The Atendimentos

Vinici and Farah (2001) clarify that, currently, the clinic-school surpassed these two initial purposes and acts today also as a space so that the pupils develop research and participate of extension projects, beyond giving attendance to community. Then, the clinic-school became a source where they are collected given referring to the atendimentos, to the characteristics of the taken care of people, to the average time of the atendimentos, to the factors that favor, or not, the psicoteraputico success and others. These data are used as base for the elaboration of new projects and research, in a continuous process of inquiry that only has to favor the teach-learning of the graduation pupils and its future insertion in the professional market. Of this form, with support in Perfeito and Melo (2004), it can be said that in its more recent configuration, the clinic-school consists as a tripod of the superior education, uniting in one alone space education, the research and the extension. By means of the period of training, the pupil has conditions to place, in practical, what he learned in the theory, acquiring clinical experience. The activities of research among others allow that it verifies, inquiries, the effectiveness and the result of its interventions, being this practical one forms to articulate the theoretical knowledge with the period of training. Ademais, in the clinic-school, is possible to visualize and to understand, of clearer form, the changes that occur with the individuals.

The extension, in turn, of to the pupil the possibility to work directly with the community. Poelman and others (2009) stand out this aspect of the extension, affirming that the clinic-school of Psychology is one of the doors that the university opens for the community, in such way that this can receive the benefits from the academic activity, materialized in the form of the atendimentos offered for the trainees. It is verified, in the present time, a movement of expansion of the services given in the scope of the clinic-school.

Got Some

' ' In the Code' ' , launched in 1996, possua hits ' ' In My Tree' ' , ' ' Hail, Hail' ' , ' ' Red Mosquito' ' , ' ' Lukin' ' , ' ' Smile' ' ' ' Who You Are' '. The next album, ' ' Yield' ' , and the first record to the living creature of the group, ' ' Live on Two Legs' ' , they had been launched in 1998. In 2000, the band launches ' ' Binatural' ' , with the successes: ' ' God' s Dice' ' , ' ' Nothing the It Seems' ' , ' ' Light Years' ' , ' ' Soon Forget' ' , ' ' Sleight of Hand' ' ' ' Grievance' '. ' ' Riot Act' ' it appeared in 2002, whose bigger success is the song ' ' I Am Mine' '. Already in 2003, the group it launches the coletnea Lost Dogs and Live at the Garden. In the following year, an album with its performance acoustics, the Live at Benaroya Hall (2004) is placed in the market.

In 2006, an album with the same name of the group (Pearl Jam) is launched. In 2009, the COMPACT DISC ' ' Backspacer' ' place of the Billboard Top 200 is launched with the heading of 1 and its prominence is for ' ' The Fixer' ' ' ' Got Some' '. In 2011, the band launches its more recent work ' ' Live On Ten Legs' '. Influential group in the scene grunge of years 90 and that persevera in its success until today, the Pearl Jam is a great icon of the musical scene. If to want to know more on its famous songs, have access the site of letters and confer the letters of musics of the Pearl Jam.

Anderson Ribeiro Olivae

When thinking about Africa is as an automatic message the co-relation between slavery, misery and exploration on the part of the Europeans. Still we are inserted in one eurocntrica appearance that persists in encircling the pertaining to school banks, creating a certain imaginary occidental person on Africa. This positioning is ratified in the words of Anderson Ribeiro Olivae m its article: history of Africa in the pertaining to school banks. Representations and imprecises in didactic literature. (p.430): If the objective is here to analyze the form as the Africans and the History of Africa had been represented in the didactic literature of History, becomes indispensable to make an incursion for some of the works that had tried to clarify as the imaginary occidental person on Africa and the Africans were gestado. Boardings of the authors on Africa and its representations in analyzed books are of little contribution to understand its context in such a way politician, economic, social and cultural.

In all these analyzed workmanships the authors place that the black was vendido as merchandise in Brazil of century XIX, for reinforcement of the workmanship hand, and as such indispensable age. Therefore it is important to remember that the black did not come of a disorganized continent, without culture, tradition and past. But for the colonizador European of Africa it was different, for this the African black was an inferior being and that it only served it stops to serve, an object, a thing, ignoring its history and its personality. According to Mattoso (2003, P. 24) Africa had true organized empires, with unquestioned tribes and authorities there, also met tribal confederations and cities put with its rich markets in the way of the gold, the spices and ivory. Its markets were rich in varieties of things as salt and until slaves, in all Africa if it found, fishing a people, shepherd, trader and agriculturist warlike what it makes in them to see that the European tried to erase the history of Africa as if he did not exist until its arrival, and unhappyly this eurocntrica vision this being reproduced until today in our Brazilian didactic books.

Election Polarization

The attempt of polarization of the 2010 elections, between PSDB and PT and the choices of its candidates (), and the expectation on the routes that the true left must follow are the facts that center the attentions in the conjuncture politics of the country. This attempt of polarization of the elections between PSDB and PT and the not governmental cooptao of the social movements, unions and organizations for part of the current government is factors complicadores for the left. They come to still add itself, the disorganization and lack of agglutinated option of the true left in parties PSOL, PSTU and PCB that, the main name for the electoral dispute had in Heloisa Helena, with certain viability to polarize the elections with the candidates of the right. This picture is closely on with the crisis of the socialism even so has had significant episodes of resistance in special, in the American south continent with the victories of Hugo Keys, Venezuela; Evo Morales, Bolivia; Rafael Leather strap, Equator and Fernando Lugo in Paraguay. But, in the generality here in Brazil, the parties and forces of left, destarte, they have not obtained to oppose (however for incompreenso of the reality, however for deficiency of formation of public politics of enfretamento to the capitalist model that attracts the great mass.

Or still for diffuse influence between parcels of the popular sectors of the predominant teses between the detainers of the power. It also lacks of alternative projects (that I confiscate of the prerequisite minimums of citizenship) has favored to the sensitization of significant conceived practical certain parcels of the population the religious ones as opium e, many times, simultaneously, the teses and politically antidemocratic solutions. It is, in last instance, the ground historical> produced for the implementation of these politics and, therefore, of dramatizao of the absence of the State (that is, of public politics directed toward the enfretamento of the picture of poverty of ample parcels of the population) that the politics of the Stock market is inserted eleitoreira Family of president Lula and its PT, preceded and folloied of bulk and strident campaign of media.

Government Felipe Gonzlez

I want to recover the Social-Democratic impulse, says Gonzlez. Gonzlez has predicted that who wins will not take drastic measures. It will do only it, it says, to partide of the next month of June, before no. The ex- president of the Government Felipe Gonzlez has been sorry to see the militants of the PSOE with " the arms cados" to nte the general elections of the 20 of November and have animated " to go to by todas". Gonzlez has confessed east feeling in the conference that has distributed in the Institute Jaime Side, under the title " The challenges of future of the EU and the economy espaola" , organized in Galapagar (Madrid) by the Foundation Ideas, tie to the PSOE. " I want to recover the Social-Democratic impulse and it gives pain me that the party has the fallen arms, gives desire me of zamarrear one by one to people and saying: we go to by todas" , it has confessed exlder of the Socialists.

Gonzlez has recognized to be worried not only about " the mood of the people of the party and, generally, izquierda" , but also so that if the Socialists win, " no I know if they know clearly what they go to hacer". At the same time, it has said to be sure that if 20-N gains the PP, " it does not know clearly what goes to hacer" , because the leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, " he does not want to clarify to his program oculto" . Exj of the Government has resorted to a Mexican resemblance to already describe the behavior of Rajoy when seeing itself in the Palace of Moncloa: " It is swimming of muertito. It does not move the arms, the wave takes to the border. Why to be shaken? If it is shaken, perhaps hunde".

Neonatal Selection

These depend on a good prognostic and treatment since the neonatal period so that they do not hinder a good quality of life. Without the test, and having itself in sight that the majority of the patologias alone presents symptoms in elapsing of the first years of life of the child, the health of the individual could be engaged (AMORIM; SOUZA, 2005). He has objective to detect patologias and to treat illnesses precociously. The test is safe, fast, simple and practically painless (GARCI’A; BLACKSMITH; OLIVEIRA, 2007); (AMORIM; SOUZA, 2005). By means of this test, he can yourself be detected the congenital hipotireoidismo, the fenilcetonria, cystic the falciforme anemia, fibrose and other hemoglobinopatias (LION; AGUIAR, 2008); (AMORIM; SOUZA, 2005); (HE HISSES; LACERDA, 2003). The neonatal selection means separation, choice, that is, the just-been born ones are separate in two groups: one constituted of those that can have an illness and another one for that not it capacity to correctly identify those children who have the illness, that is, without (or with very little) false-negative and reasonable especificidade (capacity to identify those correctly that do not have the illness, that is, with few false-positives) (LION; AGUIAR, 2008) (BRAZIL, 2002).

The National Program of Neonatal Selection covered 78.9% of the born livings creature in Brazil, and 85.4%, in the state of Gois (BRAZIL, 2007). Implanted in Brazil in 1976, the program of neonatal selection for fenilcetonria was carried through by the APAE/SP. In 1986, the detention of congenital hipotireoidismo was enclosed in the examination (HISSES; ZAGONEL; LACERDA, 2003). The mothers must receive the necessary information on the neonatal selection, will have to be informed to them, for the professionals of the health, regarding the procedure that will be> executed, as well as the purpose of the test (GARCI’A; BLACKSMITH; OLIVEIRA, 2007); (AMORIM; SOUZA, 2005). These information must be passed by the professionals who will act directly with the mothers in the occasion of the birth, increasing the probability of these mothers to have the understanding adjusted concerning the importance of neonatal selection e, thus, to take its children for the accomplishment of the test of pezinho in adequate time (AMORIM; SOUZA, 2005); (HE HISSES; ZAGONEL; LACERDA, 2003).

Mountain Votes

What to wait of the new president? Start citing Maquivel: The first impression that if has of a governor and its intelligence is given by the men surround who it. That I do not find Maquivel an example to be followed in all the situations, but in substance of politics and maintenance of being able, it is one of the great thinkers. This simple principle can represent very the future of our president-elect when the team of it will be formed and know the nucleus hard of the power. I did not vote in Dilma, but as it finished the election, now it is to give to possibility it stops showing its capacity. It is not there by chance, as well as Squid.

All have vices and virtues, defects and qualities and the emotion and the hatred that had appeared in the campaign must now be outside of the mind and heart of all we, defeated winners and. The interest of the society has that to overlap itself to everything, also the ideology. Dilma earned in 16 states, Mountain range in 11. It had 55,7 million votes, Mountain range 43,7 million. The result with 56% x was balanced 44% of the valid votes. If to consider the approval of Squid, 83% and the total of votes, 135 million, in the truth great parcel did not vote in it, 79,3 million in the truth.

Squid was the responsible one for the election of it, it has star and luck and knew to capitalize the favorable winds of the conjuncture. Loas good it and for thousand of people who had had social ascension and had improved the income. As economist, I cannot leave to say that the sophism of that everything was made by the government of the PT and nothing for the others finished helping Dilma. I find that some still search the third turn and is not recommendable this.

Federal Open Market Committee

Old one said that all the Brazilian one was a little technician of the Brazilian election: each one had its escalao of the dreams and if it acahava in equal conditions to the technician chosen for the CBF for discutiz it. Today already if it can say that each Brazilian is a little President of the Central banking. that each one has its tax SELIC of the heart. He would be 11%:? Or perhaps 8%? We go to leave, who knows, in 5%? Last week, before the 3,6% retraction, registered in the GIP of the four trimester of 2008, the COPOM (Committee of Monetary Politics) and not only the President of the Central banking, reduced in 1,5 percentile point basic tax of interests, the SELIC. It now is in 11,25% to the year. But in the paragraph above we finish with the first myth, the SELIC does not leave the head of Enrique Meireles and yes of a meeting of a committee.

But after all who is the COPOM? So that it serves the SELIC? Why it has this name? In contrast of the common sense, the COPOM was not created ' ' ontem' '. When the COPOM was created and its objetivosDe fact it was instituted in 20 of June of 1996, with the objective to establish the lines of direction of the monetary politics and to define the tax of interests. The creation of the Committee searched to provide to greater transparency and adequate ritual to the power to decide process, the example of what already he was adopted for Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) of the Central banking of the United States and for the Central office Bank Council, of the Central banking of Germany. In June of 1998, the Bank of England also instituted its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), as well as the European Central banking, since the creation of the only currency in January of 1999.


To each election they change if the faces, but the politics that torture the people continue leaving thousand of private poor persons of its basic rights as well as the one of the proper house, compelling to live them it in total exclusion to the point to live in the streets of the great metropolises. Without choice or freedom, these people if become in turn submissas and soon kept out of society. Such situations above elencadas have to see with the politicians who if choose without if he wants, to study its lives, its histories, its works and its true social interests. Led for so great idiotice, it is finished simply voting in them for being presenters, artists, entrepreneurs or same for having sanguineous bows of others politicians. It is voted for gaining money in exchange, or believing that some commissioned position will be obtained, or worse, it mentally ill votes for the speeches and charming proposals that the marketing orders the candidates to say to gain more votes. The elections are a humbug and, nonsense are the candidates to appear all smiling, maquiados and dresses with its faces of angels well and considering to decide everything. It is finished voting in them for appearing ' ' pretty in the photos, ' ' being deceptive proper itself, allowed that if its aesthetic beauties hide its podrides. Ahead of such devices, it has not been known, that the voters if make still more corrupt who the candidates? The politicians say that to vote he is to exert the democracy, if were truth, would be very easy to vote. Therefore the voter is conditional to press the button of the electronic ballot box, but and later? It has accompaniment or collection of the same stops with the elect ones? still is said to vote in bad the least. But as, if they are all equal ones after the position assumed politician? Perhaps it was preferable to use the null vote until appearing somebody in fact competent and chemical preparation to govern.