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As individuals that could undermine stability in the country. The first meeting of the committee members had been planned by the patriarch. 'I am glad that let at least some of the guests – His Holiness appealed to the Commission as an expression of discontent and. – Georgia wants peace with Russia, and will do everything in order to restore these peaceful relations. But this requires work and wisdom. " In other words, you need something that the Georgian leadership does not show, especially wisdom.

The authorities in the early hours of silence, and the only comment the head Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations, Akaki Minashvili consisted in the fact that previously the two journalists were in Abkhazia. 'Entry into Georgia from the occupied territories is punishable by the laws of Georgia. This is what happened '- explained Minashvili. Social circles, knowing that the cause of far-fetched, have expressed outrage in this step of the authorities, was named parliamentarian word 'bluff'. In fact, Shevchenko and Mamontov might not like it because of the position, which relied TV shows first and second articles. Members of the commission, one way or another, had a conversation with journalists, Georgian media and experts, which was devoted to a special conference, as well as with representatives of national minorities leaders of opposition parties, including former Parliament Speaker Nino Burjanadze, the heads of independent publications. At a press conference a protest against the actions of the authorities of Georgia against Russian Journalists said the president of Media Holding "Dzhordzhien Times' Malkhaz Gulashvili, who had to demand that the powers that be evidence of the involvement of specific members of the commission on the Georgian side to intelligence activities in Russia's favor.

Bakiyev Americans

Indeed, for these purposes, Americans and Co. went into Afghanistan and there organized the production of heroin. During the period that the contingent of NATO is in Afghanistan (ie, over the past eight years), the production of opiates in this country increased by 44 times! In this situation, Kyrgyz clans traditionally controlled drug trafficking, and forced to be content with little, which is understandable – they are unlikely to suit. Rather, these clans and "lobbied" Bakiyev. What happened next we all know.

Once we have identified the main motive of the April coup, will return to Rosa Otunbayeva. As you might expect, it being the head of the interim Kyrgyz government, immediately after the coup, the U.S. government to guarantee the renewal of the lease of military bases "Manas", which later may assume influenced her appointment by the President of the Kyrgyz Republic in transition as the most-managed policy. But the Americans would not be Americans, if not squeezed out all situations. And I think, further riots and massacres in Osh and Dzhadal-Abad, were triggered with one aim – to force Russia to introduce a peacekeeping contingent in Kyrgyzstan, which is immediately after the riots Otunbayeva asked the Russian leadership. The Americans controlled the mouth of the western media in this case supported, justifying the need for Russian troops to the republic that Russia has an idea power structures of the Asian republics and features Kyrgyz mentality, but because de only it can successfully resolve the conflict. And to ward off suspicion by the Americans in controlled entities Kyrgyz "elite" all the blame dumped on Bakiyev and his relatives – those allegedly decided to take this step, wanting to avenge the coup. It may be that this is so.

South Ossetia

It has no strong and the nominal head, which could, like Saakashvili, Putin to resist the global arena. According to British analysts, the U.S. can not afford care of the current Georgian head with his post. In Comments influential German Handelsblatt to the event noted that after Obama's visit to Moscow to Washington and Tbilisi, "it's not like before." MEETING OF PRESIDENTS OF RUSSIA AND USA HAS BECOME "A Terrible Grief" for Mikhail Saakashvili, who needs America to keep at a distance of Russia, which "sometimes lordly behavior in its near abroad." However, more than two nuclear powers closer together, the further plans to move over Georgia NATO and return under Tbilisi's control of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which are the priority policy goals for Saakashvili. According to German media, the task of the Vice President was to assure Tbilisi solidarity and not to trample the weak shoots at the same hopes for the improvement of Russian-American relations. AMERICA, THE TRUTH, insists on the territorial integrity of Georgia, but it does not intend QUARREL WITH RUSSIA, whose assistance Washington is so necessary to fight terrorism and put pressure on Iran. According to the expert on the Caucasus Berlin Foundation for Science and Policy Uwe Galbaha for Biden visit is not hiding anything, but Expressions solidarity, the more that Obama, unlike his predecessor, George Bush, not praised Georgia as the last island of democracy in Russia's near abroad. Almost all the German edition, commenting on the visit Biden in Georgia, reminded of the Russian-Georgian war that ended Russia's recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, but analysts refrain from criticism against Moscow.

White House Quot

We finally lost hope that Berezovsky or anyone else would invest in the project 'Ichkeria. " And the price issue now quite different, almost overwhelming. Because the project has' Ichkeria 'there is no immediate prospect'. These are decomposed. JH: – I would have substantially added. Jem Jem factor in the recognition of Kosovo, may have played their role (incidentally, I hear about it first). But it is not the most important. Here, the chain of motives associated with the overall strategy and geopolitics of the West.

And it looks as follows (listed in order of importance): 1) 'Small Carthage' that is, Orthodox Serbia, led by nationalist-antiliberalom Milosevic, must be crushed. In Europe, should not be left one area that was not controlled to Western banks and multinational companies, and 2) relocation of NATO forces closer to the south-eastern underbelly of Europe, where lie the important transport and communication resource (pipes). Jem Jem in this list is, in my opinion, the last one. It is known that in U.S. long-built rankings of ethnic diasporas in terms of their influence on policy the White House and Congress. At first roles in the remote isolation from the rest – it is certainly Jewish. On the sidelines – the Armenians and the Irish.

Where in this list Albanians, hard to even respond. Well, in front of Russian-speaking community for sure. But back on topic. I think if I even found a very rich sponsor 'Independent Ichkeria', Washington was in no hurry to. He would weigh in the balance close and long-term benefits on the one hand, and relations with Russia on the other. Why quarrel with such a giant like Russia? So that the 'Chechen Jam Jam' would not have saved the situation. EH: – I will not argue, but in any case, no money, large money out there in the West to do nothing. No project is viable in this sense. Perhaps it came to be understood and Akhmed Zakayev, and Zhaloudi Saralyapov, and their associates. Therefore, in Oslo dealt with the decent funeral 'Independent Ichkeria. " By the way, there is finally resting in the Lord and naive idea of Chechens 'of Western values', forever shattering their cult, which imposed on us all these years. In this respect (relative to Western ideals) I'm with you completely agree. Now, in the minds of many of my countrymen had only one naked pragmatism. Well, what is most interesting, the main nail in the coffin dead scores, Ramzan Kadyrov, whose father, Mr Akhmad-hadji, was once a of the birth of the offspring. Today, our president is successfully promoting a new, much better for his people, a project that can be formulated as follows: "The Chechen Republic – one of the first among equals in the Federation." It is true that sound? Chechens a 'formula' for her love and they are ready to support Ramzan-Haji.