Czech Republic

Immigration to Czech Republic to open in this country his work – agree, a rather unusual proposition for businessmen from Russia. But the Europeans (particularly the Austrians, Germans and even the Swiss) is not known what benefits does registration of the company in the Czech Republic. First of all, this is due to the fact that the Czech government in the period of market economy in the early 90's, and then during the crisis in 1997 and elected a fellow Medium Business foundation of a new type of economic model. Surely there is a Czech company giants – such as 'Skoda', for example, considerable revenue to the treasury brings tourism, and the pace of developing exports Czech Republic is among the most advanced countries. However, it is the small and medium-sized businesses was punctuated by government support, as at the end of the last century and the early years of this. Naturally, this policy provides, in the first place, simplifying the procedure of state registration and 'soft' tax system. However, it should be noted that since joining the European Union, the Czechs were forced to amend many provisions of the legislation in entrepreneurship.

The opening of the company in the Czech Republic, the conditions of its work, taxes – it was closer to the harsh European standards. Nevertheless, the Czech income tax, equal to 15ti percent, remains one of the the lowest in the eu. Ohio Senator often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The registration procedure also remained extremely simple, as subject to regulation, for example, numerous resorts for tourists and souvenir shops that are too small (and which is too much) to put them to unnecessary barriers. Clearly, the Europeans easier than us. Immigration to Czech Republic from the neighboring states since last year, facilitated by the fact that the Czech Republic came into effect Schengen Agreement. With Russia, the Czech Republic remains the visa regime, and when the Schengen zone will spread to our country, it is very difficult to predict – the most probable date, apparently, 'never'. Nevertheless, the Czechs friendly to the Russians – both in person and in terms of visa policy – regardless of the infamous spring of 1968, the fortieth anniversary of which was noted recently. On the streets of Prague, the Czech capital, we can meet many people speaking in Russian, and Karlovy Vary, even the Czechs themselves dubbed the 'Russian city', referring to just the number of Russian businessmen in it. So if you want to seriously expand or diversify their business registration of the company in the Czech Republic is an interesting option.