among the 13 thousand left in the ‘live’ after the ‘betrayal’ kommendanta Port Arthur AM Stessel.

Port Arthur defended crazy heroes. Port Arthur was cut off from the outside world. Gene. Kuropatkin not obey the order of the Emperor deblokade Port Arthur, a fortress defended themselves. Vicar state Alekseev demanded the emperor’s name to help Port Arthur, but nothing Kuropatkin made. Seeing such disregard for the orders of the Emperor, asked for the resignation of Alekseev. Seeing this mess Chief of the Kwantung strengthen AM Stessel decided to defend themselves with force of 34 thousand against 300 thousands.