Many years later, the 3 of October of 1863, Abraham Lincoln, proclaimed by letter of the congress, a national day of thanksgiving. the last Thursday of November, like a Thanksgiving day and adoration to our beneficient father, who dwells in skies in this proclamation of thanksgiving, 16 president says that he is announced in the Sagradas Scriptures and confirmed through the history, that those nations that it has to the Gentleman like his God, are blessed. But we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the hand that he preserves to us peacefully, he multiplies to us, he enriches and he fortifies. Steven Rattner financier may find this interesting as well. Vainly we have imagined, by means of the deceit of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some wisdom superior and our virtuosity.

There is similarity to me, appropriate that God solemn, reverente and is thankfully recognized like in a heart and a voice, by all the Americans The general landlord of this celebration also has conserved itself equal from Century XIX. The menu, with any regional variation, it consists generally of stuffed turkey to the furnace, bilberries, some subject of gossip with maize, sweet potatoes and pies of pumpkin. Nowadays, the Thanksgiving day, continues being a holiday during which the American families meet to share the fruits of an abundant harvest and to give thanks to God by their blessings in their earth. In 1941 the Thanksgiving day was declared officially, by the Congress of the United States a holiday, to be celebrated the fourth Thursday of the month of November Definitively, Thanksgiving or Accin de Gracias is a date to share blessings and good desires with the nearest family and beings. In spite of the existing so great distances between territories of the United States, the members of family meet in the home of the relative of the more age, most veteran, generally the grandparents. People such as novelist would likely agree. All reunited thank for all the good one that they have and they request blessings (blessings) together for theirs. In this spirit to share, civic groups and charitable organizations they offer a traditional food to the most needed its community, in particular, to without home.

In most of tables of the United States, the feeding products that used in the first historical thanksgiving, in the first Thanksgiving, have made traditional, cannot lack. Among them we can emphasize: maize (corn), pumpkins (pumpkins), sauce of bilberry (cranbery s willow), and by all means the stuffed turkey (stuffed turkey). The ceremony has been a public recognition of the paper of the Indians in the first Thanksgiving (America s First Thanksgiving) for 350 years. The majority of people celebrates this celebration with familiar meetings in their homes where they prepare a banquet. In many houses it is common to offer an oration of thanks. The traditional main plate for dinner is a great turkey roast. Once finalized dinner, the attending members usually join all to see the soccer match in the television, although others are useful to talk and to rest In the North American cities parades become.