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The story that owes its fame Lamborghini Enzo Ferrari, with each year acquires new details. According to the most popular version, was the owner of the car Ferruccio Ferrari, who gave him a lot of hassle. By complaining to Enzo Ferrari in the quality of adhesion, and seeing that he was absolutely not interested in their cars, angry Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to create the fastest car in the world-class GT. For this purpose he surrounded his best engineers and turned to the most famous designers. Lamborghini 350GT was the first to design Scaglione, exhibited at the Turin Motor Show in 1963. This car is an original coupe with four Independent wheels, became a sensation. Since its appearance under the sign of Taurus brand began to gain popularity. By creating a Countach, Ferruccio Lamborghini realized his dream of the world’s fastest car.

Thereafter Ferruccio began to gradually move away from business, became interested in wine and sold his shares of Swiss investors. With the arrival of new owners, Bob Wallace and Paolo Stantsani, two of the best engineer company, left her, and the plant began conflicts. Demand for Espada and Jarama plummeted. This put the company on the verge of bankruptcy. From the collapse of the saved her … Countach! Giampaolo Dallara, an engineer who worked on fine-tuning Miura, returned to the Lamborghini, so deal with model number Countach. Lamborghini pull out of the financial divide have failed, and in 1978 the Italian government was forced to help the company to keep the brand Lamborghini disappear.

The final salvation came only with the new owner. The Swiss company had Mimran Lamborghini and economic recovery gave new impetus to production Countach, starting in 1985 version Quattrovalvole, which exceeded the speed, power and torque the new weapon Ferrari – Testarossa. V1989, the head of Chrysler Lee Iacocca drove to Countach and was so impressed that he decided to buy not only the car itself, but also the brand. His last years living out Countach under the American flag, and engineers began to develop his successor, Lamborghini Diablo, one of the latest flagship brands of the company. A few years later there is another masterpiece of Italian home: Lamborghini Murcielago, the successor to Diablo, designed to compete with the Ferrari F60, Bugatti EB 16-4, Volkswagen W12, and Porsche GT2. The latest brainchild of compa-nies became Gallardo. Lamborghini could not stay away from the hit the automotive world in 1992 general crisis and was forced to diversify production, going into other areas (public electric transport, marine engines). But despite all the efforts over the plant in Sant Agata Bolognese again threatened bankruptcy.

Professional Webdesigner Ordered

Many companies and firms have long understood that to have its own website is necessary, in particular, the rapid development of business. But often the development and design web pages mistakenly trusted fans or newcomers. These sites almost always contain only the logo, rather boring description and contact information of companies, and they are totally unable to perform many functions that could be imposed on them. If the Web site creation entrusted to the studio, he would have many advantages. The studio has a staff of professionals with different expertise and can offer an optimal solution of issues that arise when developing effective solutions to Internet technologies. First, you will be registered for permanent and official second level domain name and related email addresses. For example, if Russia, including Moscow – a place of registration of your company or branch, the address is the future site might look like. In Belarus, the same domain will have an end.

By. This is important for indexing and moving pages site in the future. Experts analyze the goals and objectives for which the site is created, especially the activities of the organization or company, advantages and specific goods or services. In addition, depending on the target audience There are different approaches to the creation of information policy pages. If the logo is outdated and needs to be changed or even not at all, the designer who creates logos professionally and be able to offer solution that best suits your company. Design web pages, created by professional web designers will be modern, attractive, bright and user-friendly.

Specifically for the project will be developed original icons and other design elements. Lots of interesting, high quality and quite useful for visitors to the site of texts, which are placed on the resource is of tremendous importance to both More and more consumers can not find through search engines your website, and on it – the information you need. The quality and quantity of content is also important for advancement to top positions of search engines and optimization. Large articles of interest not only to attract visitors and receive approval of the 'Google' and 'Yandex', but also often quoted on other sites. So you should trust the content of the web site is a professional copywriter that offer any serious web studio. Another important advantage of studio work – this is the possible development of a simple and convenient system of resource management. If necessary, part of the management functions can be automated. Creating a management system lets you save on the cost of maintaining the state of the firm qualified to administer the site, or using the services to support it. Update information, change the structure, navigation, and the number of pages in a Web resource when it will be employees who do not even have a special skill. Web site development studio – is not necessarily very expensive. For example Minsk and local studios are ready to offer prices much lower than in Moscow.