Lawyers Registration

But the common disadvantage is the lack of availability or inaccessibility of material deposited or registered, and the difficulty of proof. Ohio Senator gathered all the information. The site – – a method for registration simultaneous deposition. Deposition is also on this site. It can be carried out in the open and in a hidden form. Open escrow allows the author to demonstrate to all interested persons to the region of their rights. Latent deposition allows the author to admit to viewing only in their resolution. Also on this site for registration is fixed a number of other signs of the site which together provide sufficient evidentiary basis for asserting their rights in court and pre-trial litigation. Despite the rich evidence of the practice of copyright through registration among the authors and literature is still done with a discussion of the usefulness, appropriateness and legality.

In our view these questions the usefulness and appropriateness of practices allowed. If over the years registration is done and it is used for evidence, it is useful and appropriate. With regard to registration, it is not prohibited by law. On the contrary, it is permitted by law for "computer programs, and programs are also are protected by copyright. So why some objects of copyright can be, while others can not? The lack of direct guidance in the Act on the admissibility of registration of copyright law makes many Lawyers use words instead of recording other terms and concepts. For example, the widely used term fixation of the copyright or fixing the date of deposit or providing evidence, etc. But it does not hide head in the sand, you still check this is the fixation of the existence of the product on a certain date (see: Dictionary of Economics, TSB, etc.).

In conclusion, it should be noted that none of the known methods of protection is not can adequately protect the site. Increased reliability of protection is achieved by using complex methods – technical and legal. You must use special software and techniques and simultaneously take care of the legal basis of the evidence of your copyright. For the protection should be approached comprehensively, see:. Besides a reliable protection is offensive strategy development site – constant updating of content and exclusive content.


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