Increased Fasteners

The most significant share in total imports has products in China. Share domestic production of construction fasteners in Russia today is, accordingly, no more than 20-30%. Moreover, the majority of domestic manufacturers offered a wide range of insufficient construction fasteners. And produced by domestic companies produce, in most cases, inferior products, such as from China, not only on price but also on quality. The main reasons for low competitiveness Russian production of fasteners in comparison with Chinese experts say: lack of raw materials in the country of sufficient quality, outdated equipment and technology, lack of public support for the industry.

Reduction in the production of construction fasteners in Russia. The declining trend in production of construction fasteners in Russia, according to experts, in the near future will continue, including with regard to price increases metal during the crisis, which adversely affected the profitability of production. In general, the prospects for Russian factories in the market fasteners experts estimate that as dubious, including because of the weak orientation of the major Russian metallurgical plants on the market for mass consumption. Loading of many domestic enterprises for the production of hardware does not exceed 60-70%. For example, the company "MMK-Metiz, most whose production accounts for a building complex, loading on the first quarter of 2009 is about 20-40%. Reducing the profitability of domestic production.

Experts attribute this trend is not only to external factors. In particular, the reduction in profitability is also affected by the high cost of equipment (mostly imported), the lack of cooperation, a clear need to optimize business processes, etc. Lack of state support for domestic production of construction fasteners. This trend not only results in a decrease in production, but also to the closure of a number of industries, particularly all in connection with the reduction of competitiveness of domestic fasteners in comparison with imported products on price. Meanwhile, for example, in Belarus, where there is government support for domestic production, the share of Belarusian producers is about 50%. Increased number of import suppliers, increased competition between the imported suppliers and manufacturers. In particular, the number of suppliers construction fasteners from China. Expansion of Chinese products on the Russian market is a very fast pace. Thus, according to some estimates, over the past 5 years, imports of construction fasteners from China increased fivefold. Also increases number of suppliers from the cis countries, such as Belarus and Ukraine. The proportion of Chinese products under import is dominant share. By some estimates, today around 70% of imports takes products from China, the share of cis countries – about 5% to other producing countries (Germany, Finland, Italy, Sweden) have, respectively, about 25%. Experts also note that the import fasteners from China is increasing every year. For example, in 2007 China's share in the Russian market of construction fasteners was about 50%, 20% below 2009. In general, China is now considered a world leader in fastener construction destination. Emergence of new products on the market of construction fasteners. The emergence of new types of products on the market fasteners driven, according to experts, especially the development of new technologies in construction. Assortment of fasteners in retail outlets is determined mainly by the type of retail outlet. In particular, the chain stores are usually represented by multi-brand products, both European and Chinese manufacturers. Construction markets in more Chinese products sold (the lower and middle price segment).

Valentine Koryakina

” What other reasons can affect a change in price in the new year? Elections raise prices? Importance of elections in recent years has increased dramatically. These results define further the political course of Russia, and also affect the stock market in the country, prices and much more. “There’s a living property Kirov prices have hardly changed – the director of the Academy of Sciences’ Perspective “Valentine Koryakina. – In my opinion, this is largely due to the election. Recently finished Duma elections, and in March will choose a new president. Most likely, the stagnation in prices will continue until early spring. And after the end of the cost of housing will increase.

Politics is politics. To a large extent this will affect the growth, of course, the primary market housing, rather than the secondary. Just think where else to go up further “, who are now in need of major repairs?” With such an outlook in accordance with the majority of the Kirov Realtors. “The primary market will rise in price due to growth in land prices for cement and other construction materials, – says Realtor “Real Estate Agents, Voronova, – if the growing primary market, then clearly more expensive and secondary. We often such a situation: a man opens the newspaper and sees that any apartment costs, for example, half a million rubles, comprehended it, he decides to sell his apartment is for two million. Thus is born a new rise in prices. In the secondary market prices dictated by the people themselves. ” “The top does not want the lower classes could not” If there were serious reasons for the fall of the market, it would undoubtedly have occurred during a period of stagnation.

But once the market find the bottom and below did not go, so its something from the bottom supports. Be maybe it’s the overall growth in living standards and incomes. “Opportunities for people exhausted by mortgages and other loans. Since everyone who wanted to buy flats, they have already acquired two years ago and last year – Larissa commented Missed, an expert on real estate agency “Perseus.” – Although the demand for real estate, financial opportunities kirovchan, namely the ability to pay, has increased significantly. So now Purchasing an apartment in emphasis is not so much on price but on quality housing. ” Prices will be lower? But perhaps, in 2008 the long-awaited decline in prices for apartments in Kirov, since they are already quite high and increase significantly further they have nowhere to go? “At this point in the Kirov region is stagnating market. The market is worth it! If such a situation will last until the New Year, the housing starts a bit cheaper, – says Joan Britvina, director of branch “MIS- property. – Rusty prices have further nowhere. What will happen if the price per square meter will rise, for example, three thousand rubles? Perhaps, throughout Russia and the prices will go up, but we have in the past and this this forecast – Spring stagnating housing market. With regard to prices: if they will grow, it is unlikely to gain the scale of past years. In the coming year in the housing market is most likely a slight increase: in an average of 12-20% per year. And it is hardly reasonable to assume that doubling the value of the Kirov apartments. Although the forecasts, as they say – a thankless task.

PR Manager, Responsibilities And Requirements

In recent years, many companies appeared qualified, the main purpose of which – maintaining a positive public reputation of the company. By the way, from the hard work of these specialists and depends on the prestige of the whole enterprise. In common parlance they are called ‘spin-doctors’, but still competently this specialty is as follows – PR-manager or manager of public relations. In general, a definition of this profession is very difficult, as PR-manager’s duties are quite varied and often depend on the given conditions and in certain situations. However, one thing is certain: it is ‘PR’ create and maintain a favorable public image, it is easier saying, ‘rivet’ image of their organization.

Did you know that in the opinion of professionals, a good pr person should not only have the journalistic talent and creative thinking, but also have established connections in the media, government and business circles, have a basic knowledge of marketing, branding and advertising deal in politics and jurisprudence, be fluent in one or more foreign languages; fully know the specifics and nuances of your organization; great deal in information technology and specialized computer programs. Just such a professional savvy professionals want to see in their company executives. With regard to personality traits, the most important quality that must have the PR-manager – the ability to communicate with new people. And we must not simply ‘chattering incessantly’, and talk, as they say, with feeling, really, with arrangement. After all, the main task of pr man – make a good impression. PR-manager must possess not only a wide range of interests and erudition, he should be an excellent analyst and listener. Note that the very PR-managers say it every time we have to choose between two extremes: the openness and communication skills – on the one hand, and the perseverance and intelligence – on the other. Get this profession in two ways.

First – after secondary education to enter the university with faculty in this direction. The second way – to finish courses. Especially that last day abound. The choice is, there is a will. If it is present, go ahead!