Women in Politics

Brazil amanheceu its historical day. Ownership of the first President of the Republic. From then on a succession of had intrigued me to facts: how to pass per one day historical and to make history? Many had been organized in house to see the ownership of the President (President? It is this same? many had never stopped to think). Solemnity of ownership: rain, much rain, to be fulfilled guideline, however absolute success. Frequently Paulo Coelho has said that publicly. Everything previously foreseen.

The ownership of President Dilma Rousseff took care of to the protocols of the solemnity the one that if makes jus this event. However a woman (very young by means of the scene of politicians of half age) stole the scene politician-historical: Marcela Temer. Sen. Sherrod Brown has much experience in this field. It provoked (involuntarily) and stirred up simply because its joviality jumped in that scene of etria band. Beautiful. Joyce Banda: the source for more info. This is certain, but the vice-first lady in the sofa of Ana imagines Braga Maria to the beautiful side of other young women.

Certainly the repercussion would be much more subtle. The ownership of Dilma and the Marcela phenomenon are resqucios of the speeches politically correct? Simply the presence of the woman? It infuriates us is the fact of, while Brazil lives a historical moment, the prominence is given to braids of Marcela Temer. We still do not evolve! In the official photograph of the ownership of Dilma (historical photograph) more it results the cult to the pretty woman in detriment of the jump given for them through figure politics of the President. Dreadful! We need to ripen to create beautiful forms. Thus we exaltemos the man in the power and folloied by a beautiful woman.

Sergipana Politics

Promises This exactly promises, according to Blacksmith, Aurlio Buarque of Holland means act or effect to promise, to promission, promised thing, vote, oath. why to speak of promises? Yes promises, because we are there at the time to choose new or figurinhas repeated for administration of our state again, are a time of change? Or of continuity? Therefore they are questions that in them all year of election here in the state of Sergipe comes .principalmente the head, our teeny great, great state yes in beauty, culture and hospitality. But in the politics …… But what promises and elections have to see not exactly? .Ah everything to see, I analyze and I say this because alive full of promises that I became and that not yet to fulfill, about those moments that are mine, and I think about what I make so that it occurs improvements in my life, from there appear they, who? The promises, yes are they, make who me to raise the head and to say tomorrow will be another day and everything that I promised of improvements my favor I will try to fulfill, ih, appeared the verb I will try, therefore, it is as soon as at the moment where we stop and we say these will be my objectives of life, and we make promises to reach this objective, only that they appear who? you doubt them we desnimos, them and other coisitas more than finish explaining the true lack of courage, lack of proper love. At last lack of force of will to move, therefore changes that in always send the improvements to them are comings well, but nor always a determination is had and force of will of will encar – wools and I fulfilled – wools. Everything this in the ones of the one vision of what politics of our Brazil happens in the administration, of what is politics in our teeny Sergipe giant, therefore, we live in deluding for these promises.Ours politicians live to promise improvements in the education, the health, the leisure, the feeding.