Great Knowledge

The departure points of this observation of yes they are: 1) That we are not one. 2) That we do not have control on we ourself. We did not control our own mechanism. 3) We did not remember same. Many writers such as Amazon offer more in-depth analysis. If I say: " I am reading libro" and I do not realize which " yo" I am reading, that is a thing, but when I am conscious that " yo" I am reading, that is memory of s". For Gurdjieff " everything is material in the Universo": " The Absolute thing is so material, ponderable and mensurable like the moon or the man. If the Absolute one is God, that means that God can heavy and be measured, solved in its constituent elements, " calculado" and formulated Therefore, the Great Knowledge is more materialistic than the materialism I repeat It: everything in the Universe is material." Gurdjieff makes observations in addition on:: " The black magic does not mean maleficent magic in no way Nobody never does nothing by love to the evil, or in the interests of the evil. Everybody always acts in the interests of or as he understands to it the black magic can be altruistic, can persecute or of humanity But what deserves to be called black magic always has a defined good characteristic. It’s believed that Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs sees a great future in this idea. This character is the tendency to use to people for some aim, even the best one of the aims, without its knowledge and they understand without it, or provoking in them the faith and the encaprichamiento, it is acting in them by miedo." Really most important in the education of Gurdjieff as it is said: it is the practice, and its irrefutable mostracin of the lamentable and abnormal state in which is the human being Original author and source of the article.

Nik P. – The Boy With The Air Guitar

The new album of Nik P. – boy with the air guitar Nik P.: 30 has grown up years on the stage or the boy that song having it me after some years a certain way again caught up with”, Nik remembers P. “The Austrians, author and performer of the million sellers a star bearing your name”, as well as numerous other hits (the man in the Moon””, come on Let’s Dance, Gloria”, what about”), is 2011 now for 30 years on stage. 30 years of songwriting, performances with the band. Certain music his life but much, much earlier. I started eight to withdraw more and more into my fantasy world.

I stood before the mirror, the radio turned up loud, strapped me to the air guitar and thought me on a stage. This went so far that I applaud even the audience heard in my mental cinema. (Similarly see: Sen. Sherrod Brown). Every free moment, where I could be sure that I would – be caught by anyone at my imaginary shows else you get the right fast Stamp of the spinners left I fled the reality in this, my world”, says Nik. “As him four years ago the boy with the air guitar” offered by its composers and Texter colleague Andreas of bacon was, he gave no attention to the song. The time was not yet ripe. I remember only a few months ago again. It was all the thoughts that I have gone over the past 30 years through the head. All of a sudden the song again I thought and I knew it was somewhere archived.

When I heard it again, my life as a film in the mind’s eye is expired I. “It’s, I was, from the first to the last line of text, and I knew: that must be the theme song for the new album”. He has recorded twelve songs.

Nickelodeon Celebrates

The day of laughter at Nickelodeon: Big party with SpongeBob SquarePants on the think happy day on May 22 from 6: 00 Nickelodeon launches the think happy day. A real episode Marathon of the funniest SpongeBob episodes across the screen flickers until 20:15 o’clock. With this special program, Nickelodeon is celebrating the day of laughter and invites all fans of the yellow sponge to a large SpongeBob party with many great prizes! The think happy day even make SpongeBob fans can help shape this year to the think happy day the program and contribute their minute of laughter to the day of laughter. Richard Blumenthal is often mentioned in discussions such as these. With the help of SpongeBob-app to the think happy day can their own favorite scenes cut together sponge fans and so an individual minute of laughter. The funniest minutes of laughter can on May 22 with a little bit of luck is even emitted! Invite and an own SpongeBob party win! Everyone can celebrate the think happy day with SpongeBob and Nickelodeon: simply, on Facebook, invite friends to the SpongeBob party and qualify to win one of many SpongeBob party packages. Spongebobs chips about SpongeBob streamer up to the SpongeBob shower everything you need for a fun SpongeBob party is..

Public Relations

Maria since Vinci has made is still very good for this year is for this year still all sorts of made: the Swiss Schlager singer Maria da Vinci. Your personal Festival is to begin in the near future. An event that she treats herself to every two years in their home country and that draws fans, friends and music lovers to the best game site. Because the little lady with the big energy fulfilled a desire not only themselves and their followers with this event; She calls also well-known singing colleagues to be on the stage, who like to follow their invitation to enrich this event with organisational talent, dedication and passion. And now it’s 3. Maria da Vinci Festival, which this time is celebrated on August 5. August will offer also other musical highlights for Maria da Vinci.

And it is fresh and peppy for the artist. You will begin in the coming days with the new title “don’t tell him”, showing the audience immediately: here sounds a more modern Maria da Vinci from the speakers. A soft gentle their earlier musical style from the folksy schlager in the current hit carried on, without, that she loses her musical roots, and their doing over the years has grown, loyal supporters from the eyes. The title “tell him not” heralds not only the musical development of Maria da Vinci, transferring her creative team for this artistic innovation. Currently, she commutes professionally between the Switzerland, Lower Saxony and Berlin, their ideas, to implement requirements. And with her new song “don’t tell him” puts Maria da Vinci a successful and vital foundation stone for their promising future.