Staff Children

m. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to find a spacious room. Other special requirements for computer clubs – the normal level of electromagnetic radiation. To make sure it “Normality”, ses employees should fix the coefficient of radiation from computers. Of measurements on each machine costs about B1000 rubles, so that obtaining permission from the ses will fly in a round amount. Another organization, which can lead to problems – is the district administration, particularly the department on work with young people. Its employees may be accused of a computer club that he distracts children from learning and collects troubled teens.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that children of school age did not suit the computer fights during school hours. And if the owners of the club will start in his children until 14 years after nine o’clock, You can not just upsetting youth workers, but also running up against a fine from the police. The more potential customers know about the opening of the club, the better. For a start it makes sense to print a small edition and scatter flyers them in doorways nearby houses. The first two days, visitors should serve for free. This will not only attract more people into the club, but also to analyze what services are popular, test your technology. Often, visitors try to get out of the system block some details, and among the staff there are willing to improve your home computer through the club. Therefore, each machine must be supervised.