U.S. Economics

If everything were so easy as they argue these predictions, all this big problem then will be solved with simple rate cuts is not too simple? I really believe that it is a very simplistic (and linear) reasoning, which are doing about the impact of cuts in interest rates from the Fed about economic growth in the United States.UU. Do I have to remind you that the economy is not an exact science? It seems that Yes. At the moment, I would like to remind you that the credit channel has not recovered in the United States.UU., and therefore the effects of rate cuts are not yet present. It shows in the results of the survey to senior officers credit by the federal reserve of the United States.UU., announced last Monday that reflected an abrupt shrinkage in the willingness of banks to lend, either companies or individuals. This is not to say that trimming of rates is not beneficial to the recovery of the credit, but as already had them commented on other occasions, the monetary policy acts with a good lag, which I understand that it will be greater in this case by the damage generated by the crisis in the U.S. financial system. And if I didn’t have many expectations about the recovery of the US economy, after the speech by Bernanke before the Senate, already directly I must say that I have no expectations. Because if the holder of the Fed, which handles information flow immensely greater than the that is accessible for me said: the Outlook for the economy has worsened in recent months, and the downside risks to growth have risen “, not much to say. And above Ben says he is willing to continue with the cut of rates does not realize that already a matter of level of fees is not which will prevent the recovery of the economy? And it is logical that the situation is more serious that many think. The problem that is facing us.UU.