Mass Communications

Currently processing fee is 300 rubles. We recommend you pay particular attention to the accuracy of filling the beneficiary’s details payment in the payment of commissions. In addition, payers should serve himself the license applicant. If in the process of service provision is supposed to use the radio spectrum, including for the purposes of tv and radio broadcasting, the implementation of cable television and wired radio, voice data, including data networks, providing channels of communication, leaving outside the territory of one of the Russian Federation or outside the Russian Federation, the implementation of activities in the field of postal communication, the license applicant, together with the documents listed above, applicant must provide a description of the communications network, communications equipment, with the use of which will be provided telecommunications services, as well as plan and feasibility study of a communication network.

Requirements for the content of this description established by the federal executive authority in the field of communications. Content requirements for the description of networks and communications, with the use of which will be provided telecommunications services approved by order Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of 22 March 2005 N 32. Recommendations on the content of the plan and feasibility study of communication networks, using which will be provided communication services approved by order Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of 22 March 2005 N 31. To obtain a license, which provides for the provision of communication services using radio spectrum, in addition, it seems the solution state Commission for Radio Frequencies on the allocation of radio frequency bands. Given a particular solution scr or total solution, allowing the use of radio spectrum without partial solutions scrf. To obtain a license to provide communication services for television broadcasting (terrestrial and cable), radio (terrestrial and cable) broadcasting of additional information provided by the license applicant as a notarized copy of a broadcast license. This legal requirement does not include variant content broadcast by the operator of a third party having a broadcast license to the Federal Service for Supervision of Legislation in Mass Communications and Cultural Heritage (formerly MPTR), although the license terms for these types of activities specified in the rf Government Decree of 18 February 2005 N 87 allow the broadcasting contract with the operator broadcasters-licensees.

Therefore, in this situation allow the applicant to provide a notarized copy of a broadcast license issued to another person, and copies of the contract (possibly prior) to the owner of such license. For a license established license fee: 15 000, multiplied by the number of subjects of the Russian Federation, the territories (the territory) which, according to This license will be provided communications services – if in the process of service provision is supposed to use the radio spectrum, including for the purposes of television and radio broadcasting; implementation Cable television and wired radio voice data, including data networks; Providing communication channels beyond the territory of one subject of the Russian Federation or outside the Russian Federation activities in the field of postal communication prescribed conditions of tender (auction, competition) – in case of issuance of the license on results of auction (auction, competition); 1 000, multiplied by the number of subjects of the Russian Federation, the territories (the territory) which, under this license will be provided communications services – in other cases. If licensee within three months has not paid a license fee, the licensing authority may revoke the license.

Scottish University

Biofuels: environmental safety or the threat of wildlife Recently, the use of biofuels derived from specially grown plants, treated as important and promising step toward reducing emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Science has come to the fact that rapeseed and sugar beet and corn can be used for the synthesis of diesel fuel. But whether such biofuels is an environmental solution? On the one hand – this is a good alternative to oil dependency, but the rapid development of biofuel technology threatens to cause irreparable harm to natural ecosystems and biological structures. Meanwhile, scientists around the world continue to work on environmental bio-fuels, Russia has taken modest steps on the quality of conventional hydrocarbon fuels. Last Thursday, the government approved a new technological regulations governing the quality of gasoline and diesel fuel in Russia. However, as experts note, the air from the transition to cleaner fuel cleaner especially will not: the quality of Many machines such that they even ran the cleanest fuel – they will still smoke In a world marked the World Day on February 19 whales in the world marked the World Day of whales.

On this day in 1986, the International Whaling Commission introduced a worldwide moratorium on commercial whaling, under which the right to hunt was reserved only for indigenous peoples. But, unfortunately, in recent years some countries have already denounced in unilaterally by the agreement. Norway and Iceland, came out of the moratorium, continue to threaten the whale population, carrying out whaling for commercial purposes. Continuously violated the moratorium, and Japan, which regularly decimating the whale in the alleged 'scientific purposes'. Therefore, the recent World Day of the whales is a very important and urgent, as many species of whales are on the verge of extinction and the world community must paid to this issue very close attention. Remarkable discovery made British scientists almost exactly to the World Day of whales. Scientific Group of the Scottish University of St Andrews responded to were placed in dead-end world of science for decades, the question of when and how much sleep whales.

Researchers concluded that whales sleep during a short period of rapid immersion in water. Thus, they are 'gaining' on 10-15 minutes of sleep during several hours. But before scientists could determine how the sleeping whales, which are constantly in motion. Most ecological car of the planet last week in the media was presented a list of the most environmental cars of the planet (the list can be found here:). According to researchers, cars, presented in this 'green' list, bring minimal harm to the environment and it is for them – the future automotive industry. Car Honda Civic gx with the engine running on natural gas, was considered the most environmentally friendly cars in 2008 in the usa. The most 'green' vehicle is selected based on indicators of fuel consumption each of the candidates, as well as the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. That is why the Toyota Prius, use less fuel, but uses a traditional gasoline engine, was the second ranking. But among 'Gasoline' machines is Prius has become the most environmentally friendly. In third place is another member of the family Honda Civic Hybrid, which also uses an electric motor.

Drafts Forced

In the autumn of this year in England can be put unusual tax – a tax on the drafts. Such a measure, according to the government, would contribute to energy savings. It is planned that if a house belonging to the private person will not be installed triple-pane windows, the owner of real estate have to pay a special municipal tax. Today, many governments have taken several measures to reduce energy consumption their economies. One of the directions of this policy is working with the private consumer. "We can safely say that almost every Russian apartment has room for energy savings – said Rafiq Alekperov Head of Customer Group propleks (Russia's largest producer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies). – For example, modern plastic windows provide increased level of thermal performance in various operating conditions.

In this sense, such a modernization in the interest of not only states but also the people themselves to ensure comfortable living conditions. " Problem of energy conservation at all levels, including consumers, are interested in and the Russian authorities. Thus was born the famous law of light bulbs. " "The popular phrase was that" destruction is not in the closet, but my head. " But if we want to take up his head, is not a sin to start with the same closet, apartments, entrances, their homes, – says the mayor of Moscow Yuri . – Dance, they say, must be "from the stove." And in the case of energy efficiency – from a mere light bulb.

Replacement Licenses

For a long time the main document, authorizing the construction business, had a license. However, from 1 January 2009 the state abolished the system in construction, engineering design, architectural design, repair and reconstruction. Basis is the Federal Law N 143 "On Amendments to the Urban Planning Code and other legislative acts' on July 22, 2008. With the entry into force of this regulation wishing continue work on the construction market to enter into self-regulatory organization (that is, to enter into the construction of sro, a sro in the design, or any other). Members of the cpo in the building should be receive only one document: the certificate-tolerance on the performance of certain types of work. And not for a limited period, as it was with the licenses, and for the duration of the company. And all this for a very 'symbolic' Taxi: 300 000 rub – initial payment plus an annual membership fee, which is still ranges from 40,000 to 100,000 rubles.

Without access to the 1 January 2010 to take responsibility for work on the project in the construction business and to make contractor or general designer will be impossible. SROs in construction will set quality standards for the industry, and the participants entrust to perform and individual entrepreneurial projects, and national and regional. The question of the abolition of licenses exaggerated than one year. One of the justifications for the transition to a new system – removal of administrative barriers and obstacles at all stages of construction projects, eradication of corruption in this sphere. Will the proposed re-organization of proficiency test hotbed of corruption, we can only guess. The main message of the same reforms that the government no longer able at the proper level to control the activities of construction companies, of which, according to conservative estimates, there about a quarter of a million.

The transition to self-regulation will change the structure of the building market, fill it with responsibility, professional players capable of internally standardize their operations, officials believe. According to Federal Law N 148 of July 22, 2008 'SRO establishes the requirement for certificates of compliance activities, which affect the security of capital construction. " Along with professional fitness test on the shoulders of sro in the building will fall and the responsibility for the company – members Union. Thus, if a sudden grief and construction company will build a low-quality facility for all the consequences will be responsible SROs, namely: to pay the compensation fund from the total material damage and carry out reconstruction of such a project at his own expense. Culprits face expulsion from the brotherhood, and fined. The case was back in . It is logical to assume that the introduction of such a 'mutual responsibility' will reflect positively on the quality of construction. But some experts continue to doubt whether this really 'bright' future construction business has prepared new legislation.

Financial Goals

We're done with the skills of goal setting. It was quite difficult, but interesting. And what about your financial goals? When I questioned his interlocutors about what they want, the usual answer: "I want to achieve financial freedom "or" I want to be rich "- it's good, right answers, but not deployed, are not complete. They should be more specific. If we are talking about "financial freedom", then immediately determined how much money we have receive from their investments, so she could replace our wages and allowed to live in his own pleasure, not working. For example, income $ 10 000 cherez 18 months.

If we say we want to become rich, then immediately have to give yourself report that for us these words mean. That is exactly what and at what price we have in this life get to feel rich. Maybe someone of you will agree and will even resist:-What is the use talk about financial goals if they are not feasible! Allow me to explain the importance of setting financial goals, using an example. Represents the state in which there is no budget. Ie Government does not know how much revenue it will not know how much costs incurred during the year, does not know how much money will be invested in building roads and hospitals in the country. You would want to live in a country? I think not.

A similar situation occurs and for you. Each of us knows roughly how much revenue will be received, how much money do I need to pay the bills for a month. There are also surprises: higher wages, vyigrash in Lotorev, payment dvidendov. All this only helps you become financial assurance. So the first thing you should do is decide on the specific figures for the next 5-10 years. Write a list of what you want and appreciate your desire for each item. Then fold it all and you have your financial goal. Source:

Exposing The Myths, Or The Whole Truth About The Quality Of Medicines

Introduction – Pharmacies surrender – money no huddle "the masses are the subject of drugs with high sensitivity. This subject is close to the people. Firstly, it is a very important subject for any normal rights – of their own health. Secondly, we are talking about money, that is as important for most people. Third, the issue of drugs is a cash cow for journalists in Russia.

Ghouls – pharmacists and forgers – pharmacists in the popular mind are second only to corrupt Policeman and poisonous Shaurma. Despite a host of publications and an endless stream of tv programs, the clarity in the national consciousness is not added. Answers to the question – "what quality medicine? "represent a bizarre mix of newspaper revelations, pseudoscientific fiction and general mistrust of government, country and fellow countrymen around. As a person who has direct relevance to ensure drug quality, I try in my article to clarify this confusion. First, let's mention the most important fact, production and distribution of drugs – it's a business, business is very, very profitable.

Despite all the talk about the good of the people, captains of pharmaceutical business first and foremost try to make money. The entire chain of drug development, registration, manufacture and distribution of work to earn money. What is the cure – "Who and mare's Bride" Without going into deep scientific explanation, I will say simply, medicine is different from the biologically active additives (Bud) that the effect of the medicine must be proved State supervised clinical trials.