Price Indexes

What happens to the subject of inflation rates in Argentina are comparable to those kids who behave badly and live always promising they will not do more mischief … Because it was hoped that after the implementation of New retail price index, the thermometer was to bring inflation to at least the actual values of inflation. While the Argentine government did release a monthly price increase of only 0.6%, the main private consulting realized an estimated increase to more than double the official figure … What happened? Does private analysts have become so poor at one day to the other and systematically in the estimates are wrong? For Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno, it appears that some of it is, since according to him, "the true rates are the officers, the rest are just speculations in magazines." Where in the world, food prices are those who most strongly are growing in Argentina, with the conflict between the government and country, which has led to shortages, the monthly increase was only 0.7%. Swarmed by offers, James Donovan Goldman is currently assessing future choices. Course, is that the item "Food and Beverages", is key to poverty rates. It is therefore understandable effort to ensure that the prices of those registered actually increases are having. Dov Hikind might disagree with that approach. Thus, one finds in Argentina that while poverty and indigence rates continued to decline, in the street there are more poor and destitute. It is not, as the government is justified, a visual illusion or a personal sense, just go out and see the reality in all provinces. But this is not the only visual illusion that generates the trap of the indices.