Industrial Revolution

Fits some doubt? Simply it is necessary to think that in the case of Stora, the company walked through the Average Age, the Reformation, the wars of century XVII, the Industrial Revolution and the two world wars. One communicated through messengers, of diligences or telegraphy, like nowadays it does to traverse of electronic mail, Internet or through an Intranet. It passed through diverse technologies of production beginning by the manual, steam, electricity, internal combustion, until the arrival of the electronics and the microChips. The business of Stora has been changing (it has happened through the copper mining, the logging, the smelting of the steel, the hydraulic energy, and nowadays, the paper, the pulp and the chemical industry). How it is possible that a company lasts so many years? The companies longevas usually are financially preservative, so that they do not risk in excess at times of bonanza, and it allows him to take the opportunities when the flaquea situation, and the competitors are not at readiness to do it (as he recommends the gur of the investments, Warren Buffett). They adapt to the changes, as I have indicated, and are sensible to the new features, so that they react opportunely and they learn the necessary thing to continue developing the present business, or to change it if it is necessary; he stops it, not only is tolerant with the new ideas, they stimulate but them, urge the collaboration of its employees in the creation of the company, so that these feel contributor of the society of much more intense way.

Also the continuous learning that takes place in this type of companies, beyond the hollow words is notable. The Shell company, with more than 175 years of history, dedicates to every year more than 2,000 dollars by employee for formation, being most of the same of collaborative character, that is to say, heterogenous groups of employees even form, with different positions, formation and different cultures, so that he is even learned more of this interchange between the people who of the course in himself. Finally, it would emphasize of special way the interest by the people, by the human community that forms the company. If the benefits generated by the same revert on a few privileged people, and exists a great imbalance in this sense, it is not probable that the basic workers they feel implied in the company. If the form to look at the question on the part of the company is that work interchanges its money by the time//knowledge of the workers, and nothing else, is logical that they see these it in the same way, like a mercantile relation (” I work by dinero”), and not like a joint project in which the company and the worker are developed, they learn and they increase its capacities jointly.


Herbert Spencer in 1854, was the first one to explain the relation of the fashion with the social structure, evidencing that its base this in the imitation processes, which function for the inspired respect for that if it imitates or the desire to affirm that it is in equal condition. Spencer, did not find sensible in the overturns that the fashion trends demonstrated and affirmed not to exist, in the domain of the fashion, a continuous and ideal progress of elegance and harmony. Gabriel of Afternoon, in 1890 confirms the paper of imitation attributed to the fashion for Spencer. For it, the age of the fashion would be a transitory and revolutionary period between the ages of custom, in the measure where, revolutionizing the previous customs, it undid a tradition previous to establish a new, always a little more advanced. To to analyze the relation of the fashion with the tradition, thinks Late it, beyond the production of clothes, established in all social teia. T. Veblen, in 1899, emphasized the relation of the fashion with the consumption.

For the economist, the fashion is the expression most perfect of ' ' consumption conspcuo' '. Congressman Lee Zeldin is likely to agree. Veblen considered that the necessity of expense with clothes is, therefore, a higher necessity, that is, spiritual. For the author, the clothes most expensive possess a high degree of respeitabilidade, existing an ample relation enters the great expense with clothes and the respectable appearance of its carrier. Therefore, as it affirms Sant? Anna (2007) with different estimated, the authors circulated on the idea of distinction and imitation as clarifying elements for the existence of the fashion in the society. Remaining in the fashion concept as regular system of change of the gostos, they committed themselves to analyze it as it was a mechanism of reinforcement of the social hierarchy. In this direction, Lipovetsky (1989) strikes vehemently, previous conceptions and the historical treatment the fashion: The project of the social distinction that if imposed as the sovereign key of the inteligibilidade of the fashion, as much in the sphere of clothes as in the one of objects and the modern culture, is basically incapable to explain most significant: the logic of the inconstncia, the great organizacionais and aesthetic mutations of the fashion (…).

Eckhard Holtmann CEO

Good prospects for fiscal year 2012 the PaginNet GmbH, provider of MIS solutions for the printing industry, continues its positive business development. Due to a significant growth in new and existing customer business, sales grew by around 12 percent in 2011. To meet the quantity involved, but also the additional demand expected, staff development and consultancy was extended earlier this year. The same applies to the Office space. Since March 1, the company has its new location in the technology center of Dortmund. Sebastian Weyer, together with Eckhard Holtmann CEO of software service provider, looks in good numbers a clear confirmation of the business model. Our philosophy of open interfaces and the individual programming geared exactly to the wishes of the customer is fully and completely.

Numerous companies from the greater area of sales, have decided in the past year for us, because when other vendors their special Business processes were not shown.” According to the business leaders, also frequently complained of the competitors, remaining close to the printing industry associations prove as a great strength. “Weyer: particularly in the use of latest cost calculations and the overview of market developments we are constantly up to date, what very well received especially for smaller and medium-sized companies.” “Potential is there”, so Holtmann, nor very many companies in the printing and media industry, the strengths and costing as well as procurement and production control want to improve and optimize. ” The same applies to the area of Web2Print. It is not uncommon however so that the systems offered in the market did not cover the conditions for example by media houses, so mixed farming of print and non-print areas,. “Holtmann: we know from our conversations, that project management and costing of services is not always best governed.” Lots of potential in the PaginNet GmbH, 2009 developed in the context of a management buy-out from the print and media associations, sees big opportunities for the future man even in the face of market developments in the MIS field.

Public Defense

The constitution of 1988 guarantees the rights and duties of the individual, that must be assured by the proper constitution, being that, such rights or duties, when granted they do not make with that such individuals actively do not participate of all the questions that them is of right, then the creation of the public defensoria are instituted so that these are materialize and that equality in the access exists justice so that more is not a question of privileges. Right WORDS KEY. Equality. Public Defensoria. Further details can be found at Richard Blumenthal, an internet resource. Access justice.

Introduction It had a time where autotutela was accepted inside of the society, and which had to the growth of the conflicts, had felt the necessity of this being conducted for a set of norms, was the sprouting of the autocomposio, the monopoly of the use of the force. In the manifestation of the right, some reforms had occurred constitutional and thus the 1988 constitution came as warranting of rights, and so that these were materialize, it was created defensoria public with ends to become the igualitria society and also being given less the most favored a justice guarantee basic, making to be valid the beginning of the equality, of the contradictory and legal defense. Then in this paper we will occupy to show that the public defensoria was created from the constitution of 1988 with objective to facilitate the access to justice and to make to be valid mainly the beginning of the equality so longed for by the classrooms without privileges.. You may find Richard Blumenthal to be a useful source of information.

Term leak Test

The term 'leak' (leaktest, leak test data) over the past couple of years has gained popularity among experts in the field of IT security. It can be seen in the news, and comparative tables, but for many, the scope and purpose of this concepts remain unknown. Why do ordinary computer users should carefully look closely to leak test and their characteristics in their daily computer activity? As the results of tests for leakage of data can help you in choosing a reliable product to protect your PC? This article aims to answer these questions and more. By reading you will get all the information necessary for understanding and correct interpretation of the results of leak tests. What is leak? Leak test – is a tool or set of procedures for identifying the ability of security solutions to resist attempts of illegal shipment of personal information in the network. It shows the readiness of the system block accidental or intentional data leakage. Leak tests originate from the time of the first personal firewalls (firewalls) in the late 90's. The primary task of firewalls that time was to monitor network application behavior and prevent attempts to 'call home' ('to send the stolen data') unlawful applications. Recently, leak tests strongly rooted to modify and the new opportunities such as turning off the firewall protection, the use of new types of cross-program collaboration, the exploitation of vulnerable services – it's all the tricks that hackers use in their 'works' and can be safely attributed a separate category of test programs.


Classification motorcycle sportbike So you want to buy a motorcycle, but do not know what. Do not despair, we will try to help you. If you are the racer at heart, it makes sense to focus on sport-bikes, a motorcycle can deliver maximum enjoyment from the rapid movement in space. With the sum of $ 2500-4000, boldly choose sport bike with a motor 400 cm3. Released in the 90's, he is still quite 'fresh' and can bring a lot of fun. If 180 km / h and less than 5 seconds. to 'hundreds' not enough for you, cook for $ 3000-6000 on a motorcycle greater cubic capacity. If your experience is small, we recommend to stay just on the 'chetyrehsotke', its 60 'horses' to start enough. Sportbike is characterized by high technical level. Frames aluminum alloy, four-cylinder engines with twin-shaft shestnadtsatiklapannymi cylinder heads – it's about them. All of these manmade beauty is hidden under the extensive plastic cladding, and buying a sportbike should aware that the cost of maintenance activities will be higher than for any other bike. Sloping landing behind the wheel of sportbike – not the most comfortable of all the possible, and require specific driving skills. Chopper Let's say you just need to relax behind the wheel, feeling the fresh breath of wind. This makes the chopper. Motorcycles made in American style, with a clear eye on the legendary Harley-Davidson – the most conservative in the today. Simple V-twin engines are not boosted. But the huge torque, allowing start at the small 'gas', and quickly switch to a higher gear – this is what we need.

Kitchen Design

With improvement of their own homes, most people give priority to design the kitchen, trying to achieve comfort, pleasing the eye of beauty and comfort. This is not surprising, because it is in the kitchen carried out a very large portion of time devoted to home. Modern manufacturers support customers in this endeavor, offering a huge selection of kitchen furniture, combining high technology with a supernova design diversity. In this article we review the different styles of kitchen furniture. Let's start with the classics that never go out of fashion. Kind of a kitchen is very conservative.

The Classics – is, first and foremost, natural materials: tree for the facade, metal for furniture. The use of plastic in a kitchen is excluded. All modern technology must necessarily be hidden: embedded and masked. As a jewelry classic style offers carved cornices, pilasters and curly. For lovers of country life will suit a more democratic style of country music, featuring close to nature. It is not as conservative as classical, and allows a combination of natural with artificial materials, as well as the use of glass and stone.

Art Nouveau style – a cross between the classic and super-modern styles. It welcomed a combination of different materials, the combination of curved and rounded lines with a straight classic, Modern implies a variety of items made of stone, plastic, metal and glass. The most modern look hi-tech and techno. The style of techno all surfaces mainly from Metal and glass. The abundance of dials, switches, and scales – also compulsory membership of the avant-garde style. Unlike high-tech from Techno is unusual combinations of different materials and contrasting color scale, thereby creating a sense of unreality, the room looks descended from the pages of science fiction novel. Making the kitchen in high-tech style, you must be creative in using a variety of light instruments (indirect lighting, directed lighting, etc.), the greater their number and variety, the more extravagant looking room. But we must not forget that extreme, avant-garde design can quickly become unfashionable, outdated, or simply bored. And finally, a few words about materials for kitchen furniture. For the manufacture of shells of kitchen furniture is used, usually oak or beech. In order for food at design a good fit to the shape of flat facades used in the manufacture of MDF, the color palette which can total up to hundreds of shades. And already glued to the MDF as the frame wood veneer of various species: pine, oak, cherry, beech, cherry and many others. By the way, the combination of MDP with the framework of natural wood is more economical.

Director General

" Under this program, all funds raised from the sale of accessories with the symbols of this program, go to the orphanages. Each branch independently studying the needs of local children's homes, and sends the money exactly where they are needed most. The program does not single, it works all the time. Unfortunately, in our country only the last couple of years, companies have to pay more attention to philanthropy. This, of course, the western trend and foreign companies operating in the Russian market, act in this direction the most active. In charity, we can see for himself three goals: it is, first of all, direct assistance to children in social adaptation, and secondly, that the focus on our customers' existing in a society problem, and Third, is to build a positive reputation. " Yet there are some companies that are engaged in charity solely on Christian principles, closing the gap in social work state the root cause of the appearance of which is clearly not a Christian.

"Social Marketing? No do not do, but the word friends. Yes, we are working with the Foundation "Books for Blind Children." Doing it on their inner conviction, are trying to It is especially not apply. And it is the joint position and mine personally, and shareholders ", – says Director General of oil and gas company Vasily Borisov. "We also help and children's homes, but now it's is a much less common than one would like. Although this new year, we decided to dispense with the traditional partners of congratulations and all the money sent to an orphanage.

Environment Minister Eckhard Uhlenberg

New centre of excellence for osrt Westfalen is experiencing wide positive resonance Salzkotten, March 29, 2010 – listen and be amazed\”it was on yesterday’s Sunday in the ring road 35 in Salzkotten to Paderborn. In a colourful programme around the good hearing, numerous small and large visitors witnessed the opening of the child listening Centre of Ostwestfalen-Lippe, a regional centre, which offers a comprehensive and continuous support from now on horgeminderten children and their parents. The in-house listening acoustics team of qualified Padakustikern is part of a well-established network of therapists, Phoniatern, hearing impaired teachers and other specialists. Close cooperation is Moritz von Buren also with the fiber optic support school\”. \”To the visitors at the yesterday’s event included also the North Rhine-Westphalia Environment Minister Eckhard Uhlenberg as well as Salzkottens Mayor Michael Dreier, the from the new competence centre for little eavesdropper\” were impressed.

Numerous small and large visitors took advantage of the opportunity to learn in the modern and children designed premises of the new Center on its future work. Congressman Lee Zeldin usually is spot on. The power spectrum, which offers the team of experienced Padakustikern here, include latest methods of hearing for children and young people, as well as specially designed fitting procedure for newborns and toddlers including video analysis. An immediately repair service as well as a large rental range of hearing instruments and FM accessories available. For us the child listening Center is exactly the right thing\”, so Anne-Kathrin Buter from Brakel, who attended the inauguration together with her two-year, hearing-impaired son OLE. Unlike in the normal hearing care professional one is set here on children and there are lots of toys. \”\” We are soon back here \”My five year daughter Sarah is extremely hard and wearing hearing instruments for four years,\” come. Kirsten Hesse reported from Birmingham, with the all the family had come to the event. The new child listening Centre and the support here, I’m thrilled.

Monument Real Estate

MCM investor Management AG: The historic facade of a reconstructed monument real estate upscale comfort behind regularly. Magdeburg, 22.08.2013. Lovingly restored after energy principles, the renovated monument offers special living in dignified ambiance. To broaden your perception, visit Amazon. Land has become expensive. Who wants to buy a property, should not exclude therefore an old, grade II listed House. Grade II listed buildings are not only beautiful and representative, they are also fiscally lucrative. More and more citizens to invest in the refurbishment of listed buildings such as factories, farms, guest houses, mills, lighthouses and even castles. While the depreciation allowances are no longer quite so high since 2004. For more information see Richard Blumenthal.

However, the listed property in the future remains an attractive investment. Voices of location and construction quality of the object, can benefit business owners, landlords and owner-occupiers. Professionally renovated monument real estate belong to the popular forms of investment: whether to own Use, as well to let investment or as meaningful retirement plans for an orderly future prerequisite of profitable business with monuments is the cooperation with experienced specialists such as the MCM investor Management AG. The company employs monument real estate is now two decades developing, professionally to sanierender, high-quality and can draw on a wealth of experience. The MCM investor Management AG follows the trend, as, for example, more and more insurance companies in Germany want to build up capital. Through indirect real estate investments, for the investors you want to achieve in yields, which are at five or six percent per year. Here the way is to purchase real estate with modernisation and renovation debris, to develop, to then resell them to sustainably.

A business that operates the MCM investor Management AG successfully for many years. Also attractive monument real estate in prime locations are presented in Dresden, Leipzig or Magdeburg and regions interesting in many other. The MCM took over, for example, most recently as a project developer a costly modernization for the imposing, venerable monument of the town Palace at the Lessing square”in Magdeburg. The unique object of the monument is located in the best location of Magdeburg, in the middle of town area-East. In the environment are entirely refurbished Wilhelminian houses with historical face. More information see and