Government Change

Grondona exposes, that perhaps the president Cristina, it had not perceived until it listened to the cacerolazos, that one of the factors of its fast wearing down does not consist as much of the conflict which they have caused his measures of government like in its discursiva arrogance when defending them. Perhaps it began to perceive it when, speaking for the second time in the series of three speeches by national chain that it gave in the week, decided to appeal to a Congress suddenly turned into salvation table. It would be an error, it emphasizes Grondona, supposition that survey and the caceroleros are requesting a passage to the flank of Cristina. What they are asking is not to change it but it changes. Because, if already it had lost to the urban middle-class that did not vote it in October of 2007, now it is losing to rural middle-class that voted yes it.

If it does not change the sooner, only it has left the distracted support of the captive masses that travel in the trucks of the Government towards the frozen official acts. Definitively a change in the style of conduction, of negotiation of appreciation of the reach and repercussions is suggested that is generated when they are put in legal measured new practices, as the case of the taxes to the export, without anticipating the consequences. Another one is due to look for language, a more democratic approach, is necessary to surpass the present ideology, that as it exposes Grondona considering that the ideology that still interpose between the Kirchner and the reality of a country that it is well different del that conceived when young in the Seventies we could call it neomontonera. She notices herself mainly in those passages of the presidential speech in which her author tries to be amiable in front of whom they do not think like her.