Selecao Brasileira

How much percent of them obeyed until the end? Say a figure before you follow leyendo. A group of forty psychiatrists who studied the project predicted that they would be the tenth of one percent. In the actual experiment, the sixty-two percent obeyed orders which drove the experiment until the end. What was your calculation? Milgram concluded: “with monotonous regularity could see some good people bowing under the requirements of the authority and performing serious and evil actions. Men who are decent and responsible beings in cotidiana life left is seduced by the lures of the authority, the domain of their perceptions and acceptance acritica of the definition of the situation given by the experimenter, until the end of cruel actions. For this author, the results, as he saw them and felt in the laboratory, they are alarming.

They raise the possibility that nature humana, or, more specifically, the type of character producido in American democratic society, can not rely on that isolate their citizens of the brutality and inhumane treatment balo address of a malevolent authority. The deductions that can be extracted from the experimento are really chilling if we believe that the results have only to do with something irredimible that is part of human nature. Without embargo, transactional analysis, we can talk about the experiment in other terms. We can say that 62 percent of the subjects had no an emancipated adult with which examines the authority of the Padre of the experimenters. Undoubtedly, a presupuesto that was not subjected to criticism was the siguiente: any necessary experiment for the investigacion is good. Perhaps that same budget was that enabled reputation scientists participate in the atrocities of the nazi Germany lab.

Being children, most of us learned to properly respect authority. That autoridad resided in the police, the bus driver, pastor, teacher, the postman, the director of the school and also in remote characters from the Governor, Congressman, the general and the President. The reaction of many people before the onset of these incarnations of the authority is automatic. Blogs related Selecao Brasileira sub-18 feminina estreia us Jogos Sul HOUND left by hunters, in the bones and living between Record defines equip for ye Sudamericanos TV contact deductions to signals from our world adventures in Odyssey the baby abandoned ‘Subjects and devotional Macmillan completo Ebook Prices Going Up The Clinic’ Luis Risco, psychiatrist: earthquakes develop USA: companies pagam Americans than economizarem consumes Less energyMore Update: Week Nine Review of Erie Indemnity (High Yield Universe) Steve Cook’s

1812 Constitution

East 2012 is the year II centenary of the Constitution of 1812, popularly known as La Pepa.The bicentennial of Pepa, protagonist in the presence of Cadiz in Fitur city found in the Hotel Monte Puertatierra, one of the hotels in Cadiz 4 stars, held activities all year around this event, as we have already counted in this corporate BLOG on occasion. This is still the main attraction that both his province and Cadiz are presenting at the international tourism fair (FITUR) which has been held in Madrid since yesterday and until next Sunday. One of the most attractive activities will be the campaign launched under the title of your name Pepa?, through which will be invited to all persons who are called Pepe or Pepa to come to the stand to participate in a raffle. Along with this, another attraction that presents the presence of Cadiz at this international fair are the walls of his booth, located in the Andalusian Pavilion at Fitur, since therein a number of QR codes will be available so that visitors can download on their mobile phones different guidebooks, from gastronomic to the Congress, as well as links to video clips from Youtube rolled in Cadiz and province.

Phenomenon Unthinkable

We return to politics as a phenomenon thinkable Teodulo Lopez Melendez is true we live in the time of the image. This implies that the specific purposes are unnecessary, as well practiced, so that the simulation becomes the head of some powerful lost the new principle, one which is the same model that is shown, what is important, and where eager hope viewers are taught a game that have already been accustomed to playing that it ends up becoming dispersion and annulment of the political. The current Venezuelan regime has succeeded in creating an image of thought in which almost no longer be can think but from within the pensamiento-Estado centrality. That is why in his speech there are always elements of truth, a very minority, but which creates effects of truth. From there his tenure despite their mistakes and their incompetence. We must oppose a new thought, a distinct symbolic organization, while we do the opposite: a constant repetition, displays it in the Doppelganger, in a few words, a simulacrum of representation that reinforces the image. In the absence of an original political strategy Government runs rampant with the staging of their chains or their Alo, President of spectacular solicitation now impregnated with expropriations and insults nearly every day. If there is inconsistency or contradiction in the discourse of the dictator he is simply because there is no need to articulate speeches.

His only interest is the development of a power strategy based on the desire to show, that we see doing rave masses previously committed and arreadas to the place of the show. Break it did not happen by way of the Doppelganger because the original order of the copied image was the change the scale between political system and the massive sphere. Play was, as we have said, become a perpetual instant purpose. In these conditions you can not say that politics is a possibility to be done, unless somehow the interstices to seek to overcome the blaze of hatred.

States Well

As well as the lack of medical care and security programs to workers. 3 The objectives of policies oil policies aimed at reducing climate change and the reduction of the consequences of the greenhouse effect, it will require for the protection of the right to environmental and energy, investments new generation of cleaner and more efficient energy production technology; as well as the production of renewable energy. In addition to projections of sustainable development goals. The solution will necessarily depend on how we can as individuals, States or institutions, that achieve solutions, techniques, sociologies, geopolitics, and environmental options disappear these social and environmental costs. As well as the need of a calculation of the externalities and environmental impacts of the stages of the extractive activity of oil, on the basis of the production of sustainable energy. That will evolve in time, since oil, for decades was always, perceived and used as a natural resource that could provide income to national economies, this based on the maximacion of the cost of the barrel, leaving aside other aspects that could arise from such actions and lead to consequences such as pollution of the environment and the depletion of the oil reserves. 4.

Towards energy sustainability. Humanity needs to survive through access to the necessities of life and that requires live with decency, i.e. have access to the benefits of energy without harming their natural environment, nor that of their future generations. When humanity accepted its obligation and its goal of developing; allow, shelter, food and health, these agreements lead to ensure a fundamental economics and human rights. Characteristics of energy sustainability the central objective of the exploitation of non-renewable resources the State lies in the need for economic resources, making prevail the general interest; reason why the State should disfunction properly exploited resources, ensuring social and economic development of peoples, as well as to you maximize social participation, for the benefit of current and future generations.

The Guajiro Of Which We Feel Proud

This question is asked attendees to the Forum thinking city that the former Mayor of Bogota Antanas Mockus guided in Maicao and Riohachalas major cities of La Guajira. The question, obviously, invites reflection. What we are proud the guajiro? There are so many reasons to remove chest and lift the front. By our mind immediately pass the immense sea, bright sun, the exotic desert, finally, but just as there are sufficient reasons so that we can live in love of this earth friendly and Nice, there also are to think of the lack of commitment of citizens with their city and the guajiro with your Department. The riohacheros, for example, feel pride in their beach but do consider a good program of weekend go to it, sharing with family and take a bath? You for example kind reader, since when not does the beach of your city or your Department? And speaking of Riohacha, is proud of its colonial streets, but you see the use that is made of it: drivers stop your vehicle to speak with someone and then begin monumental trancotes that extend along one or two blocks. And if someone asks for permission or touches the Horn, then is not expected the rude response of who has interrupted traffic. The guajiro are proud by Arnoldo Iguaran, the scorer of America in 1987, but we do the necessary effort to show other scorers of the peninsula is in the national and international football. And we feel privileged to be countrymen of the Black Oak but do nothing for debug Creole politics, one of the activities in which served the illustrious shrimp boat with luxurious details.

We feel tremendously proud, almost Argentine, our privileged geographical position, but we do necessary efforts to take advantage of it. And we preach about abundant riches but we are still people unacceptable poverty worldwide. We express our pride by multiculturalism in the region but our Indians (those living in the) rancherias) stoically suffer the ravages of neglect and misery. And we feel proud, tremendously proud of the Almirante Padilla but we have not been able to send him to make a statue in which at least has the virile porte that characterized it. And port where exports coal to the world not is named in his honor, but in tribute to Bolivar who, Libertador and everything, it was the executioner of our hero. The guajiro have reason to be proud of our splendid peninsula. Just need to give evidence of that pride. Tests of love and affection.

Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events. Get in touch with him through corrreo or call cell 300 8055526. Visit your original author and source of the article page

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

One of the most effective, but still little-known solutions to eliminate unwanted debts from credit cards, is known as debt settlement. Often this is confused with the consolidation of debts. The negotiation of debt can result in the decrease of the interest rate, the Elimination of surcharges, and the liquidation of a debt with savings of 40% to 70% of the current balance. Debt negotiation is a concept that has been used over the past decades, but became very popular during the 1990s in the United States.UU., due to reforms in the laws governing the credit card companies. With the rise in rates of interest and surcharges by overdraft, accounts in arrears, etc., many consumers found themselves in economic problems.

The negotiation of debts arose from the increasing need to confront the increase in interest rates and the declarations of bankruptcy. The theory behind the negotiation of debt is that credit companies prefer to avoid that a client is declare bankruptcy. Thus, they receive a percentage of the debt immediately instead of possible payments for a period of 3-5 years, or in several cases none of what is owed. In this sense, the negotiation of debt should be both to the debtor, who save a percentage of your debt while avoiding having to declare bankruptcy, which the creditor, who avoids a procedure legal and insecure, and at the same time guarantees to recover a percentage of the total debt. In addition, the creditor can deduct any money not recovered from their income tax return, so you don’t actually lose nothing. In theory, anyone can negotiate their debts with creditors, but in reality the process is difficult and confusing. Many creditors in principle are not willing to negotiate and may resort to a number of very effective tactics to confuse the debtor and thus to recover the debt.

Why, there are companies that specialize in the negotiation of debt. They are responsible for the entire process of negotiation and generally give results far superior to those obtained individually by debtors. In conclusion, if you are in financial trouble due to their credit card debt, I recommend deeply investigate the negotiation of its debt with a trained professional. It could save much stress, problems, and thousands of dollars in debts. Scott Wallitsch is certified by the IAPDA as debt negotiator for DebtorSolution. He provides advice on deletion of debts (Debt Settlement and Debt Relief) to people who are seeking to become financially and economically independent.

Professor Egea Marhuenda

The development of a new technique of assisted reproduction by the Instituto Bernabeu and the University of Alicante (UA) makes it possible to predict the subsequent success of in vitro fertilization. This method, which allows the previous selection of the best embryos, has been awarded by the Spanish society of fertility (SEF). The instituto bernabeu specialists explain that this new technique that reveals the success of in Vitro Fertilization has been possible thanks to the determination of the metabolism of embryos. So far, it was only possible to assess the quality of the embryos. Now, the new method eliminates the need to implant several embryos in such a way that it reduces the multiple gestations.

Dr. Rafael Bernabeu has pointed out that this investigation has taken them long but that it has been possible thanks to the collaboration between biologists and embryologists of the Institute itself and the Group Biotech next to the University of Alicante with the invaluable contribution of Professor Egea Marhuenda fruits. Experts have highlighted that with this novel method What produces and receives each embryo of its culture medium, may know something that allows them to select embryos with greater capacity for implementation. According to Dr. Bernabeu, embryos reflect some specific patterns of behavior that marked their greater or lesser effectiveness. In this way, the embryo that behaves so close to such excellence will be chosen beforehand.

In addition, specialist has indicated that this new procedure allows them to select which embryos are worth freezing or transfer and prevents, at the same time, having to transfer several embryos to ensure the result. This research has received the first prize of the SEF and has been published by the well-known scientific journal Fertility and Sterility. Close author: Complete articles by a team of Invitro tv, by instituto Bernabeu free and ideas please visit:, a comprehensive resource for a pregnant women.