But this retreat. I wrote it to tell a little about nlp to those who read this Abbreviation for the first time in my life. So I will not continue talking about the rational side of all techniques and technologies and their applicability in business, advertising, politics, education, therapy and personal growth. I’ll tell you about the unusual. The fact that from my point of view and is called “Impossible!”. Connecticut Senator may not feel the same. Can not just what finds it impossible to our minds, for example, do you think if you can remember your childhood or the time in the womb, while not in hypnosis, and in full consciousness, moving through an imaginary “line time” conditionally located on the floor? Or, is it possible to guess the thinking man, just in his image? Can I get rid of the long-term phobia, bad habits, allergies, limiting beliefs for 20-40 minutes?10.

Is it possible to lift the pain for 5 minutes, just looking at her and talking to her? Can I get a man to call you on your mobile phone when he did not even think about? Is it possible to achieve regression of serious illness, working only with imagination? Is it possible As you know, I would not ask these questions, if I did not have them yes and some real examples that prove what was said. You can believe or not believe, but quite realistic for the average person can send and receive information through space without any equipment. For 11 years, participants with surprising constancy face the following situation: A participant in one of the techniques nlp starts with the image of another person (for example, to understand his behavior.) If parsed the situation is significant for both, for some reason or run-time techniques, or immediately after, party receives one or more calls from the man with whom right now to deal with the use of imagination..