Czech Republic

However, until now, no NATO no danger of attack, even during the Cold War. 2. There may be some increase in spending on defense in the Ukraine, raise their achievement from the current 1.4% of GDP to at least 1.7-2.0% of GDP (to a level that exists in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary). Especially at the time of preparation for NATO membership, Ukraine will have to respond to the request of NATO. 3. The cost of the membership fee of Ukraine in NATO budget, according to preliminary estimates, will remain in the contribution of Poland, that is about 40-50 million dollars a year. 4. Perhaps a temporary deterioration in relations with Russia, due to the fact that Moscow would recognize the loss of prospects for the resumption of control over Ukraine.

May move from Russia to location on the borders of Ukraine of new groups of armed forces and other security units. But the real confrontation is unlikely, given the lack of motivation among the parties. In today's world, given the balance of power Russia can not win the war against the United States and NATO. At the same time, U.S. and NATO win such a war can only be theoretical. 'Won' the war with Russia was worth too much to the U.S. and NATO take that risk and sacrifice. Perhaps this situation is the balance of power and inappropriate for both sides of a direct military conflict will remain at above average term (10-15 years). Therefore, possible (but optional) movement Russia to deploy on the border with Ukraine, the new armed forces, would be just an empty demonstration 'for the Russian TV.

Foreign Languages

You are already fairly well mastered a foreign language and the now ponder how to apply it in life? Move up the career ladder or find a new job? Move to the big city and settle in a foreign firm? What if Change your country of residence? This is a big step that requires serious motivation, but if you already thought about it in this article we will examine where and with what language you can move and what it takes. Let's start with the English language. The time you spend on the analysis and learning of English tenses of irregular verbs, in addition to excellent prospects in Russia, opens for you and the international door. Leading, for example, in the UK, Canada or the USA. This good country to live, with high wages and social security, as well as an excellent environment. In the UK, Canada and open immigration policy, which means you can legally move there, even if you have no family or employers in these countries.

Enough to have a university degree, be qualified and know the language at the appropriate level. Level checked IELTS or TOEFL, and, subject to certain points on these exams, as well as all the other requirements, you have every chance to settle in Foggy Albion or distant Canada. For the U.S., such an open immigration program does not exist, in contrast, Recently, the government is limiting the number of potential immigrants. However, if you always attracted to this large and highly developed country, you can try to find an employer across the ocean, which will help you with your visa.

Computer Literacy

The growing "informatization" of society requires a modern man of proper level of computer literacy. And if young people socialized in the bowels of the information society, this time requirement in most cases is not a problem, older people have more difficult. Meanwhile, the information "isolation" is often the cause of social isolation. It's no secret that computer skills in today most cases are a requirement of employers. For many people approaching retirement and retirement age is often ignorance of the computer insurmountable obstacle to climbing the career stairs, or, at all – a barrier to successful employment. In fact, this obstacle can be overcome and. Designed to facilitate this training centers, specializing in computer courses.

Today St. Petersburg has no shortage of such training institutions. Therefore, the choice of the Training Center are often the determining factors such as duration of existence of the CA, which speaks of lessons learned; qualification of teachers; occupancy groups (less than men in the group, the more productive learning process), the ability to get professional help in finding employment after graduation; document, obtained by completion of the course. This last point is most important for employment. In the era of computer technology in a competitive environment it is important not only well aware computer, but also have proof of your competence. Many training centers at the end of training give students a variety of certificates and diplomas of a course.

As a rule, preference is given to CA in which every student, who passed final exam, give a government issued identification. Of particular interest are the centers in which the addition of a license can obtain a certificate of international standard. The most common certification system is a PC user ECDL (European Computer Driving License) – European Computer Driving Licence. To date, this program covers 70% of the world, testing of this system were more than 6.5 million people in 166 states. ECDL certificate is a plastic card with a photograph and a unique number, the format resembles a driver's license. It is an international document certifying that the holder is computer user on a set of programs. In the United States and Europe ECDL has long been the accepted standard of computer literacy. The certificate ECDL provides a significant advantage with respect to employment in the those abroad, but also significantly increases the odds in comparison with competitors who do not have this certificate.

Methods Of Real Estate Management

To create a block of flats homeowners (HOA), we must first hold a general meeting of owners, which define the way home management, as well as to fix it by creating means a vote of owners of premises. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the time that the voting weight of the owner directly depends on the size of his apartment. Housing Code of the Russian Federation provides three ways to control Real Estate: management of the property owners of the premises; management specialist organization (management company); management homeowners or consumer cooperative; Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. For example the direct management of the apartment building can be effective in the event that the house belongs to a small number of owners. This method of control is selected in the main owners of small apartment buildings designed for 2-5 families. Stewardship specialist management company also has its own nuances. On the one hand, the major operating companies has its own professional staff, necessary equipment and other resources that can ensure the effective management of the house.

On the other hand, the youth market such services causes a large number of newly created asset management companies, who have no experience in managing residential property, or resources for this. Building Management Tools homeowners association is an optimal combination of the first two options. Since the HOA can hire independently of the staff that will be cheaper, respectively, and for complex IT services already engage specialized organizations. But in this version of government is one big problem – it is the owners themselves, the organization of their participation in the service at home, decision standing disputes, etc. Those who have summer cottages in the gardening companies may recall meeting gardeners. A decision on the method of administration should be taken not less than two-thirds of the votes. The general meeting is mandatory for all owners of the premises of the property. If the general assembly has chosen method of control – HOA, you need to prepare articles of incorporation.

The composition of these documents include the charter and the memorandum of association. At the general meeting approved the founding documents and the elected government HOA. After the state registration of the HOA as a legal entity between the owners buildings and condominiums should enter into a contract management of the apartment building. The contract must specify: the address of apartment house, of its total assets in respect of which will be managed; list of works and services for maintenance and repair of common property, the procedure for amending the list and a list of public services provided by the management company; procedures for payment and amount of payment for repairs and maintenance of premises, as well as for public utilities; arrangements for monitoring the implementation of the commitments the management company. The contract is concluded for a period of not less than one year nor more than five years. Terms and conditions are the same for all owners of the premises of apartment buildings.

Mr Putin Financial

The situation is further complicated by the fact that the present n-in-Residence, a protege of the previous one, which the West has no respect, because allowed too high error vector control for the Western concept, which "they" (the West) arms of the Russian "elite" (and in essence – the fifth column) were to strong and very unpopular in the national environment maneuvers. That certainly has not gone unnoticed for many Russians. But in However, it would be naive to believe that such "ill-conceived zasvechivanie" happened by itself – as if by accident – because of lack of time due to the ongoing financial crisis. The key, "rotation" is You can stop a global crisis in the writers there, otherwise they would not start an operation known as "mortgage crisis in the U.S." and bringing down the world's financial markets, which entailed deregulation in managing national economies, and through the financial sector has led to serious consequences in the real sector, and hence to a decrease in wages, unemployment, decline in demand, etc. Kenneth Yarrow gathered all the information. After all, if something goes wrong, "they" should have (and actually have) the ability to quickly remedy the situation under control in their area. Zasvechivanie aims to compromise the current government (the friendship with the "MCC"), for which time and retirement Luzhkov has been specially chosen so that in 2012, following an n-resident in Russia could become a fully "their" people. By the same author: Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions. After all, in case of realization of the matrix "winter catastrophe 2010-2011" (just like any other serious kind of the matrix) n Resident Minister Vladimir Putin is likely to be unlikely, because be compromised current n-resident, which, as we know it is proposed that Mr Putin, and thus bears the full responsibility of his policies.

Genius Instruction

It is considered that the average person can not make a genius as a genius must be born. Not to be unfounded, it is necessary to tell you about one teacher from Hungary, Laszlo Polgar with the name, and his children. Laszlo Polgar has suggested and developed the theory that the average child can develop genius for what it has to be specifically to learn it. He decided to prove their ideas on their own daughters. By this time, he recently married and had three daughters there. One can say that his colleagues did not take seriously his evidence and methods – it was a special 'black sheep'. When did the experiment, the teacher accused of what he uses own children as guinea pigs.

After he became interested in the Hungarian government, afterwards to his house visited by military intelligence personnel of the state and indicated to him that in case of further progress of experience in It may appear a big problem with the law. But it secret, along with his wife taught their children to special designed their rules. To obtain more specific results, over time, it was necessary to develop a specialized hobbies daughters. Laszlo has set a goal to develop the children towards learning mathematics and yazykov.Udachny opportunity presented itself unexpectedly. The eldest daughter, Susanna, in age of three and a half years saw the chess.

Susan became interested in an interesting game, and soon father and daughter began to discover subtleties of the game together. Suzanne successes were encouraging, and it was not clear at first, which was cause – congenital curiosity, or techniques of his father. Of course, in terms of use, my father wanted to teach her math and physics, but with chess was easier to find out the progress in the abilities of the child, so the experience continued. Laszlo said Suzanne subtleties and rules of the game in the form of stories that Suzanne was very fond of over time.