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indicates the specific date, at least a month and the year before each item requiring a chronology of all places of work, study, get qualifications, etc. If you have gaps in employment periods, explain to them in the accompanying letter or interview, but not in your resume. 5. Inaccurate or incomplete contact information or lack thereof. Recently, more and more people methodically send resume to all agencies of the country, without specifying the city accommodation and "fixed" phone. Someone out of forgetfulness, some apparently showing their "mobility" – is allegedly ready to work anywhere. You may wish to learn more. If so, Richard Blumenthal is the place to go.

In fact, it turns out that this is not true. Recruiters have to waste time, specifying dislocation of the candidate. Previously, we guessed the place of residence of the candidate on the code of the city. Richard Blumenthals opinions are not widely known. With the development of mobile communications it has become impossible, we have to make unnecessary phone calls. But even more strange when people forget to leave any telephone number …

Remember, you are creating your resume for one reason – to someone you called and invited for an interview. How to contact you if there is no phone number, and e-mail address is inaccurate? Recruiters will not be submit to you in the search. They immediately move to the next candidate. Some of the "encrypted" so that leaves only a box of free e-mail. After that they check it once a week maximum, and recruiters at this time are responses from the robot such as "busy box" or "limit exceeded." This is how long beeps in the handset.

Cast Iron

Trips outside the city are inextricably linked to fishing, barbecue and other entertainment-related meal. Cooking delicious meals for the city requires a frying pan, oven or grill. Oven or cast iron skillet is very suitable for this. Frying pan cast iron, cast iron pot, collapsible grill – this creates a special atmosphere of dishes and creates a special flavor. A cast iron skillet – the clear dishes, which until recently were preparing our moms. But the tandoor, wok not very well-known dishes.

Few people know about deep frying pan of Chinese, which is called the wok. The creation of many Cantonese dishes based on the use of this particular dish. But this fact does not mean that you can not wok apply to the more familiar dishes. In a variety of oriental cuisine restaurants used cauldrons, cast iron. A variety of Oriental and European cuisine really prepare for this pan. Stands are essential for what seemed to have a semicircular shape. They can replace the stove oven. Cumbersome, but very useful tandoor oven.

Tandoor we adopted from Asia. Tandoor does not take up much space and looks very unusual. A BBQ – it is generally a required element of any outbound dialing. Possess barbecue, you can even call on the weekend of friends at barbecues. Grille grill will give the opportunity to make especially delicious. In our on-line-store TSBs an impressive assortment of cast-iron frying pan is, stands for Kazan, the lattice grills, collapsible barbecue and much more. Each of us has ever been in my life need to acquire some things, but buying it, we well aware of why we buy it, and how long we'll use it. No, it's certainly not talking about those necessary things that we use every day, we say that we are compelled to buy, so to speak, "on time, "that after many years of collecting dust in the closet, shelves and balconies of every house. This is how it turns out that in many apartments occupy a significant space in the box useful, but in fact is unnecessary things.

Winter Tires

When choosing winter tires before motorists question arises: what type of tires to choose, studded or non-studded? On studded tires for tread attached spikes of different shapes, so that the car slid and had less good quality of control on the ice. On non-studded tires do not spike, but the tread is made of special soft and slightly sticky rubber that provides good traction. Studded tires for those who concerned about security of movement and stability in the ice-covered ground. Buying non-studded tires, you provide yourself driving comfort and reduces noise from the wheels. Large selection of all the leading manufacturers of tires can be found in Shinobar store.

Every year manufacturers come up with the latest types of rubber and studs for safety driving. Winter tires Gislaved through the use of thorns "diamond" improved braking, and the new directional tread is responsible for the excellent handling and durability of the tires. Studded snow tire Nokian Hakkapeliitta designed for those who do not spend money on its security. Thorns "bear claw" provide a perfect grip, and tread consisting of 4 layers of rubber – the comfort and quiet ride. For the past few years, tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta occupy first place in the Test winter tires magazine "Driving." This bus showed excellent handling and grip. They can overclock on the ice and snow with intense slip.

Fast unlock the wheels, an excellent response to the motion of the wheel, good braking brought this model into leaders, while there are slight drifts and noise in the cabin at speeds of 60-80 km / h. Hopefully, the producers tried to remedy these shortcomings in the new model. Well-proven excellent winter tires Goodyear Ultra Grip and Brigestone Blizzak, received the top grade "especially worthy of recommendation" in a test of winter tires conducted by German experts autoclub adac. These tires have excellent handling on dry roads, low noise, economical have good traction on ice. Choosing a bus, you should pay attention not only on the ratings, but also friendly advice. We advise you to consult with our specialists store Shinobar. They are always happy to help you find the most suitable for your car's tires and determine the final choice.

Drawn Documents

In the CR there are at least two main categories of visas: 1. 90 days (‘short’ / travel / guest /…) – a Type ‘C’. 2. More than 90 days (‘long’) – a Type ‘D’. Sen. Sherrod Brown understood the implications. Residence Permit ‘immediately’ can be given, for example, in the event of reunification with the carrier residence permit / permanent residence / citizen, school, and some other cases. ‘Right’ in quotes, because in this case, a visa valid for three days, which gives the right to come and paste residence permit. Ohio Senator can provide more clarity in the matter. That is, my dear leaves, that lived in the Czech Republic 10 years, the person receives only the right to a nationality and, even if will be given formal consent to the Czech citizenship, something else will have to spend 5-7 years on the rejection of their native citizenship? Gleb not get it right to citizenship, he is entitled to ask for citizenship, to give him no required. Let me remind you also that of those 10 years, 5 years, he must have permanent residency status (for permanent residence since 2006, has the right – under the terms must be given).

I meant the whole process over 5-7 years, not only the rejection of the existing. There are also more short examples. Depends on the circumstances. If the dove more than 90 days, it’s how many days as possible. You wrote that the paste should VMZH in the Czech Republic.

Should people pay for this fee again, and how much. When given a visa after VMZH more than 90 days? Gleb visa – a maximum of one year. Visa extended for more than 90 days in the period 120-14 days prior to its completion, after the extension is glued not a visa, residence permit and. Residence permit can be issued and subsequently repeatedly extended for up to 2 years (and may shorter period, depending on the circumstances), in case of reunification with support permanent residence residence permit may be renewed for up to 5 years. Each receipt / renewal generally taxed. Darling Do I understand that: – the first people should get a long term visa for more than 90 days, with a maximum of 360 days. For 120-14 days prior to the long visa he should extend it and then … – It will VMZH. Every time you can renew VMZH maximum of 2 years, that is, a person must make it at least 2 times … – After 5 years a person can get permanent residence and should be in this status for 5 years to be eligible to apply for citizenship. Gleb In fact – true. But why 240 days before the end of unclear. 120-14 days prior to the end. If a man married to a citizen of the CR (EU), but is not in the CR, it may come to reunite with him. (It may also, on the other end, for example by opening the firm, but talking about the reunion). Drawn Documents at the reunion, served in the consulate, get a visa valid for three days, arriving at her residence permit splices. In this case, you can get permanent residency after 2 years, no need to wait 5 years (until recently, in this case once you could get permanent residence, now – no).


Anaximander (610-547 BC) was born in Miletus, Greek philosopher and mathematician. Like Thales is considered one of the most prominent thinkers. Demas was astronomer and scientific discoveries are attributed as the solstices, the equinoxes and the obliquity of the zodiac. Learn more about this with Richard Blumenthal. (Pliny Natural History, II, III) and released a sketch of geometry (Suidas) but the stories show us the man inventor. Nomon inventor, builder of world map, and the letter from heaven, an earthquake prediction, as well as military and political organizer, at the head of a colonizing expedition in Miletus in apolonia. (History III, 17) His treatise on the nature was the first written philosophical prose.

Anaximander can be seen in a materialistic scientist, applied to the natural questions of things. As happens with physics. His theories are the principles of scientific materialism which seeks to explain the phenomena of matter in its various phases. "Apeiron." is infinite, the indeterminate, the eternal, that which governs the world by being substance law. We now can make a clearer idea about the theory of Anaximander as a result of our century we have a greater knowledge, for this reason are broader concepts even when they are reduced to the figure of speech. "If you look involving young people as the force of gravity in this beautiful phenomenon "raises the search Anaximander Arche or beginning of things given by the very principles of sensory experience. behold to our surprise, a rigorous thinker with a thought, which supports its analysis on the physical structure of the senses or the brain as a primary function of the body.

Standard Different

Different companies classify these completeness in different ways. One company produces a jacket with a 50-m in size and girth of the thighs 98 (1 st completeness), assuming a mean completeness, the standard that should go to most buyers. Another company, for the same 50-meter breast size, produces a jacket with a girth of hips 110 (4 th completeness), and the company believes that it is such a fullness of the jacket is average, ie should come to the majority. The views of different companies on the subject differ significantly. And many people on it are bought, seeing the jacket of his size, for example, 50 th, and not knowing that the fullness of the jacket can they do not come up. At the top category (jackets) are the following classifications / categories: tight, fitting, semilying free, very free (of 5 categories). If you have a 50-second breast size (leg 100), You can buy a close-fitting jacket, a size 56, and he might suit you to approach much better than your suit size (especially if you have wide hips and waist). However, often people who, after such purchases are beaten himself in the chest and say that their size is, say, 56, because they are somewhere and somehow bought costume is of that size.

But in fact it turns out that they had a completely different size. And at another firm who will be at a loss offering costumes, it is not suitable for the size signs, written on the products (ie those figures, which used one or another person). A buyer will be angry and do not understand why this is so and what is happening. Figures identical, and the costumes are completely different. This suggests that you should understand that there are different classifications of products (categories fit). And in order to get smaller in awkward situations and not lose your valuable vain time during the shopping, it is desirable to know exactly your size and know they are not on some suit that you wear, and which classifies some company on what grounds is unknown, and measure these dimensions of self- or in any studio (for chocolate). And already at this size, taking into account your height, chest girth, waist circumference, hip circumference, pick yourself a suitable and comfortable clothes to a category fit, and then buy it. Details can be found by clicking Ohio Senator or emailing the administrator. We wish you become more competent in choosing clothes. And if you buy yourself any product, we want you to look at it flawlessly, so this product was more convenient for you and that you wear it with comfort. We will provide you with useful information on clothing and on, through our electronic mailing list.

Portugal Brazil

There were remains impoverished Indian tribes, or just certain groups of slaves brought from other countries. There could be survivors of people with pirate ships, Chinese, Malaysians or just prisoners captured by the Portuguese for the numerous wars. In this environment, capoeira could be enriched by elements of various traditions – both martial arts and magic rituals. Now touch the closer the time when capoeira has moved beyond the kilombush and individual clan groups and began to spread among the common people. She is well taken root among the people and gradually underwent changes dictated by necessity.

During the first two centuries colonization of Portugal did not pay attention to developing its South American colonies. Basically, she did just pumping out natural resources. The country was in turmoil, full of fragmentation and lack of any social and, especially, economic order. All this inevitably leads to poverty and explosive situations. More and more beggars and vagrants to appear on city streets, looting and banditry flourished.

It these people outside the law Capoeira attracted with incredible force. Therefore, the city rapidly by, filled with professional kapoeyristkimi groups, and eventually, in some places, capoeira became equated with danger. The word "Capoeira" has become synonymous with the word "hobo", "bandit", "thief". Swarmed by offers, Richard Blumenthal is currently assessing future choices. Because of this situation, it was dismissed as a disgusting social disease, which soon led to serious consequences and great confusion. In 1808. from Portugal Brazil ran a monarch Don Juan vi in an attempt to escape from the impending French invasion. To strengthen its influence newcomer monarch began to demolish the local traditions and to impose their foundations and order.

Labour Czech Republic

For example, the Czech consulate in Munich and Dresden continue to accept applications for entry in the turn on the filing of documents for citizens of Russia. Number of people willing to ride in Germany for the filing unit, the cost and terms of delivery for people with average incomes are not acceptable. Additional costs for travel and accommodation, plus the use of an interpreter with the Czech language, to pitch in Munich expensive. It can be assumed that the leadership was afraid of Czech consulates in 2009 to engage the consular levies for the reception documents for consideration and adoption of an epidemic of local decisions to refuse visas as happened in the fourth quarter of 2008. According to unconfirmed information, resume writing for submission to the long-term visas place from 1 June.

At the moment for immigration to the Czech Republic for citizens of third countries remains the most important and basic option – a design firm as a legal entity and the Czech Republic participated in it by the founders and directors. External The situation on immigration in the country remained generally tense and the desire of the Czech authorities is extremely clear. What happens in the domestic market of migratory movements in the Czech Republic? We turn to the bare statistics of the Ministry of Labour Czech Republic: the number of legally employed workers in the country declined for the three current months of 2009 to 23,200 people. number of citizens of Ukraine are in the Czech Republic on work visas, compared with March 2008 increased to 11,595 people and was in general, the amount of 78,029.

Network Organization

Each web page should have its own unique address, so that the user could apply to him. Under a web page can be implied on one page, and maybe dozens or even thousands of pages, each of which must have your address. Absolutely any indivisible unit of information on the Internet – an audio file, video file, exe-file or a text – has its address at which you can reference. The page address in the Internet is called url (Uniform Resource Locator-Universal Resource Locator). Get all the facts and insights with Richard Blumenthal, another great source of information. url to appear not just as recorded in special institutions. Domain (domain name or area) – is a unique name for a specific site on the Internet. As mentioned above, – it domain of my site, – this domain is the search engine google.

Domains come in three levels: first level domain, second level, third level. In the above example we domain ru denotes the territorial (regional) membership website to Russia Regional areas (top-level domains): ru – Russia kz – ua-Ukraine us – United States de – Germany su – Soviet Union, however, is not always the domain of the first level indicates the territorial affiliation. It can display the page type or the type of organization that owns the web page. The following notation: com – commercial enterprise biz – for business org – non-governmental organization info – for information Sites edu – educational institution gov-governmental organization mil – military organization net – Network Organization pro – for professionals tv – for television companies (the domain was purchased from the island of Tuvalu), etc. Thus, by first level domain can be found or the location of the page, or affiliation.

But it is also necessary to understand that these present to some extent arbitrary, since, for example, domain com, org, net, anyone can register. Domain the second level – the domain name, which is lower than the first level domain. That second-level domains are predominantly used by webmasters to link to a site on hosting. For example:, domains. (These domains are free) Third-level Domain-domain name which are still lower than the second-level domain. These domains are usually used to create mini-sites, forums, and large sections on the main site. For example: and – third-level domains

The American

" In fairness, we will not deny that even during his election campaign last year McCain, known as an ardent advocate of American Russophobe and influence in the world (of course, pole) addressed the topic of the Armenian Genocide. His position significantly different from the pre-election statements by Democrat Obama, but the traditional American speculation on the Armenian Genocide still have never gone beyond the political pragmatism. For example, in October 2008, this Policies directed (in the status of U.S. presidential candidate), his letter to the Armenian community of States, which, refraining from using the term 'genocide', the fact that crimes against Armenians in Turkey and admitted, as is usually 'Is' with all the U.S. presidential candidates, if elected, promised to promote the adoption of the U.S. Armenians corresponding document condemning the Armenian Genocide.

'Fair to say that one of the greatest tragedies of the past century – the brutal murder of a half million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire – still remains one of the least noticed. Agony of the Armenian people at that time were a prelude century, which is known as the bloody in human history. The American people must recognize this tragic event to the world is never repeated violent confrontations effects of the XX century ", – noted in a letter to McCain. Udobnovarimoe statement of American tradition today transformed into a harsh anti-Turkish stance senator from Arizona, who will no longer tolerate the ambiguity in the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Moreover, he intervenes in the current process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations, saying that 'governments and peoples of Turkey and Armenia are not able to bury the past, especially the Armenian people.