The Comptroller and the Newspaper

As announced, the newspaper Portafolio, the last holiday of St. Peter have cost the pocket of Huila about 4,000 million pesos, resulting, by far, in a much more expensive newspaper than any other in the past. It was outrageous as 1.5 billion was spent on artists Vives and Cabas, especially when the pockets of them I heard they did not arrive or 200 million. The government itself does not know whether cynically or in error, published in regional newspapers to the specification tables for all expenses of the festivities where evidence is not only what you mentioned but the huge difference costs between 2008 and 2007. To the above must be added the involvement of DMG visible in the festivities on which almost no one has said much.

The Comptroller of the Department has promised to act harshly on this. Regarding the allocation of Chance confess I do not find words to describe the whole incident but the whole Huila can smell the rotten that expels all the contractual process. The case is now being investigated by the authorities of control, but something that caught my attention was how strongly, after a very childish argument in which the Manager and the Governor pointed to each other, there was not even a declaration of acceptance was improper but in the best terms, the resignation of manager of the Lottery. I dare not qualify legally the bidding process, but in any case always in the air will be one of three questions: whether the process is in accordance with law so why come and go between the Governor and Chief and that for such caution Bury it criminally? If the process is as twisted as it was in the air does the governor knew or was made behind his back? Why so much warmth to the manager to agree with him about his resignation and wait patiently until the present to accept it? And finally, who are members of Colombia’s National Betting and what do they have links with the department? Regarding the recruitment of Inderhuila package to carry out the underwater world of 2008 we are awaiting the delivery of Departmental Comptroller who announced a “review very closely” all procurement undertaken by the entity on which there in the environment rather alarming comments.

More Taxes For The Mexican Tax

Today, the House approved the new tax reform that increases different from my point of view is a terrible mistake by those who purport to represent the interests of all Mexicans, it goes without saying that these men based their decisions on interest personal and political, not what is best for the citizens. Let's start with the income tax increased by 2% which leaves 30%, in what will be reflected?, Of course, more unemployment if you raise taxes on companies that are responsible for the creation of jobs and are also struggling to emerge from the crisis that affected worldwide only these complicating the recovery of the economy was expected to be slow if it will be even more now, also the workers that they are charging a fee for work as well This will make Mexico a country less attractive for foreign investment taxes to see so many choose to go to countries like Brazil that has lower taxes and is much more reliable in terms of security. While not enough this is also increased by 3% telecommunications tax and this clearly will have to absorb the final consumer telephone, cable and internet, the latter being an important tool for the development of the country and which is used to learning, working, and stay informed. Would support this tax in this country will foster competition in telecommunications and while maintaining monopolies but not, we have one of the world's most expensive telephony, and of course the world's richest man (owner of the telephone company .) In addition, VAT was increased by 1% now is 16%, but with a lot of exceptions that only complicate the implementation of the tax. Get all the facts and insights with Sen. Sherrod Brown, another great source of information. My question is, why do only a general consumption tax? so we should all pay either political or drug traffickers and those who do not want to go so prejudiced that simply consume less and the country could collect more money all the people and not just hand over charge their captive taxpayers, but not talk while both gentlemen have touched his salary at all, we remain a union that only hinder the progress of the country and inefficient firms, I think the government had focused on fixing all these issues before asking citizens to make the effort to pay more taxes.

Dont Be Afraid to Be Polite

Either sex may offer to take someone’s coat and hang it. In general, just being friendly, helpful and polite. Thanks to the servers. If you’re in a place of luxury with 6 different forks, three knives, two spoons, which are not altered on which to use for what. They are generally placed in the order in which foods that used to serve the will … implement further from the plate is used first. So when the salad comes first, take the fork farthest from your plate. Or just see what the big fish and not follow their example.

If the food comes first, do not start down assembly while the other (s) expect the food to arrive. If you are friendly, they invite us to go forward before the food gets cold. Similarly, if someone else has been notified and is waiting while the food is delayed, we invite you to go ahead and eat. Do not reach … ask someone to pass. Do not use the bread to absorb the sauce, soup, or anything else.

No slurping or burping. Ever. Yes, this may be acceptable in some countries as a way to show your appreciation for good food, but if you’re in the U.S., do not. Even if the big fish do. 3. View the cost. No matter if you said, “anything you’d like to order, this is me.” Do not order the most expensive on the menu! Even if the big fish do. 4. Beer or wine? Have you seen the trade, where there are several guys in a restaurant with a great shot and asks what they want to drink? They go around the table and every order with non-alcoholic beverages, except for the latter type, who orders a Sam Adams (beer). The Big Kahuna is “impressed” and orders it. Aha! Never fall into anything that you see in a beer commercial! Want a beer or a glass of wine in the office? (It is better to say “No!”) Despite the environment, food and beverages, whether it is a business role (and it certainly is if you are interviewing or talking about their business with his boss) to make NO alcohol! Even if the big fish do. Remember, the conclusion is that it is not food or drink – is making a good impression!