Combating Poverty

We can not separate the human and social nature that the Bible has this concept of Salvation, Liberation, because it is closely linked to the concept of the Kingdom of God. Humanity is saved wholly or sentence to a life of eternal exploitation. Poverty is a social sin. The concept of poverty can only be identified and assessed from the perspective of the social, human. The Beatitudes, defined as the poor and hungry, they cry, the despised and hated, the excluded or expelled, insulted and despised, these are human needs and feelings clearly. We then ask ourselves, Who are the rich? The biblical text places them, of course, on the opposite side of the definition of the poor. They are the ones so far have had their joy because they have been satisfied, those who laugh now, those who have never been excluded but rather have been praised.

Which are also, feelings and human satisfactions. Therefore we define poverty as a social sin that should be mandatory social and fought. Combating poverty is good to pray, but that's not enough to combat poverty, we must empower the poor. We have to see salvation, liberation and awareness to the socio-economic reality of Latin America. That's why from the Theology of Liberation, we must conceive our work as a work of communicating good news, this is not simply the work of awareness. This is an eminently political and ideological work, because tries to combat the ideology of an empire that uses all means in their power to mediate and control.

Construction Code

06/12/2008 Cabinet meeting at the Kirov region planned outcome of the regional target program “Development of Housing in Kirov Region” in 2009. In accordance with the growth in housing Construction on the field must be at least 20 percent compared to 2008, and in 2009, the total area of the housing will reach 500 thousand square meters. Also scheduled for the project to ensure the utility and economic infrastructure of a number of built-up areas. Prominent role in the program given to low-rise construction of prefabricated single-family homes, particularly in rural areas. To achieve these goals plan the following tasks: – priority use of products and materials of the local industry to increase housing construction – ensuring rapid development of communal Infrastructure – investment projects for the land under the municipal infrastructure zhilstroitelstvo in different municipalities – development of documents of territorial planning, zoning, land planning documentation in accordance with the Construction Code.

Northern Oil

The project was carried out the dismantling of the building power units are transported and mounted in a block-modules at the new facility. Major works were carried out in the lowest possible temperature (the temperature was recorded 335 K). Gas piston unit Cummins 1540 GQNA, operating on associated gas for the primary energy supply field. Stand-alone diesel power plant container type, such as CSB-WH TD 24006.3 30" based on the Cummins KTA 38G5, working in a gas-diesel mode. Energy production at Palnikovskom oil field, Yamal. Stand-alone diesel power container type, such as CSB-D KN20 10006.3" based on engine Cummins KTA 50 (3 AIS) unit of 1 MW.

Energy oil production facilities. Customer LLC "Naryanmarneftegaz". Stand-alone diesel power plant container type, such as CSB-D500, 4 KN20" based on engine Cummins VTA 28 unit capacity of 500 kW. Stand-alone diesel plant container type, such as CSB-D320, KN20 4" on the basis of engines Cummins VTA28 (2 DGS) unit capacity of 320 kW. Energy oil production facilities of JSC "Northern Oil" Energy industry problem security of power supply output is directly related to lack of generating capacity in the industry. At this point, when actively growing volumes of production, consumption and increases electricity. The existing power capabilities no longer able to provide the expected increase in load. Fixed assets of the electricity sector are worn, but their modernization requires substantial investment. About deterioration of the power equipment indicates frequent accidents at substations. Increasingly, enterprises, a program of measures that reduce energy losses, optimizing energy consumption and energy supply, including building their own power sources.