Staff Children

m. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to find a spacious room. Other special requirements for computer clubs – the normal level of electromagnetic radiation. To make sure it “Normality”, ses employees should fix the coefficient of radiation from computers. Of measurements on each machine costs about B1000 rubles, so that obtaining permission from the ses will fly in a round amount. Another organization, which can lead to problems – is the district administration, particularly the department on work with young people. Its employees may be accused of a computer club that he distracts children from learning and collects troubled teens.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that children of school age did not suit the computer fights during school hours. And if the owners of the club will start in his children until 14 years after nine o’clock, You can not just upsetting youth workers, but also running up against a fine from the police. The more potential customers know about the opening of the club, the better. For a start it makes sense to print a small edition and scatter flyers them in doorways nearby houses. The first two days, visitors should serve for free. This will not only attract more people into the club, but also to analyze what services are popular, test your technology. Often, visitors try to get out of the system block some details, and among the staff there are willing to improve your home computer through the club. Therefore, each machine must be supervised.

Professor Richard Obuchi

In times of crisis, only imagination is more important than Einstein conocimiento.Albert already spent nearly two months of 2010 and the new political, economic in the country is serious, coupled with the energy crisis, rationing, expropriation measures taken by the current government, what it represents for the average citizen is not used to it and of course, for companies that need to restructure their production processes, take steps to avoid being affected, over which some are other aspects, resulting from government actions that have impacted significantly on their productivity, such as currencies, commodities, expropriation, nationalization, devaluation, uncertainty. The fact that President Hugo Chavez has already launched its plan for the Venezuelan bolivar devaluation of almost 50% against the dollar.

From now on, instead of a single exchange rate 2.15 Bs-dollar official exchange rate from 2005 – will have a system of three prices: an exchange rate for the staples of 2.60 to the dollar, one for the other items of 4.30 and a market rate. Of course, such action plan as it says Professor Richard Obuchi, professor at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Administration of Venezuela, is an action that the Government had to take place sooner or later, due to significant cumulative inflation since established the official exchange rate, in his opinion, “the negative effects of this policy on the popularity should have prompted the Government to delay this decision as long as possible.” At least until after the legislative elections to be held in September 2010 and that Chavez is facing at the moment, with an approval just under 50%, when a year ago stood at 60%..

The Wisdom Of Solomon

My intention with the following speech is not to convince anyone, nor to demonstrate anything, even if it's true what they'll tell you, it's just an idea that I think may be curious. I was reading "Guide to the Bible" by Isaac Asimov (a great book), a page at random, a small paragraph that talked about the political situation of the Israelis at the time of the judges. The judges this misunderstood word in our Bible, as it relates to judges but not leaders, whose primary function in peacetime was to mediate disputes in their constituencies, create laws, administration, in order to carry out functions tribal leaders. During this period the Israeli people was formed by a number of tribes had in common culture, language etc., But that did not exist as a country, so easy that they were subject to the whims of power outputs, so is easy to see that people were weak and easily conquerable. This got me thinking about biblical characters as Samson, King David, or his son, King Solomon, and on this I want to talk. More specifically from a construction temple described as great and that has given rise to many legends that have resulted in other etc., And from old is believed to contain the key to deciphering the secret name of God, the word with the it is assumed that God created the universe. About all this mythology is born secret societies attempting to protect the secrecy around, get other, always a struggle of good against evil.

The Greeks

Positive law in this way would be one that meets or is effective and is not intrinsically valid (fair) or formally valid (current)! As far as we are concerned we prefer to argue that the terms positive law and Sinner current laws there is no law or rules that remain in force are not positive. Thus we prefer to link the positive with the compulsory and binding nature of law and not with their effective implementation or effectiveness. Positive law is therefore one that can be applied either by the judge, by the Administration or by the citizens themselves. This means that at this point there is a match with the concept of sources and is excluded from this concept that the right will one day be applied, but no longer is, prescisamente, effective and does not apply today, such as Roman law. Natural Law Before expressing any ideas that could be defining the contours of natural law as designed look through history, but not before clarifying that this has been a constant throughout the evolution of law.

In Greece was in Greece where they were born almost all conceptions of natural law and all the philosophical positions against her, which later matured the legal world and supplemented. The Greeks reflected on this topic, realizing the great variety of "positive rights" of existing rules, contradictory applied in the different city states. It would then, that some rules and the same justice were based simply on the interest or convenience of those who imposed? Or rather, there would be above them or guiding guiding principles that established the law and the very idea of fairness? It is clear that many thinkers have adopted positions against the existence of a natural right over the tax by the authority.

Society Leaders

And whose drawbacks workers, lawsuits and reprisals by the constraints and land sales in the same manor house date back to very advanced and far dates the beginning of that constitutional action, in which the village of Las Navas de San Esteban renamed Villa de las Navas de San Juan … Consequently, the food supply to benefit vanish pasture for large herds (hence the meaning of sheepskin), whose lack of production by agricoalimentaria, the ordinary people, their families, suffer hunger, malnutrition and even death … Now, how do with the money that the municipality has to invest for the deal is fair, the mass reach in need, productivity and glorify lead local action? It should be any reversal latent, either from the state government or the municipality, as may be appropriate reference first: the goodness of a mayor, I would say that the people have not forgotten, and even add that has glorified intellectual and research base for the others … The story of a people is honored and will honor him for his willingness and contribution to others, even with funds from its own particular economy, for example, investment aid and benefit of the needy … Still, this patch and will only have effect immediate, and nothing else, is well exposed. So met again one year ahead and the problems remained the same, worse or similar large … Unfortunately, this is so, and as such, inevitable, except that all human beings enjoy the benefits of its own means of production: without gap between rich and poor … However, despite the economic and social distancing as crucial time, also the illusion and the bread, I imagine, would reach more hungry families and especially the little ones of that time.

Although to the misfortune of calamity would end the budget to produce a single person, not society leader, in whose pocket was privileged welfare of the local society, and again to misery and the pillory. Still, I feel that families could laugh for a year, and also the need to postpone some of the day of his death for another day of the worst calamities. Meanwhile, they could tell their grandchildren who spent a year more in the hope of reaching the bread and welfare that flows from the effort and sweat that they should stand … Even today, in similarity to the goodness of that mayor, I think that other mayor, the current, though ideology comes from traditional to equitable social distribution, "if you have two bicycles, one for you and one for your neighbor …" we will not ask for the benefits of their farms and private enterprises: driving, olive groves, farms, machinery … Although we could try, as we are lucky and accept the collective sharing approach that was born to look similar to the seventeenth Communist Russia. And so and so become independent of Socialism Pablo Iglesias, back in the twenties of the twentieth century …

The philosophy of life teaches us that any social action patched, a lifeguard should be understood as temporary and used to cross the pond, which is ultimately what we now interested by the global crisis. In contrast vanish property of many citizens, who are they and what are the provided. Do not forget that the "social wealth", even from the well-being that springs from clear democracy, wealth of society and the economy that would bring on the formation of different and unequal social centers, welfare is not for us to embrace all Like … Augustine Conchilla

Climate Change Convention

The Eco 92, which culminated in Rio de Janeiro, created a sort of constitution of the new planetary environmental order known as "Agenda XXI", with at least twenty (22) sections, each corresponding to a convention to address environmental problems and energy, which is assumed related to food shortages (remember the "letter of Macchu Pichu 1977). One component of the Agenda XXI is the Climate Change Convention, which attempted to be made operational through the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which is precisely that should be updated in this region to be held in the Danish Capital. If we remember that preceded by "Perestroika," he concluded abruptly experience what some refer to as the "real socialism", which led to the end of the confrontation as "Cold War", all brought about a realignment of the relationship scheme international, from the strengthening of the so-called Group of 7, and strengthening the United Nations system, launched in 1945, but offset by the development of the Cold War. In the last decade, the Group of 7 (later turned into G-8, and the current path of expansion), became the reference point for dealing with the situations and globalized, with direct impact on the United Nations. These situations included his environmental issues, energy and food. As it could not be otherwise, even in the case of elected governments arising from the mechanisms of representative democracy, other views were emerging, incidentally found, for the approaches taken by the Group of 8 (in the process of enlargement) . It takes as a starting point of the demonstrations in Seattle in 1999, although in the Eco 92, began to realize that in parallel to each summit of government leaders, there was a "counter summit" in parallel.

Indigenous Organizations

In the early 90s, those same 22 Huaorani communities fighting transnational oil companies, which also had military protection of the Ecuadorian State and, at that time, the Huaorani in Ecuador (…) managed to mobilize national environmental organizations and international anti-planned oil exploration of the DuPont-Conoco Oil Company in Indian territory. The Huaorani organizing campaign, had the support of the international indigenous Meso (Oakland, California) and the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund (USA), was successful and the oil company canceled operations in Indian territory. The Peruvian Amazonian indigenous organizations achieved similar success with the announcement of the cancellation, September 1991 the contract of Texas Crude Oil Company, Houston, Texas, with the Peruvian government for the exploitation of the region in the Amazon Pacaya Samiria Indian (Varese, 1991) All this complex web of conflicting interests was captured by indigenous organized around the Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA). In its resolutions declare: “Faced with the incursion of extractive industries on indigenous ancestral territories, COICA declares peace and development space for the survival of indigenous peoples.”

Requires governments to reinforce the demarcation and legalization of these territories, which states some of the untouched areas, to review the contracts with these companies develop policies and strategies that respect the collective rights of indigenous peoples “(COICA, 2003) . Another dispute is already beginning to see is the ownership and control of water, which has been accentuated in recent years, precisely, in the second half of the 90s. If we take both “Our Common Future, Brundtland Commission report, as well as the various documents and treaties that emerged from the Rio-92 meeting, including the Agenda XXI and the Earth Charter as the most important references in the environmental field in the last twenty years, become so timid amazing treatment it deserves the water, when compared with the highlight has been the subject over the past decade, about to be put as one of the possible generation of future wars The about 8 million square kilometers of tropical forest relatively continuous, largely closed, in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Surinam and Venezuela, are holders of 460 tons of biomass per hectare on average, are 70 % water, becoming a true “green ocean” whose evapotranspiration depends on the weather, life and the towns of large areas of Central and South America, Caribbean, North America and around the world.

World Gemelasa

During the war a The axis of evil, some government “Democratic ” violating civil rights innate in human beings. If I have to admit that the destruction of the World Gemelasa “September 11, 2001a ” was an unfortunate and very sad for the American people, but we know, and at such times, keep a cool head but our hearts blood, pain, pain of thousands of dead … Hatred always sows hatred “including our own blood brothers. a When we do make mistakes under the principle of freedom we all have, on this principle, Augustine, he wrote: a OEDI I did it without me, without me I can save . A team of American psychologists have developed tests to predict why pilots make mistakes aircraft surgeons, bus drivers … I refer to the familiar Bible: a Quien is blameless cast the first piedraa . Well, Americans (Akhaians study all!) discuss the early detection of cases that may occur a despistesa humans, including: stress, mental and physical fatigue, depression …

This is all very well, but perhaps these exhaustive studies have been entrusted to them by the insurance companies have paid as much money for errors earlier committed by professionals. They want to build a man-robot, which has no faults. American civilization is completely different from Europe, fortunately yet. They value the success and triumph, and who do not get is regarded as a failure.

International Seabed Authority

The Arctic is thawing, this raises concerns as environmentalists and ecologists is being seen by a number of countries as a great opportunity to exploit natural resources like oil and gas in the future will be more accessible, according to a geological survey conducted by the United States a quarter of all energy sources are discovered in ELA Arctic as well as new routes maritimasa These countries are Russia, Canada, United States, Norway and Denmark (Greenland). Under Article 76 of the Sea Convention, a state can claim an exclusive zone of 200 nautical miles and 159 miles of additional rights to the seabed, measuring from where the continental shelf ends. Currently there has been discovered that there is no continental shelf extends to the north pole and therefore are considered international waters managed by the International Seabed Authority in Jamaica. Russia has already moved tab, launched a expedition to prove that the Lomonosov Ridge is a geological extension of Russian territory, but both Canada Denmark disagree and support the idea that it is a continuation of their masses. Russia also has a dispute cona Norway, the two claim the Barents Sea to sua country to turn Denmark Hans Island dispute with Canada, an island of 1.3 km 2 located in the Northwest Passage, a step that the Canadian government considers as part of its waters, the United States considered international waters. Canada claims turn Anian Strait. United States does not recognize the claims of Russia and not ratified the UN convention on maritime law and Russia not to ratify the treaty in the Bering Sea that made the Soviet Union and the United States in 1990 claiming that he had taken a 50,000 km2 Russia and that would be detrimental to Russian fishermen fishing. Canada in turn build two military bases to secure its sovereignty in the region, a sovereignty that are willing to fight other nations, Canada also plans to have eight patrol vessels to protect the routes between the Pacific and North Atlantic.

While the United States plans to build two large vessels. There are other ways of dividing the North Pole, one is the method of the median line, which would divide the Arctic waters, according to the nearest coastline, this method would give the pole to Denmark and would be beneficial to Canada. The other method is the sector would be taken as the center pole and establish lines of all lengths, where Norway and Russia would gain. Brandboulevard writes all the news relating to different fields of everyday life. If you live in. This site may serve to identify, products, events and news related to the city.