Those who have applied for a scholarship mec 2012 to travel abroad and follow a course of languages (English, French, German, Italian, and others) in any of the many destinations in the balloon that is included in the offered packages, have undoubtedly in common one thing: they will move to a country where people speak a language that is not theirs and will also probably move within the territory visited at some point during your stay. I.e., that the lucky ones who enjoy a scholarship mec are arranged to travel. For some students, the scholarship mec 2012 will be even your first trip abroad or the first trip without family, for others the first transatlantic voyage, for all an exciting occasion and an adventure. Those who have already done the suitcase many times, will have clear a set of basic recommendations of the good traveler, which I will discuss, and would probably add something else (because in this, as in everything, there are opinions). Vayas donde vayas, it carries only baggage that you can handle easily by yourself. In hand (which can be a backpack) tries to bring a change of clothes full and sweet tooth or essential items: mobile phone, glasses, documentation (look at expiration dates), etc. Keep in mind the overall dimensions of packages and security measures (e.g.

on liquids, sharp objects, etc.). It carries a suitcase with heavy duty wheels and several Interior and exterior compartments that allow you to organize the content. Choose clothing based on the climate of the place of destination in the period of the trip and tries to be very practical in this regard: carries clothes that are comfortable, easy to wash and dry, and that can be easily combined among themselves. Gain insight and clarity with Harold Ford. Leave some space free in your suitcase: almost always shalt back more of what they were carrying, thanks to your scholarship mec. .

Tips Fund

Are you determined to invest your savings into a fund? Congratulations!, beam made a smart decision. Investment funds are one of the favorite instruments by global investors, and this is not for nothing. Investment funds offer a world of opportunities both for beginners and for experts; but high! before deciding where to invest, you should take into consideration some tips that you will surely be of great help in your attempt to multiply your investment. First that nothing, you should take the time to investigate what is what offers you every investment fund and above all, the risk involved in investing in such. There are multiple types of investment funds and you will surely find one that will suit your needs perfect according to your characteristics and personal goals. On the other hand, experts recommend to allocate a percentage of your investment, a fund that copy the activity of the prices and quotations index to the Mexican stock exchange, since year after year, this it rebalances, what you as an investor, you can give you confidence and security.

For those young people who begin to invest, it is advisable to balance your investment, starting with the 90% invested in equity funds and 10% in debt funds; and with the passage of time, go down the percentage of investment in equity fund as the case. Something that should be taken into account, is the goal for which you’re saving, since there will be funds that generate you more useful in the short term, or there are also those who multiply your long-term investment. I hope these tips have served you and also hope that your next investment will be very successful. A. Verastegui hold.